Jonathan Paton – CD-8?

Jonathan PatonA few days ago, I mentioned to look out for more political shakeups in two other high profile races.

Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag as the Arizona Republic’s Political Insider broke the story today that State Senator Jonathan Paton is heavily weighing jumping into the CD-8 race against four other political newbies in an effort to unseat Democrat, Gabrielle Giffords. (Yes, Jonathan did call me.)

Paton’s entry into the race would certainly ratchet up the odds as Giffords could face off against a political known who has proven an ability to raise money.

Should Paton decide to run, he would need to form an exploratory committee likety-split and quickly transition to a full committee after January 1st since he is subject to Arizona’s “Resign to Run” law.

As I already mentioned, don’t be surprised to see new entries into races like CD-8. We are rapidly approaching a timeframe when potential candidates begin to surface in response to political donors who may not be impressed with campaigns or candidates who launched early in the election cycle. I sense this is what’s happening in CD-8 and may prompt other high profile candidates to jump in elsewhere like CD-5.


  1. Jesse Kelly must be punching walls right now…

    And CD-5, someone’s thinking against running against Schwiekert? Guess he should have put a year stamp on his boring signs in ’08.

  2. Sen Paton did indeed say he was “considering” getting into the race. While anyone is free to do this, it begs a few questions. First in my mind is, where have you been all summer? Secondly, why now? Rumor is Senators Kyl and McCain have guaranteed a dollar amount they will raise for him. If so, that is exactly the kind of political bovine excrement that people are sick of. What courage that takes, huh? “Well, I’ll only run if you senators raise me $1.5 million” That’s really putting yourself on the line. I would prefer someone with pure motives. No man can serve two masters. While I respect and like Senator Paton, I cannot respect political opportunism. Do something because it is the right thing to do or don’t do it. People are sick of poltics as usual and this reeks of it.

  3. This is one of those situations I call “IF ONLY HE WOULD”!!! Full working support will come from this direction and many of my Republican Kids.

    The four well-meaning candidates in the mix so far cannot scale the mountain that the current representative has built. She is a wet-noodle for a manipulative group she pays obeisance to.

    Further….Again I say….is she legal resident of Arizona (6mos. + one day) when her time is split between D.C. and conjugal visits to Texas?

  4. Paton could be a real challenge since the Democrats have really fumbled the ball since January. Will unemployent be up or down in 10 months? I think this is what will make the difference.

  5. Andy, if you don’t recognize political opportunism being behind every candidate, good and bad, then you need to go back to American Government 101. Or just read a copy of the Constitution and flip through the Federalist Papers.

    Pure motives? GIve me a break.

  6. DSW,
    I am curious who else you think might jump in in cd-5…
    With schweikerts money and now name recognition I do not really see anyone beating him in a primary sadly. And in the end this is what I think will allow Mitchell to keep the seat.

    As for CD-8 this is welcome news the other 4 candidates are a joke. I like andy goss comment obviously a jesse kelly plant… Nice try though andy.

  7. Great, just what we need. Another cautious senator from district 30 to take on Gabby. I’ve seen the end of this movie and it does not go well. Will he stay in office the whole campaign like Tim Bee?

  8. Hey – is there some reason that every press release about John Huppenthal has comments turned off?

  9. Paton may be our guy says

    Paton is a stellar example of class political savvy and a heart for service to his country and his constituants.

    If we in fact have a better shot at getting this seat from Gabby with Paton as the challenger then those that are running now then they should look at stepping aside.

    This is not a childs game of “I was here first” this is serious business. Paton has the gravitas to raise money, great voting record, judicial temperment, name ID and is a long time registered Republican.

    Kelly has raised 150 K so far and I say that equates to good market research. His product is not selling…The others who are running are well intentioned but do not even have enough cash raised to get to the market.

    It could be better odds for us with Paton and for those of who agree that it is about winning….Paton could be our answer

    IF he decides to run….

  10. The Kulte and Johnny –

    There are 2 viable candidates running aside from Schweikert – Jim Ward and Eric Wnuck. Schweikert’s name recognition didn’t help him in ’08 when McCain won the district but Schweikert lost to Mitchell.

    Schweikert gave it a good go in ’08 but I think it may be time to consider another candidate for that race. A fresh face.

