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Jonathan Paton reports more than 1,000 donors, $500,000 raised

Jonathan Paton reports more than 1,000 donors, $500,000 raised

Jonathan Paton’s press release showed impressive fund raising. The other candidates have yet to release their respective reports. Unless the other candidates are equally as impressive in fund raising, we could see one or two candidates folding in the next month or so.

The strategies each of the candidates are employing could become very interesting as the primary plays out..

Payton’s press release follows.


Jonathan Paton reports more than 1,000 donors, $500,000 raised

Impressive 9-week tally shows strong in-state support for defeating Gabrielle Giffords


In his first nine weeks as a candidate, Jonathan Paton has already topped an impressive $500,000 in contributions from more than 1,000 individual donors – a total that is expected to place Paton among the top Republican challengers in the country.

Paton announced today that he will report $500,715 in first quarter contributions – more than twice his original first quarter goal. He credited the total to hard work and strong support in Arizona for defeating Gabrielle Giffords this November.

The figure, a reflection of the energy behind Paton’s candidacy, promises that this exciting Southern Arizona race will remain in the national spotlight.

“Such overwhelming support for our movement is testament to how anxious Southern Arizonans are for new representation,” Paton said. “Defeating Gabrielle Giffords’ political machine, which is relying on the likes Nancy Pelosi, will take a great amount of money and effort. Such early and strong support for our campaign will send a loud message to Washington that we take this fight seriously.”

More than 90 percent of Paton’s contributions came from Arizonans, while only 53 percent of Giffords’ contributions this cycle are even from individual donors. In fact, between his fundraising launch on January 26 and March 31, Paton received more than 1,100 individual contributions. Less than one percent of his money came from Political Action Committees – whereas Giffords has received a whopping 36 percent of her money raised this cycle from PACs, according to her last available report.

Paton raised an average of more than $7,700 per day – $55,600 per week. For comparison, in her first race in 2006, it took Giffords 16 weeks to top $500,000, raising an average of $35,600 per week during that time frame.

Paton, a native Tucsonan and graduate of the University of Arizona, is known for never forgetting where he came from. An Army Captain, in 2006, Paton voluntarily enlisted for service in Iraq during the darkest days of the war. As our state senator, Paton was known as a reformer, who continuously went head-to-head with former Gov. Janet Napolitano and state bureaucrats.

Paton’s message of limited government, fiscal discipline and economic freedom is a stark contrast to Giffords’ votes for the stimulus, cap-and-trade and government health care.

“We’re just getting started,” said Paton. “Between resources, grassroots support and help from residents all across Southern Arizona, I’m more confident than ever that we’ll see success in November.”

For interviews or more information, contact Daniel Scarpinato at 520-668-7518 or daniel@patonforcongress.com



  1. gobutler! says

    Putting Paton and “grassroots support” in the same sentence is amusing. Last I heard he was having to pay supporters to go out and knock on doors for him.

    Yes, 500K is a lot of money but when you hop in bed with the likes of RINOS McCain, Armey, Click, etc., its to be expected.

    Paton is a RINO. His voting record and his associations (KOLBE!!!) are proof of that.

  2. kralmajales says

    If this is true, 500k is impressive and it was definitely necessary, given the Tea Party and the strong challenge that Kelly is mounting. I am betting most of Paton’s donors…the big ones…are tapped out now. Look for, as others will note, the Clicks, Diamonds, and RNC types around the country. I would also look for Kelly to highlight his out of state donations and out of district donations…which are likely large. Paton knows he needs desperately to get Kelly out of the race and fast. If he doesn’t this will be a real race and it will expend his funds and push him far far to the right.

    Then look at Kelly. My unbiased opinion is that Kelly had a pretty impressive amount for a non-establishment candidate. 250K. Lets see how he ads to it this time. If he adds another 200K to that pile then he is quite legit. Quite legit. Especially given who will be likely to turn out for him in the primary…versus that of Paton.

    And…I would look at Gifford’s totals which are likely to be quite impressive as well….especially given the money in the bank that she had.

    Last, is Paton in favor of the 1 cent tax increase? Prop 100? Anyone know?

