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I’m not sure if Steve Kozachik actually has ads up and running on Tucson media but even if he doesn’t, he’s definitely on YouTube. (Isn’t it great that even if you don’t have the big campaign bucks, you can still have your ads go viral online? After all, who doesn’t have a computer and has never heard of YouTube?)

Maybe some of our readers can tell us if this ad is up and running. Regardless, Steve’s ad is now getting exposure on Sonoran Alliance which will certainly drive traffic to his website


  1. Ask any constituent what former newscaster Nina Trasoff has done for them…if the answer is anything other than “nothing” I would not be surprised…

  2. Basil St. John says

    Yeah, 250 views surw equals viral. Are you out of your mind? Do you honestly think that YouTube ad will sway voters?

  3. The Koz gave me Kramps says

    He oversaw the building of a gym, whoopdee-doo!

  4. Yes, well, the current city council can not seem to oversee the building of anything. Go Steve K.

  5. #3 poster sounds like a Trasoff campaign staffer–maybe CT Revere?

  6. steve has aids says

    He looks like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.

  7. Oh, now that’s classy.

    I hope SA leaves your comment up so that we can see that Steve’s opposition can’t fight him on the issues so they are resorting to garbage comments like this.

  8. Tucson Vice says


    C.T. Revere isn’t a campaign staffer, idiot. He is her chief of staff.

  9. Tucson Vice says

    Since when do the SA readers care about classy?

    Anyway, watch the two of them on AZ illustrated. The man has no clue on Earth what he is talking about, and I feel almost certain that he has never once looked at the city budget.

    Doesn’t matter. He’s going to get stomped, please remember I said so.

  10. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of stuff Nina doesn’t read. $820K for a 15 minute video that nobody know anything about. Yeah, right. OK, now that I’ve offered you an example of Nina’s incompetence, please do counter with a comment on Steve’s appearance.

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