Keep AZ Drug Free Press Conference

Keep AZ Drug Free, which urges a no vote on Prop. 203, held a press conference with Senator Kyl, Senator McCain, Congressman Shadegg, Congressman Franks, Maricopa County Attorney Romley and Yavapai County Attorney Polk. It was archived, in three parts, on YouTube. They’re linked below.

Conservatives have A NUMBER of reasons to oppose Prop. 203. My objection has always been that it’s big government. Carolyn Short of Keep AZ Drug Free debated Andrew Myers, the campaign manager for the Marijuana Policy Project, recently on the radio on Kevin Gassman’s show. According to Ms. Short, Mr. Myers admitted Prop. 203 will result in about 800 pages of rules and regulations from the Arizona Health Department and that’s just the administrative rules. Ms. Short argues that, in fact, there will be no true regulation of the marijuana industry should the proposition pass because the Health Department can’t inspect dispensaries without advance warning, can’t inspect the marijuana at all, and can’t inspect grow operations. That leaves plenty of room for illegal operations to clean up their practices and place of business before authorities arrive. According to Ms. Short, Keep AZ Drug Free’s “beef” with that provision is that any other business regulated by Health Department, McDonalds for instance, gets no warning whatsoever and they can even inspect the hamburgers. It is perverse that advance warning must be given to dispensaries, which will be selling an illegal drug. Apparently, even certain felons can own and operate dispensaries. Ms. Short states that one of the basic problems with Prop 203 is that all of the restrictions are placed on law enforcement, business owners, landlords, schools, and Child Protective Services rather than on marijuana users. She says, “This initiative was written by an out-of-state lobby without any input whatsoever from our legislature or citizens.”

Adding to the big government objections to Prop. 203, Gov. Brewer recently held a press conference on the proposition and underscored the cost of the proposition to the state. We have budget problems enough without further burdening our economy.

The League of Women Voters is passing out a “Voter Guide” with some misleading assertions on the issues surrounding Prop. 203. The LVW guide states that the Arizona Senate passed a bill to tax marijuana and that marijuana sales would generate $1 million in the first year. What the LVW fails to tell voters is that the House failed to act on it, so the bill never became law. As it stands today, there is no legislation in place to tax marijuana sales and dispensaries specifically are exempt from income taxes.


  1. Yes I totally agree.

    The argument Ms Short makes, that “there will be no true regulation of the marijuana industry should the proposition pass because the Health Department can’t inspect dispensaries without advance warning.” Is dead on.

    But did you know the health department can not inspect restaurants without advance warning either! We should also ban restaurants, as there can be no true regulation! These restaurants can just clean up their act before authorities arrive!I see these liberal elites eating at their diners, in front of children no less; it just disgusts me.

    Like you I’m in favor of small government, and nothing says small government like banning people in pain from using a relatively harmless drug. Really, I’m sick of these big government lefties talking about making medicinal marijuana legal. We need our government to tell us what natural plants we can, and cannot, ingest, otherwise big government will be all in our face with regulations.

    Mr Kyl cited all of those organization which claim it’s unnecessary to prescribe medical marijuana. Despite the fact that the AMA, and ACS (two of Kyl’s sources) have a much more complex view on the matter, and never use, or allude to the term “unnecessary” he is still correct. It is much more necessary to prescribe addictive opiate based drugs to treat pain. Good, ole’ fashion AMA supported drugs like OxyContin are the way to treat pain. Who ever heard of anything bad happening from OxyContin?

    Mr Kyl’s selective choices, are also good, because everyone knows the American Glaucoma Society, is a much better citation than the National Institute of Health, the World Health Organization, or the Mayo Clinic, because none of those organizations have America in the name, and everyone knows USA is number 1. Not to heap too much praise on the American Glaucoma association, but their main point against Medical Marijuana is that one would have to take it every 3 to 4 hours for it to provide reasonable pain relief. This is a very valid point, because I currently have no prescription medication in my medicine cabinet which tells me to take 1-2 tablets every 4 hours. None whatsoever, oh, hi Hydrocodone, didn’t see you there!