  3. So the question really is: Does Paton have $500,000 and 1,000 friends or does Kelley have $1,000 and 500,000 friends? Statistics are very impressive until you remember what they say about statistics. Only statistics that count come from the polling places.

    I VOTE

  4. Grassroots support for Paton??
    Daniel Scarpinato is delusional.

    The only thing I’ve seen is a “Paton = McCain” sign in Sonoita. People were having their picture taken standing next to it.

  5. kralmajales says


    Kelly had raised over 270K by 12/31/09 and had about 170K on hand. That is pretty serious money for a non-establishment candidate. If Kelly’s people are listening, take a quick look at where the donors are from and who they are. Scarpinato says 90% are from Arizona. Where in Arizona? What percentage is from the district versus that of Kelly’s?

    Also, in terms of the who? Is this former wife of Lute, Don Diamond, Jim Click and family, and other moderate GOP types?

    I vote’s point is well taken. The key is going to be who shows up at the polls. It is always conservatives in primaries, but in a year like this, it is likely to be “seriously right wing” conservatives. Who gets those votes?

    Last, Kelly could tap into the support for Hayworth, Thomas, and etc in the statewide GOP primary. That could absolutely light him on fire…if he can pull it off.

  6. kralmajales asks:

    “Last, is Paton in favor of the 1 cent tax increase? Prop 100? Anyone know?”

    Paton told me, during an interview, that he has voted against the sales tax increase previously and he is still against it.

  7. kralmajales says

    Thanks Richard. I hadn’t heard a thing. I appreciate it.

    I will be interesting to see how many of his donors have signed on to the Yes on 100 effort.

  8. kralmajales says

    Oh…and here is a list of those supporting Prop 100 and the increase for education and public safety. Would be neat to see the donor list.

    Some highlights are the Tucson, Phoenix, and Arizona Chamber’s of Commerce…and a host of others. Biz types, education types, and public leaders are supporting prop 100.

    Surprises me that Paton is not.

  9. kralmajales says
  10. kralmajales says


    Here is a list from the Star of the opponents to the Prop 100 tax effort. The site to be against it is http://www.axthetaxaz.com

    Neither Paton nor Kelly have signed up to be against it. Interesting.

    Look at that list of conservatives.

  11. Scarpinato,

    You don’t voluntary enlist in the Iraq war. Paton was an officer, he voluntarily activated himself for the Iraq War. When you enlist it means you joined the non-officer corps. The correct statement would have been that he “volunteered for activation”.
    When Paton shows leadership and helps to get rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell then maybe you will understand by either enlisting or becoming an officer. Knowing Paton’s hypocrisy on Gay issues and your lack of caring for your own gay community, I doubt that will happen.

  12. A couple of points:

    1. Much of Jesse Kelly’s money came from out-of-state — such as his dad and Kelly Construction employees.

    2. Paton voted against the tax referral in the legislature. What else do you need?

    3. Kral’s comment about the tea party is based mainly on commenters on blogs. In Rhonda Bodfield’s story about Paton’s recent fundraiser, Robert Mayer and Trent Humphries were spotted along with Jim Kolbe. There have been Goldwater Institute types at all of his events, including Darcy Olsen and Clint Bolick. Finally, Andy Thomas has endorsed Paton. Not exactly a pro-spending moderate crowd.

    4. The most important thing will be to look at the burn rate the kelly people have. How much cash on hand do they have left. Those stupid banner ads on drudge have to cost a bundle.

    5. I’m even more curious to see how much Brian Miller has raised. If he has out-performed Kelly, then Kelly is in serious trouble.

  13. kralmajales says


    On #1, I would just love to see how much of that. And I just read that Kelly may have as much as 300K more in the first quarter. If that is the case, he is a VERY serious contender. VERY. Most far right or far left anti-establishment types can’t even muster 100K. Let along 270K and then whatever he adds to it.

    on #2, what else would anyone want? I suspect that what most would want here is for Paton and Kelly to publicly join http://www.axthetaxaz.com…as a public supporter. THAT is walking the walk. Like Ron Gould, Russell Pearce and the like. Paton’s lack of discussion on the issue…says volumes.

    on #3, interesting…but I am betting that Kelly gets more mileage with the ground of the tea party…and conservatives who vote in primaries.

    on #4, the burn rate will be interesting to look at and likely more for him than Paton since Paton just got in. But Paton will be running quite a machine and I will say that Paton will have to spend quite a bit in this primary. In addition, all of this superpublicity is to rally behind him and get the others out…and fast. If he doesn’t get Kelly and the others out fast, then it is trouble for him. Paton knows he cannot afford to come out looking like Randy Graf…and he knows he is not that conservative..period. So as a result, Kelly is a real challenge.

