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Jonathan Paton Endorses John McCain

Jonathan Paton Endorses John McCain

CQ Politics

In an earlier post, I speculated a coalescing of candidates around certain slates – The McCain Slate vs. The Hayworth Slate.

Today, CQ Politics announced that CD-8’s Jonathan Paton is backing Senator John McCain in his re-election bid. This comes on the heels of Jim Waring’s support for John McCain as both Jesse Kelly and Sam Crump have endorsed JD Hayworth. In the 6th Congressional District, Jeff Flake is a strong McCain supporter while his primary challenger, Jeff Smith is expected to announce his endorsement of JD Hayworth.

Here’s a quote from today’s CQ Politics:

Former state Sen. Jonathan Paton (R), a candidate in Arizona’s 8th district race, was also among those endorsing McCain Thursday. He faces a contested primary with three other GOP opponents for the right to take on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).


  1. Moon Valley GOP says

    Not a huge surprise. Paton is essentially a Flake/Adams/McCain guy, so where else was he going to go in this race? Plus, Kelly had already gone for Hayworth.

  2. bracketologist says

    This endorsement along with his support of Naplitano’s budget is exactly why I will NOT be voting for him. Kelly is the conservative in this race. Paton is just another RINO.

  3. Antifederalist says

    Wow. Colossally bad move, Jon.

  4. JustAnotherAzPC says

    Will the *real* Jonathan Paton please stand up? He just did by endoring Sen. McCain. I was probably not going to vote for him in the primary, but this seals it.

  5. Maybe they can carpool to the unemployment office.

  6. This is very deceptive. Neither Frank Antenori, Jonathan Paton, nor any other conservative legislator endorsed McCain on Thursday. This was a mass endorsement from nearly a year ago when McCain asked the state legislators to endorse him. Nobody anticipated a serious Republican challenger at the time.

    Few, if any, of the original “endorsers” appear to be supporting a candidate in the race. Many, including Paton, have repeatedly stated they are remaining neutral in the current race.

  7. LOL! Let’s see…the number of previously held “true conservatives” and standard bearers of our party that now rank among the “RINO’s” continues to grow.

    The definition being support for John McCain…because we all know by now that John McCain is the litmus test for all things RINO. It isn’t voting for outlandish spending (JD), endorsing a Democrat big-spending, pro-choice Governor in a general election (Sheriff Joe), or even overspending your budget by millions (Ya, Joe again)…

    If that premise is to be considered valid at all, then this is the true political identity of:

    Sarah Palin-RINO
    Grover Norquist-RINO
    Bill Bennett-RINO
    Mitt Romney-RINO
    Tim Pawlenty-RINO
    Scott Brown-RINO
    to name a few national folks….

    Here at home:

    The ENTIRE Republican Congressional Delegation – ALL RINO’s

    Current Governor Brewer and former Gov’s Hull and Symington…RINO’s

    31 Arizona Mayors-all RINO’s

    8 Arizona County Sheriffs including Paul Babeu-must be a RINO’s (none under Federal Grand Jury investigations, however)

    Now…Jonathon Paton- gotta be a RINO, who along with 30 other current and former State Legislators have endorsed McCain.

    State Senate President Pro Tempore Barbara Leff
    State Senate Majority Whip Steve Pierce
    State Senator Carolyn Allen
    State Senator David Braswell
    State Senator Linda Gray
    State Senator John Nelson
    State Senator Jay Tibshraeny
    State Senator Frank Antenori
    State Senator Ed Bunch
    Former State Senator Jim Waring
    Former State Senator Robert Blendu
    Former State Senator Toni Hellon

    House Speaker Kirk Adams
    House Majority Leader John McComish
    House Majority Whip Andy Tobin
    State Representative Nancy Barto
    State Representative Tom Boone
    State Representative Steve Court
    State Representative Rich Crandall
    State Representative Adam Driggs
    State Representative Doris Goodale
    State Representative Laurin Hendrix
    State Representative Russ Jones
    State Representative Bill Konopnicki
    State Representative Debbie Lesko
    State Representative Lucy Mason
    State Representative Steve Montenegro
    State Representative Warde Nichols
    State Representative Frank Pratt
    State Representative Michele Reagan
    State Representative Jerry Weiers
    State Representative Vic Williams
    State Representative Amanda Reeve
    State Representative Ted Vogt


    OR…is that tired and worn our rhetoric lost completely on those it hopefully will offend in order to push them to JD? Do voters look at the people they know and trust, and have for years, for more reasonable guidance rejecting the bully antics of Hayworth-Haney-Arpaio?

    Given the choice of voting for McCain or JD, the guy who likened bestiality with gay-marriage….hmmmmm? Deakins is a nice guy but…he can’t pull it off.

    McCain wins big.

  8. I think we should guess candidates on what their own merits. This endorsement stuff is getting quite silly. No two candidates are ever the same. Jonathan and other conservative legislators said they’d support McCain when his only opponent was Rodney Glassman. I think it says a lot that he’s not going back on his commitment.

  9. Sorry… meant to say, we should support candidate on their own merits.

  10. Stephen Kohut says


    You forgot Larry the Cable Guy, Bugs Bunny, The Three Stooges,….

    There seems to be some part of we don’t care who endorses who that does not sink in to your head. People will vote based on their opinion of the candidates not another politican’s “you scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours” endorsement.

    Endorsements do not change who McRINO is and that is:

    Pro-Amnesty (McCain-Kennedy)

    Pro Cap and tax

    Voted for $700B TARP

    Anti first amendment (McCain-Feingold)

    Anti 5th and 6th amendment rights in his disasterous and just submitted S3081

    We know all about McRINO and want him gone.

  11. Rosco P Coltrane says

    I like it when people endorse McCain – that way I know who is evil.

  12. Excuse me, but I presume that John McCain wants Jonthan Paton in Washngton so,e if he wins, which I doubt, he will have a weak guy, who will vote with him and Obama. Then again, Jonathan who, according to the Washington Post, dated Gabby, lost to her in 2000 badly would loose again. She with little experince skunked him before and now with more experience will really do a number on him now. Jonathan should have kept his old job. These other candidates don’t have his baggage. Don’t just check his 2009 voting record, but instead look at the whole picture One year doesn’t make up for the others.

  13. Thanks suan. Your rambling, gossip driven, over the top comments will drive voters to McCain.

    Ya, rope…more rope. The JD lovers just can’t help it!

  14. …………..
    SammyD Says:
    March 19th, 2010 at 10:06 am
    Candidates should be judged on their own merits.

    Now that there is a radical concept!

  15. In case you didn’t know… if there is a Republican someone doesn’t like out there, then they are a RINO. I don’t my Republican neighbor, he’s a RINO. I do like Condoleeza Rice, she a stand-up conservative gal. I don’t like Donald Rumsfeld, he’s a RINO.

    Get how this works? It doesn’t actually mean anything but, i don’t like him/her.

  16. That does it! I’m going to heckle Paton today. 🙂

  17. Asta e romania n-ai cei face ! :D, felicitari pentru blog!

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