Karl Rove delivers for local GOP.

Press Release
January 17, 2008
Contact: Paula Maxwell
Office: (520) 321-1492

Karl Rove Fundraising Events a Huge Success for Pima County GOP

Former top Bush adviser raises party nearly $200k

TUCSON (January 23, 2008) – The Pima County Republican Party today welcomed former Bush Administration political adviser Karl Rove as the special guest at fundraisers that raised the party $190,000 in federal dollars.

The money will be used to fund 2008 election-related activities and assist Republican candidates up and down the ballot.

“Today’s events with Karl Rove show that Republicans are firing on all cylinders,” Pima County Republican Party Chair Judi White said. “We are extremely delighted that Karl Rove joined us today to help us raise the critical federal dollars that will go far in ensuring that our Republicans from the top of the ballot to the bottom will be victorious on Election Day.”

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  1. CD 5 Conservative says

    Does this mean the Pima County GOP has more money than the state party? They’d probably make better use of it anyway, and they’re the only ones to put forward a defense of Tim Bee in the whole resign to run saga.

  2. Just for the record Sonoran Alliance has always called for the same standard to be applied to Giffords as Bee. In a November article we called for Giffords to resign from office while she raises funds from PACs and other special interest groups.

    Pima GOP took a gamble on bringing Rove to town. Would the money raised be worth a bit of bad press from the liberals. Looks like it was a lucrative exchange.

  3. Kralmajales says

    Yeah, it certainly looks like a lucrative exchange. The big question is what they had to pay out to get him? I know that some speaker fees can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    I am guessing that Rove doesn’t work for free anymore.

  4. Kral,

    Excellent point. I have not heard either way if he charged a fee so cannot say.

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