Jonathan Paton For State Senate

Jonathan Paton

Hats off to Arizona 8th for breaking the story on Jonathan Paton announcing the formation of an exploratory committee for the Senate in District 30.

Given Paton’s accomplishments and the likely clear path ahead, he will be a huge asset to the State Senate.


  1. Then, he kissed him on the lips…

    Seriously, what is it with the love affair you Southern Arizona types have with your legislators?

    He’s good, sure… But is he all that? I hope so, mind you. I’d love for him to be able to hear the words “more tax cuts” without stomping out of the room…

  2. Duke the Dog says

    Jonathan will make a great state Senator.

    The question is, who’s going to get his house seat. Word is there are probably 10 people expexted to run for the LD-30 House. I heard Gary Colman, since his failed run for governor in California, is thinking about moving to Green Valley so he could throw his hat in the race as well.

  3. John, I think you are thinking about Tim Bee — or do all of us from Southern Arizona look alike?

  4. It was Bee who did it, I’m just hoping that Paton isn’t the kind to do it. I actually like the guy alot. He doesn’t suck, considering he’s from Pima County! 😉

  5. For the House race, I know that Gowan is a conservative and is running again. Sposito is a McClure wannabe, and that’s not good. Collins comes from Tom Horne’s office, and they usually lean left. Anyone else? It would be nice to get two conservatives instead of one.

  6. Collins is pro-life, tough on the borders and worked to get rid of bi-lingual ed. You don’t get much more conservative than that. Gowan may be conservative, but he’s a moron. He makes Collette Rosati look like John Nash from “A Beautiful Mind”. I want a conservative too, but I want someone who can at least put a noun and verb together.

  7. Oro Valley Dad says


    I think the blogs down in the Tucson area will be following the races in 30 and 26 pretty closely. Look for some coverage of the LD 30 house race in the next week or so.

  8. Hey now, I actually met Gowan and was actually quite impressed. The guy really knows his American history and his conservative beliefs aren’t just knee-jerk reactions, they’re very well-rooted. You’d be lucky to get a conservative like that elected.

  9. Of course, if he moved up here to the East Valley, we’d have to call him a moderate… lol

  10. Passonate Moderate says

    Go to Paton’s voting record puts him in the bottom third of Republican Legislators. How they vote IS what matters.

  11. Does the votes missed due to his deployment to Iraq affect his overall numbers in a vote comparison?

  12. Fametracker says

    Something tells me that Ann is right. I’m betting a lot of those votes could have happened in the beginning of the session while he was out of the country. I don’t really cut a lot of slack for missing votes, but getting shot at in Iraq might be one of them.

  13. catsclaw says

    the scorecard from at the above mentioned website is from ’06, Rep. Paton was deployed in late ’06 (while not in session)and missed votes in ’07 due to his deployment.

  14. Passonate Moderate says is showing the 2006 session. Mr. Payton missed part of the 07′ session. has not yet rated the 2007 session.

  15. Yup, he’s a Southern Arizona conservative… Did his score beat McClure’s? Pleeeeease tell me he beats McClure? I mean, he doesn’t have to be Randy Graf, but he can’t be to the left of McClure!

  16. Duke the Dog says

    Tim S.
    In response to #5, Who else.

    I heard Wayne Peate was looking at the LD 30 race (since his congressional aspirations have been crushed). Brian Abad (LD30 Vice Chair) is kicking around the idea as well. Then there’s John Munger (former state chair) as well as Frank Antenori (’06 CD 8 race).

    If you add that to Gowan, Spositi and Collins, there are potentially seven with rumor of possibly a couple more coming out of the depths of political hell to run for a shot at one of two open seats.

    I can’t wait to see the debates with 7-10 candidates on stage. Bill Buckmaster had better get a bigger studio.

  17. Passonate Moderate says

    O.K. here is the ranking. With Senator Ron Gould @ #1, Bee is 26, Paton is 50, McClure is 51 out of a 57 Republican legislators.

  18. Since bills presented for vote are not the same in both houses, I wanted to see how he stacked up to other House Members of that session. Very interesting, it was. Given a percentage of times the vote was according to Arizona Federation of Taxpayers, the highest ranked Rep’s. were Colette Rosati at 81% , followed by Judy Burgess at 74%, John Allen 72%, Pearce and Farnsworth each had a 71%. Paton has a 51% rating.

    The persona of conservatism of some of the aforementioned public servants, based on these percentages, is more indicative of certain issues and not the overall voting record. The difference in chambers and the votes they have to offer was very telling about local voters. Both Rosati and Allen were “un-elected”.

    From a Southern Arizona point of view, Linda Lopez is the lowest at 7% and then Prezelski at 20%. Maybe that helps put things into perspective.

  19. Frankly, finishing 1 point ahead of McClure costs you any claim of being a conservative. Wanna call yourself a moderate Republican? That would be fair. Most self-described mods are really liberals, but in Paton’s case it looks to be true. Socially conservative but not for school choice. Spends money like McClure. Yup, that’s a moderate. Too bad you couldn’t get Graf to run. He would have been great.

  20. Passonate Moderate says

    Rosati lost a primary race for the Senate seat held by Carolyn Allen. Her loss in not a reflection on conservatives, but an overreach by Mrs. Rosati. Pamala Gorman who is essencially a female Gould with a better personality, kicked Ted Carpenter’s butt. But wait, aren’t all Republicans conservatives in the primary, just check their literature.

  21. Billy Barue says

    John, He has supported several school choice measures including tuition tax credits, which were vehemently opposed by the teacher’s union. He has taken on the most liberal school district in the state, TUSD and has sponsored the bill that eliminated state income taxes for active duty military in the state. His voting record for border issues is 100%. His voting record with the NRA is an “A”. He is pro-life.

  22. Good to hear. And you combine that with Marian McClure’s spending habits and you’ve got yourself a moderate. Conservative over here and liberal over there. If that doesn’t sound good enough to you and you want to fudge him over to “center-right” I can live with that too. But you can’t spend like McClure and call yourself truly conservative.

    Now I’m not saying you have to let perfect be the enemy of good, I’m just trying to promote some truth in advertising here.

  23. kralmajales says

    Paton is a shoe in. This one is easy. Frankly, he has done some fine work with the University and its budgets. He does have a tendency to be reasonable and work with the other side, despite his strong social conservative stands from time to time.

    He’s gonna win. Celebrate!


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