Judge upholds voting requirement.

Proof of Citizenship to vote is legal.


  1. What no bashing of Terry Goddard or his Assistant Attorney Generals? Awww, c’mon guys i know that you can someone spin this into being all the fault of Goddard and his staff.

    Nevermind that you are attacking a staff that has worked there since Corbin ….

    And no I’m not bitter 🙂

    They are just the unsung heroes caught in a constant crossfire and paid 4x less than their private sector counterparts and could leave at any time but believe in what they are doing and thus stick it out.

  2. Iris Lynch says

    Even Goddard is not so dense that he can’t read the constant and consistent poll numbers on the issue, despite all of the dissemination by the media to the contrary. Now that so many citizens have an outlet for comments to these varied ‘news articles’, it would seem even the Ruben Navarretes of the world, along with Goddard and,yes, EVEN Napolitano are recognizing the inevitable voting trends. And that is the bottom line. It sure makes it tough to explain the problem to your ‘backers’.

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