    Jon Kyle is also right, all those marijuana cigarettes are going to cause havoc on our roads! Despite that fact that there is no evidence linking medicinal marijuana to increased traffic accidents, John Kyl is right, because it sounds right, and he happens to share the same views as me, so I’m going to believe it.

    One of my favorite things about this whole argument is that so many valid facts are being use by us conservatives. I just hope we win this Tuesday, because as conservatives we need a small government that will legislate the things that we think are wrong. As a conservative I love the fact that my small government is not afraid to throw cancer patients in prison for ingesting a plant. Nothing says small government like limiting the civil liberties of adults.

  2. Tim above has pointed out that there are a lot of reasons to legalize marijuana. Unfortunately, none of them are good reasons.

    Every one of you potheads out there should take a look at the tens of thousands of people who have already been killed to get that drug to you. Is that why we should legalize it, to ease your conscience?

  3. ditto.

  4. “Every one of you potheads out there should take a look at the tens of thousands of people who have already been killed to get that drug to you. Is that why we should legalize it, to ease your conscience?”

    I agree with you folks again! I’m glad to have such comrades in the fight against the evil socialists weed addicts. I bet those potheads feel very guilty because 100% of the pot comes from Mexico, and is associated with violence. There are no people that grow their own marijuana non-violently. In fact, I heard the roads from Humboldt County, and Eugene Oregon are littered with the corpses of headless victims. Funny story, one time this weed addict told me that it was possible to grow weed IN DIRT, INSIDE ONES OWN HOUSE! Ha! Imagine how high he must have been to say that. Probably all that guilt weighing down on his conscience was driving him insane!

    In fact, now that we’re on the subject of violence, I think they never should have never ratified the 21st amendment. Here me out: at that time there was violence associated with alcohol distribution, and this violence was in no way linked to prohibition, but was rather a natural occurrence that happens all the time in the alcohol trade. All of those deadly shootouts that happen everyday between Miller and Budweiser is proof of this. Tragically I lost many a friend in the Tastes Great vs Less Filling War of ’92… but I digress the fact that there is gang violence associated with prohibition is an insane left-wing myth that in no way has dozens of historical bases! Thank you for alluding to that fact.

    I do however wish you would have read my original post more thoroughly, because I did not list any reasons that marijuana should be legalized, I simply stated how strong, and non-hypocritical our just-fight against legalization is! Fight the good fight!

  5. The narrative is that marijuana is harmless. That’s a bald-faced lie. It is favored by people who are habitual breakers of the law, refusing to accept current societial rules, who place a higher value on self-indulgence than rule of law.

    It has a powerful torquing effect on cognitive abilities. It is not comparable to alcohol. One can drink alcohol in moderation for a lifetime with no cognitive or physical impairments. That is not the case with marijuana. Users are not the ones who are competent to judge their comparative abillities, their self-perceptions have been altered.

    The arguments are misleading, employ fallacious logic and un-truths. The fall-back position is the ‘surrender’ argument favored by capitulators who are willing to give up what’s right rather than fight against wrong. No.
    Spoiled brat tantruming should not be dignified with the appellation of “controversial.”

    It is totally legitimate for a government to ban patently detrimental activities that degrade a functioning society.

  6. Everyone can have all their own facts. We can even say that they’re all correct.

    The remaining common fact is that voters will have a chance to make it legal to grow, sell and use marijuan – and if you make it legal, more people will use it.

    Now, the only question left is whether we want to increase the use of marijuana.

    I dont’.

    I will vote against making it legal.

    By the way tim, the pothead, how many ways can you misspell Jon Kyl? Put the blunt down and think clearly. It’s not that difficult.

  7. Marcus A Kelley says

    Tanner Abendroth,
    There’s a lot you can say on this blog and I probably hate that tax & spend liberal hag that just got elected to the governor’s office more than you do, but you’re not going to post something not only riotously offensive about her, but also vile. Choose another, less offensive term if you want to post here.

    Oh, and you lost on the dope initiative.

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