    5. I am interested in how much Miller raises as well. Three way raises make things nutty for everyone. The last 3-4 way race ended in a bitterly divided party and Randy Graf as nominee…and Giffords an easy winner.

    Although Giffords was an easy winner when you put all in the basket o Tim Bee too.

  14. When campaign contributions average $500 per contributor, you know it is not a campaign financed by grassroots contributors. Republican establishment political financial supporters are definitely behind Paton. That will allow more advertising than other candidates will have, and Paton must have some support in his LD to have kept getting elected. It will be interesting to see how that translates into votes in the primary. Kelly is associated with the Tea Party movement, and Paton is associated with the Republican establishment. It will be an interesting and revealing political race.

  15. Delusional Bill says

    Just a reminder folks. The FIRST vote that any of these gentlemen will make is for who is Speaker. Do you want the winner in November to be voting for Nancy or for a Republican?

  16. CareofBusiness says

    If Paton has no grassroots support, why was his campaign office packed to the brim with supporters tonight? hmm…..

  17. kralmajales says

    How big is his office? 12 people can pack a room.

  18. kralmajales says

    Bill…you are delusional if you think that the GOP will take back the house. I will grant you seats and maybe even a lot of them…but I doubt very seriously that you all will take it back.

    And…a few things to remember. Its April, the economy is improving daily, the GOP has many open seats too and some bitter bitter primary battles a brewing, and the Dems are still leading in fundraising.

    This is more like 1934 than 1994.

  19. I believe that Jonathan Paton enlisted in the Army and was later commissioned–yes, one can volunteer for overseas assignments.

    I believe if any of the other candidates had raised a substantial amount during the 1st quarter-they would have already posted it. It took Jesse Kelly and Brian Miller over a year to raise what they had.

    I was at Jonathan’s Grand Opening tonight–didn’t see Jim Click, Christine Toretti, Don Diamond or whomever else you would like to mention. Did see a lot of folks who are just like me–they want to back a winner.

    I haven’t seen any endorsements from McCain, Kolbe, Armey or Click for Jonathan. McCain has his own race to run. Kolbe was at the fundraiser for Jonathan because he wanted to see his old friend, Dick Armey (they started as freshmen in the House of Representatives together). Yes, Dick Armey did speak at a fundraiser for Jonathan, but I didn’t hear any endorsement. If you will check the FEC reports for Jesse Kelly’s campaign you will note that Jim Click donated to Jesse Kelly’s campaign. Of course, that was before Jonathan entered the race and will defeat Gabrielle Giffords in November.

  20. Quick Riddle:

    Who was the first to seek McCain’s endorsement in the CD-8 2010 race?

    Who was the first to take a max contribution from Jim Click?

    Who has as their campaign director a former Jim Kolbe aide?


    Jesse Kelly.

  21. PS: I have personally collected 100s of signatures for Jonathan Paton’s campaign and I haven’t seen a dime… Either I’m getting jipped or people are making crap up… My bet is that people are still stupid.

  22. Hey mac17…the standard retort to anyone who supports a candidate not to the liking of specific posters is that you must be paid staff. I have been posting on here for almost 3 years and because I support Sen McCain, suddenly I’m “paid” to post.

  23. No snowbird says

    Paton is now one of the top GOP challengers in the country thanks to his amazing support in just eight weeks. Look for AZ-08 to be a top 5 race nationally.

  24. Wow! This is a huge number. Paton raised nearly half of what Hayworth did. If you are not impressed with this nothing will.

    One thing is for certain, Gabby is now more afraid than ever, Paton is the clear frontrunner by every standard, and it is time for Kelly to step aside.

    We need a unified voice to retake this district, and with apologies to the pro-Kelly people his fifteen minutes are about up. Let’s find him a soft landing and get Paton over the victory line in November!

