Kelly calls for Jonathan Paton to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Jesse Kelly for Congress For Immediate Release March 24, 2010

Jesse Kelly, the leading conservative in the AZ 8 Republican Primary, understands free markets and the necessity to cut taxes in order to create jobs. One of Kelly’s first actions as a candidate for US Congress was to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, promising his constituents that he will not raise taxes when in Washington. His main primary opponent, Jonathan Paton has refused to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, claiming, “it’s [the pledge] still promising something that somebody else is going to hold you to” (Arizona Daily Star 8/23/09.) Jesse Kelly responded, saying, “Our public servants must be held accountable for their actions. It is a red flag when a career politician who voted for Janet Napolitano’s billion dollar spending increase hedges on future tax votes. I call on Jonathan Paton to explain why he refuses to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” Jesse Kelly is a Republican candidate for Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District in the southeastern region of the state.

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  1. He already signed, Jesse. Talk to Grover.

  2. Irresponsible and inaccurate statements about a voting record only serve to damage one’s credibility.

  3. azsnowbird says

    Paton did in fact vote for Napolitano’s budget azace so maybe you should get your facts straight before berating someone.

  4. Do you mean the Republican Leadership budget? Because if you talked to the Republican leadership they will tell you he voted with his party. So why don’t you quit lying about his record? Why doesn’t Jesse focus on Giffords? He’s doing a great job of taking the Democrats’ talking points but he is failing at actually taking her to task.

  5. azsnowbird says

    Paton was 1 of 4 republicans who voted for Napolitano’s budget. There were no lies in my post so quit trying to spin it to support your candidate. Further, Kelly’s been taking on Giffords since April of last year. He held healtcare town halls when she refused and is by far the hardest working candidate in AZ8. Paton jumped in only after it looked like the Republicans had a chance. Way too late for my vote.

  6. Which budget are you talking about? Which year? Which budget?

  7. While you’re looking that up, this just in from the yellowsheets. I guess Jesse Kelly has hired a former Kolbe staffer to work for him:

    CD8 Republican challenger Jesse Kelly has brought on new additions to his campaign team. Adam Kwasman, a former Kolbe intern and Cato Institute researcher, has taken over the role as campaign manager. His addition squeezed out Kelly’s former manager Brett Summers, whom Kelly said was replaced because he had limitations on how much time he could devote to the campaign. Kelly’s been fielding press inquiries himself, although he said he has hired consultant Ed Brookover of D.C.-based Greener and Hook. Brookover also works for U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner. The turnover at Kelly’s campaign also included the departure of Rebecca Townsend, an event organizer who several sources say left the campaign on bad terms after the arrival of Kwasman. Townsend has since been hired to manage the LD26 House race of Republican Terri Lynn Proud. Kelly said there was nothing unusual about the turnover among his campaign staff. “I think it’d be naïve to think you’re necessarily going to finish a campaign with the same staff you started with,” he said.

  8. azsnowbird says


    Umm, so what?

    And in response to your earlier question:

  9. The link is to the ’09 budget. Paton voted for the ’08 budget (June 19, 2007) that raised spending by $1 billion. The Republican leadership was not behind that one.

  10. Kelly: Zero experience, no record, first run at elective office. End of story.

  11. honest anna says

    Let’s see! Why would anyone sign a Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Look what it did to the Arizona State Legislature and the fiasco with the budget. There is still going to be a proposed tax increase on the ballot and the state was held in limbo until Mr. Norquist released the signees from their “pledge”. Republicans do not want to vote for higher taxes, but there are times when it is the only alternative to keep the “ship of state” afloat. The taxpayers in the end will decide on an increase or not, but they were kept from making this choice much sooner by those who signed “THE PLEDGE.”

  12. Believe Kelly is the one who is naive. The word on the street is that Mr. Summers was fired and that Rebecca was replaced by Kwasman’s mother (any experience there)?

    Some one should have checked the fundraising letter Jesse sent out. Didn’t notice a disclaimer regarding military endorsement with the use of rank, etc. He put Jesse Kelly, Sergeant USMC–is he still on active duty? How many men did he lead and into what battle?