  11. AZGOPgal….if I remember correctly, that’s the moniker used by the girl running Wnuck’s campaign. No surprise there.

  12. AZGOPgal,

    Ah, heard the names, but I thought they weren’t viable (if my memory serves correct, DSW gave them the public brush-off a while back).

    The fix DOES seem to be in for Schweikert, though.

  13. It’s no secret that I support David Schweikert. But I have made the commitment to the other CD-5 candidates running to post their press releases. Once it goes up, they are welcome to defend against any negative comments or have their supporters argue their case.

  14. As I am an advocate for the Libertarian candidate for CD-5 Nick Coons I have no favored Republican in this race.

    AZGOPgal, why should any given CD-5 voter prefer Wnuck on the issues over Schweikert? They both seem very much alike.

  15. Citizen Kane says

    Rumor is Senator McCain has guaranteed a dollar amount…

    That alone should terminate this campaign.

  16. citizen goofball says

    Citizen Kane, where did you get your intel? Do you have proof? Have you asked Paton directly? I think you have no idea. First of all, I have no idea how someone could guarantee anything in this world regarding money. If you want to make a charge at least have some facts.

    I know this fact: Jesse Kelly only registered as a Republican in April.

  17. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Jonathan Paton has the best chance against Gabby, and as much as I respect and admire the other candidates, we in CD8 need to get rid of this socialist who has the gall to refer to herself as a “Blue Dog” . She voted for this monster health care takeover and even voted against the Stupak Amendment.

    Senator Paton, I hope you run!!!

  18. DSW,

    RE: Schwiekert, that wasn’t a slap against you… It’s your blog, and you’ve got a right to support or work for whomever you want (I always find it amusing when people give you grief about that), I was just commenting that you hadn’t given Wnuck or Ward much of a chance against Mitchell, and I had even forgotten they were running.

  19. AZgopgal,

    I am going to assume either you are joking or work for one their campaigns because they zero chance in the primary. They are the same on the issues and less money. How do they win people over not bringing anything new and no cash to get the word out.

    Let’s be honest schweikert is what cd-5 is stuck with against mitchell and that basically makes it that we are stuck with mitchell.

  20. Is Paton really the one for a year when it will all be about budget issues and government spending? His rating from AZ Federation of Taxpayers was “Friend of Big Government” one year. Is that what wins against Giffords?

  21. Bob Burns has also received that designation, and no one would argue his credentials. These guides are best used as just that — guides. I also remember that Jonathan has gotten great scores in the past, too. He would be an outstanding candidate — a war hero with integrity and intelligence.

  22. I have not seen one post above that tells the cold hard truth. It is obvious that some of the so-called Republican insider posters on here have been drinking too much of the watered-down John McLame style kool-aid.

    It is also obvious, and suspicious that some of you are afraid of the Conservative Republican candidate Jesse Kelly. Have you had your heads buried in the sand for the last 10 months? Jonathon Paton is fine at what he is doing, but he obviously has the wrong motives, if he is just now wanting to jump into the race in AZ-CD8.

    Have you all not noticed that America, and Arizonans in particular, are sick of the type of politicians that are controlled and bought off by big money. They are also sick of anything that has to do with John McLame (sic).

    Americans are getting behind candidates that are backed by GRASSROOTS first, and not big money. Sure it takes big money. Big money can get in line later. The Tea Party citizens will back Jesse Kelly because has shown a pattern and track record of being in the race for the right reasons…and NO…I am NOT a Jesse Kelly plant, or part of his team.

    Here are the cold hard facts:

    1. The conservative Jesse Kelly jumped into the race early, and has stood strong on holding town hall meetings with the public, while Giffords, and the other contenders have been hard to find.

    2. Jesse Kelly is not too young to lead. Giffords herself was the “youngest” at one point.
    3. The people of AZ-8 are chomping-at-the-bit (cannot wait) to elect Jesse Kelly, and boot Giffords out of office. Local republicans will not stand for a Johnny-come-lately-Paton getting into the race at the last minute, when Jesse Kelly has committed himself to the fight from the beginning. It is a no-brainer to see who has been committed to defeating Giffords from the beginning, and that is Jesse Kelly.

    So you are not fooling any of us Republicans or Conservatives…..Jesse Kelly will beat Paton in the Primary if he runs…Giffords is going to lose…the people are sick of her…..and Jesse Kelly is the man that will do it. Watch and weep.

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