  25. ajohnson says

    “I haven’t seen any endorsements from McCain, Kolbe, Armey or Click for Jonathan.”

    Of course you haven’t. As much as I don’t like Paton, he’s not stupid. If he has their endorsements, he wouldn’t be flaunting them because they would completely destroy the conservative image he is trying to portray. But at the end of the day, the people he surrounds himself with and his record don’t lie.

    For all of the arguments I see for Paton, you never see the argument that he is the conservative. That’s a real problem in a year like this regardless of the amount of money raised. He’s essentially been bought off by some of the Republican hacks that conservatives despise the most.

  26. Stephen Kohut says

    Paton’s ratings from AFP and the PAChyderms are in the toilet. A RINO’s RINO. Not what you want to proclaim in a year like this. The problem for Paton is the conservatives know his track record and it’s something most Democrats would be proud of.

  27. Supermax says


    Kelly raised $300,000 for the whole YEAR not the quarter. That’s pathetic.


    Paton is conservative:

    1. Voted for every single anti-illegal immigration bill and sponsored several himself.

    2. Pro-life/pro-family record. Ask Cathy Herrod if you don’t believe me.

    3. A+ rating with the NRA

    4. Voted for the largest spending cut in state history

    5. Voted for the largest tax cut in state history

    6. Prime sponsor for many Goldwater Institute Bills including two this year alone.

    7. Spoke at the very first tea party event in Tucson

    8. Raised the alarm on the O’Reilly factor about TUSD’s raza studies program.

    He is conservative. Period. Now lets look at Kelly:

    1. opposes a border checkpoint on I-19

    2. Has a bigger record of asking for earmarks and stimulus dollars for his own company than Gabby Giffords.

    3. begged for support from McCain and Click and then claimed he was “anti-establishment”.

    4. Let’s add in the fact that he has no record of ever doing anything — even voting in a Republican primary — and I would say he would get clocked if he won the primary.

    5. Oh, and he’s an exaggerator. I keep seeing Mike Pence’s name on his endorsement list. When I called Pence’s office about it they don’t know what I’m talking about.

  28. Man there are a lot of haters out there. I truly feel bad for Kelly and his supporters. They worked hard and did an incredible job, but the idea that they will convince people like me that Paton is a RINO is a joke. I know of not a single person who would consider Paton similar to Carolyn Allen, a real RINO. It’s like saying JD is a maverick, it just doesn’t pass the smell test. The Kelly people really ought to wake up to this fact and find a new line of attack, no matter what, it sure looks like they are getting more and more desperate.

  29. I think the ‘word’ RINO is really being bandied around too much in regards to Jonathan Paton.

    Jesse Kelly was a registered Independent until he decided to run for the House of Representatives, with no political and limited leadership experience. He was hand picked by a group of right wing conservatives. So let’s see, how will he REALLY vote? Perhaps he is a true RINO!! Nothing to base anything on in his background except his switch from Independent to Republican.

    Mr. Miller, too, is what I would consider a RINO. If you have had the chance to hear him speak–you will understand that he is a Libratarian. If you haven’t had a chance–go to his facebook page. Also note his ‘fiscal conservatism’ as evidenced by his new truck.

    Andy Goss is honest, transparent and a Republican. He just needs some experience in the political arena.

    Mr. Paton, while not voting the way some people think he should is also a true Republican. He is honest, has integrity and will give straight answers regarding the votes you question. He has EXPERIENCE in the political arena.

    Scott Brown did not come out of nowhere to win in Massachusetts–he was a Massachusetts state senator.

  30. Politics is a game of addition, not subtraction. We need everyone’s support to win in this district! Not just one sliver of a diverse GOP coalition. Paton is the winning candidate who can unite the GOP!

  31. Delusional Bill says

    kralmajales, with all due respect, my point was not that the Republicans may or may not take back the house. Although I sincerely believe they will. My point was that for Southern Arizona, regardless of your conservatives bonifides, do you want Gaby or a Republican voting for Speaker? I believe the overwhelming response is NO to Nancy and yes to anyone that has an R after their name. Put any of the republican candidates positions next to Gaby’s
    and they’ll come up smelling fine.

