Justice Napolitano?

Huge hat tip to Sean Noble at Noble Thinking for picking up on the SCOTUS vibe back in February when he speculated on a Justice Napolitano. According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama is considering Arizona’s former governor for the position being vacated by David Souter.

The only reason Bill Clinton is not being considered is because he would never pass the “Anita Hill” portion of the nomination hearings.


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    The Peter Principle in practice; promote someone to their level of incompetence and leave them there for life.

    She’s embarrassed the administration and this is her reward? Even the Democrats in the Senate know they have to be reelected. Can Obama achieve a full Senate approval?

    Such an action would be a tragedy for both sides of the cultural divide.

  2. She will not in a MILLION YEARS be picked. I know she was on Chuck Todds short list and other people have talked about it as well and that is because she is one of the most high profile female liberal lawyers in the country.
    She would be on any Dems short list for any of these types of positions. But she will not be picked. She does not fit the traditional mold of being on the court of appeals.
    I know you guys love going after Janet but I will be anyone on this blog anything that Janet is not picked.

  3. Janet: 1) has never worked as a con-law professor at a top 10 law school; 2) has never worked as a federal judge; 3) has never served as U.S. attorney general; and 4) has never even served on a state supreme court. She is gaffe prone, her personal life would be closely examined for the first time and she is terrible testifying before congressional panels on easy topics. Not one chance in a hundred she will be the pick.

  4. Grumpy Gus says

    AZRep is right. She’s a victim of Obama’s posturing. She won’t pass muster with the Senate Dems. She has no judicial record for them to support. She fulfills the quota on the Obama SCOTUS short list for a lesbian. Not that she necessarily is one, but it’s one of those unspoken things many people suspect. And now we know that the White House at least suspects that as well. Why else would she be on the list?

  5. James Davidson says

    Though it’s been the trend lately, federal appeals court service is not considered an essential credential for appointment to SCOTUS. Powell, Rehnquist, White, Warren, Black, Frankfurter, and Douglas (all impressive names)had no judicial experience.

    Will she get it? Probably not. I suspect the President feels it’s time to put a Latino on the Court. Appointing a white woman has been done, and this administration keeps score on such things.

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