Karl Rove in Tucson today.

Karl Rove is scheduled to visit Tucson today (Wednesday.) The event is being hosted by the Pima County Republican Party. Tickets may still be available due to the reported $10,000 price tag. To contact the Pima County Republican office visit their web site.


  1. kralmajales says

    So this money will go to the party?

    I would be very curious to what extent this is a sellout (in the sense of attendance of course).

    10K is a lot of beer and peanuts.

  2. If you PAID me $10k, I’d consider attending….

  3. Sam,

    Ditto. Wear a spacesuit. That’s concentrated evil. Even a few molecules touching your person could corrupt your soul forever.

    No, I would not vote for you if I knew you raped kittens, your dog was a transvestite, and your wife tortured homeless girls in a secret dungeon.

    One rumor is that Rove is orchestrating a nuclear explosion at the Sears Tower in October. Kill a few hundred thousand Americans for the GOP. Pass “Nuclear Exception” legislation allowing Big HMO to deny health care to the survivors with radiation sickness and bankruptcy laws that imprison all who cannot pay bills into CCA slave camps. When they are too old to work enough to pay for their incarceration, gas the geezers.

    Word is that Satan called Rove requesting a brainstorming session. Rove dismissed the Dark Lord as lacking the stomach to do what it takes.

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