Judge prosecuted by Arpaio and Thomas to be awarded $1.27 million from County Supervisors for stress

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We are not making this up
Supervisors continue to award millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to their cronies for “stress” over the crooks being prosecuted

Who else would like to join Mary Rose Wilcox?When is the gravy train going to end? We can only hope a couple of the new Maricopa County Supervisors put an end to this madness. It is about to be the eighth and largest award the Supervisors will have awarded to their crooked friends for “stress” over being prosecuted. Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox got the other supervisors to award her $975,000 of taxpayers’ money for “stress,” which fortunately is being appealed by the County Treasurer’s Office. Former Supervisor Don Stapley got his secretary awarded $500,000 over her “stress” for having a sheriff’s deputy ask her questions about Stapley’s sleazy business dealings. We’ve documented many of these crooked settlements here.  You can read more here. There are still several outstanding lawsuits against the county over this. The victims of the Supervisors, prosecutor Lisa Aubuchon and Chief Hendershott, had their jobs destroyed when they attempted to stop the corruption. Each has a lawsuit against the county now. Those are the only lawsuits we believe are valid. The rest of them need to be THROWN OUT!Contact the Supervisors and tell them to stop the gravy train NOW!
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  1. The corruption the SA refers to is embedded in MCSO’s Gestapo style tactics of intimidation and civil rights violations. These “awards” are the result of shoddy police work. Nothing more. The SA can try to spin it anyway they want, but the truth is told. Arpaio is the most expensive and ineffective Sherriff Maricopa County has ever seen. To believe anything else is simply a falsehood. Hopefully, the self-deniers will find that the truth will, in fact, set them free, someday. Until then, we are fortunate that Arpaios’s travesties will be scrutinized and made public by those that are interested in truths and not ideology.

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