    So many folk forget a simple fact that the PERFECT candidate for any office is themself. If they are not willing to run for office they will have compromise their beliefs and opinions and support someone else that’s as close to their position as possible.

  32. kralmajales says

    They are trying like hell to get Kelly out the race…as predicted.

  33. kralmajales says

    Memory lane…memories, memories…

    A well financed and establishment backed RINO named Steve Huffman gets clonked by a not so well financed and truly conservative (by my standards ARCH conservative) Randy Graf.

    This is Paton’s nightmare. It is also why good conservatives should be asking all candidates to put up or shut up.

    1. Do you support the 1 cent sales tax of Jan Brewer?

    2. If you say you don’t then “pony up” and put your name…your John Hancock…on http://www.axthetaxaz.com. The effort led by true conservatives to, well, Ax the tax.

    Paton? Are you gonna sign? Kelly?

  34. kralmajales says

    For my truly arch-conservative friends, here is the signed supporters of http://www.axthetaxaz.com

    No Paton…No Kelly. But the look at THIS list: JD Hayworth, Ron Gould, Russell Pearce?

    So Paton’s a conservative…until he signs…none of you should believe it.

    State Senator Sylvia Allen
    State Senator Ron Gould
    State Senator Chuck Gray
    State Senator Russell Pearce
    State Representative Judy Burges
    State Representative Laurin Hendrix
    State Representative Carl Seel
    State Representative David Stevens
    Hon. J.D. Hayworth
    Hon. Sam Crump
    Hon. David Schweikert
    Hon. David Smith
    Rich Davis
    John Fillmore
    Tom Forese
    Lori Klein
    Michelle Ugenti

  35. GOP Boomer Gal says

    kral, we all know who you’re for, so why do you care so much who wins the GOP primary?

    Every single one of our candidates are good Republicans backed by grass root precinct committeemen.

  36. kral,

    What difference does it make who signs the ax the tax? The gentlemen you mention are both running for the United States House of Representatives. Why would any candidate sign something like that when it has already been referred to the voters for their decision-it’s a lose lose situation for any candidate.

  37. kralmajales says

    ha…hysterical. Of course we wouldn’t want to sign something like that and back up where we stand on taxes…especially a state senator that left in the middle of a massive budget crisis and seems to want to now act like he was not part of it…or the solution. It makes a HUGE difference…no matter who I am for…as to who Paton and Kelly actually are. Are they conservatives…or are they pretending to get the nomination? You should want to know that I and want to know whether Paton is a moderate or a conservative. This issue is clearly important to Arizona…and Southern Arizona in particular.

    and by the way, JD Hayworth is listed as a sponsor. He was a Congressman…and he is now running for Senate.


  38. kralmajales says

    And Boomergal…I want to know if you all really walk that walk you all claim. Especially those of you…and especially Paton…who claims to be a low spending, low taxing conservative on one hand, and who is also trying like helll to not step in it with the rest of us voters who think that this party has run the state into the ground.

    So what do you believe Jonathan? Kelly?

    Put your name on the list…tell us why you wont…or shut up.

  39. Kral,
    I think it is really time for you to do some real digging into the bills and the votes you so seemingly want to slam Sen. Paton with.

    Americans for Prosperity called him a ‘Champion of the Taxpayer’, and the Arizona Chamber of Congress named him ‘Senator of the Year’ in 2009.

    I believe, too, that the reasoning behind his prior ratings by the Goldwater Institute and AFP were because he missed votes while serving in Iraq.

    Don’t see Brian Miller or Andy Goss’ name on your list either.

    He is a Conservative. Perhaps not the far right wing conservative, where it is their way or the highway. A Conservative, nonetheless.

    One point to be made–I would follow him into battle and place my life in his hands–can you all say the same thing about your candidates?

  40. Stephen Kohut says


    We are not electing them for their combat experience. If that was the criteria for a successful elected official Grant would have been one of the greatest Presidents in US history. Reality is Grant was a dud.

    No matter how you spin them Paton’s combined ratings with AFP and the Pachyderms stll suck.

  41. I predict….Paton will win and Gabby will go back to selling tires.

  42. Steve,

    You still don’t get it. I am talking about the type of man Paton is as opposed to the wet behind the ears pretenders.

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