    He’s already started attacking one of his opponents. So much for a clean campaign where the Republicans won’t give fodder to Gabrielle Giffords in the general election.

    His campaign truly lacks maturity and integrity.

  13. No McCain says

    Yes, what maturity you show stating rumors that are ‘word on the street’. Funny how your street sources neglect to mention that Summers was hospitalized for a week, which coincided with him leaving the campaign. No facts, just innuendo. Sad.

  14. While I am supporting Paton in this one, I actually have to give it to Kelly. Why hasn’t Paton signed the pledge? I look forward to an answer from Jonathon.

    Of course Grover’s endorsement means so little since he endorsed McShame i doubt this will be that big of an issue down the road.

  15. Paton signed the Taxpayer protection Pledge yesterday. Americans for Tax Reform announced it on their blog today:

    There are now three Pledge signers in the race: Jonathan Paton, Jesse Kelly, and Brian Miller.

  16. I bet Paton signed it, right after Kelly called for him to sign it.

  17. I call on Jesse kelly to take a lie detector test on how many illegal aliens he employed! !!!

  18. Funny, but Brett was hospitalized after he was “let go”.

  19. I wonder how many earmarks Giffords has voted for that Jesse Kelly and his pa have profited from… Conservative… RIIIIGHT…

    Kelly is big hat, no cattle through-and-through.

    BTW Adam Kwasman was a Kolbe intern, that doesn’t make him a staffer, that makes him a college kid looking for a good internship.

  20. AndyCandy says

    Guess the candidate. I was the first candidate in my race to seek and obtain the maximum contribution from Jim Click. I agressively pursued John McCain along with other establishment figures for endorsements . My family seeks for, and obtains, many projects in order to access the Democrat’s stimulus plan funding. My campaign manager served as a Kolbe staffer. I have held fundraisers with Tucson Country Club establishment supporters. Who am I? Jesse Kelly.

  21. azsnowbird says

    Its hilarious how running scared the Paton people are of Kelly. If this is what you have on him–rumors and lies–then I would be scared too. Especially considering Paton’s record.

    Even funnier that Paton signed the pledge after Kelly told him to.

  22. I wouldn’t say running scared–I’d say running ahead of Jesse Kelly would be more correct.

    Since you are an azsnowbird, perhaps you don’t understand that the back wheels never catch up to the front ones–and that no candidate would listen to Jesse Kelly.

    Kelly’s campaign took a nosedive when it let Brett Summers go and took on Adam Kwasman — it certainly did nothing for the class of the campaign.

  23. charmingnancy says

    I find it interesting that people will take the time to bash candidates without trying to get the facts. So Senator Paton voted either for or against bills you feel he should have gone the other way on. Have you read the entire bill? Did you ever stop to think that within that particular bill there might have been something that you would not have wanted him to vote for or against-if you knew the bill,the language used and not just the title you might be less likely to attack him. Everyone seems so quick to judge.

    I would prefer a Representative who knows how to write a bill, how to present it and how to fight for it. While the other 3 candidates are fine men–they are somewhat like Obama–no experience in government and look where that has gotten us. We are not talking about a game of tiddlywinks here we are talking about the future of The United States of America–we must beat Gabrielle Giffords and inexperience is NOT going to do it.

  24. Stephen Kohut says

    “et’s look at the fact that Paton is a RINO. His composite 2005~2009 rating by Americans for Prosperity puts him near the bottom of the back for Republican legislators. If you exclude his only good year, 2009, it really stinks. His rating by the PAChyderm Coalition is as bad, bottom of the pack. Want a RINO? Vote for Paton. Want a conservative? Look elsewhere. Do your research people!

  25. Tucsonlocal says

    As to an earlier question….I would like more details on Kelly’s military career. What squad did he lead? How many men? A newly enlisted man in the military is NOT put in charge of an entire squad. There would be an Officer in there somewhere or at least someone who has more experience than someone just out of training. I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get a response on this one. Something doesn’t add up with his claims of valor. There is nothing I hate more than inflated millitary service if that is what this is.

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