Join JD Hayworth and Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Annual Lincoln Day Luncheon

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Lincoln Day Luncheon flyer

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  1. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    I like going to the Lincoln Day Luncheon, but I won’t be going this year. The MCRC has decided to taken an openly political stance in a contested Republican primary. Whatever you think about John McCain, the party shouldn’t be working against him by sponsoring an event featuring his opponent.

    Also, Hayworth and Arpaio have both endorsed Jeff Flake’s opponent in CD 6. In Hayworth’s case, he has been openly belligerent toward Rep. Flake. I happen to think having the voting record most opposed to Pres. Obama is a good thing.

    Whatever time I would’ve spent listening to J.D. “The Windbag” Hayworth, is time I’ll never get back.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, the MCRC should be ashamed of using an event that celebrates all the hard work the PC’s do as a “free” JD Event.

  3. This speaks volumes to the true feelings JD and Haney have about using people to accomplish their personal agenda.

    Classic Haney and Hayworth…the rules don’t apply to them and the end justifies the means.

  4. Stephen Kohut says

    Candidate McRINO was the guest speaker at the PCRC mandatory Meeting on 1/16. If you don’t have a challenger talk you don’t have an incumbant running for reelction talk either. Since McRINO has been chatting it up at RC meetings and Lincoln Dinners/Lunch, no one should have an issue if Hayworth and/or Deakin are given equal opportunity. It’s either none or all.

  5. Blue Meanie says

    Can anyone go to this? I just re-registered as a republican so I could vote for JD in the primary. I am now a republican, but not a PC.

  6. Hey Stephen…I’m with you. All or none. To do anything else is playing like the Dems. I’m curious how come the Maricopa crowd waited until mid-April, a full two months after the usual time for this.. to have a Lincoln Day Dinner?

    Any truth to the rumors that Haney has been salivating for months and planning everything around JD’s jump into the race?

    A betrayal of trust for sure.

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    Blue meanie,

    Go to the MCRC website they should have a form to fill out. The Lincoln events are open to all willing to pay for the rubber chicken.

  8. Reagan Conservative says

    I have not yet decided who I will support for the senate nomination but it is obvious who our county chairman and the other Pachyderm rift-raft have supported. Every-time I see fog-horn Hayworth on TV, Rob Haney is standing right behind him. It’s time to get the radicals out of the leadership of the party and put the Republicans back in charge.

  9. It is comical how bad this faux paper is at graphics. Like wow….the visible squigglies…first time this site has made me laugh.
    Doesn’t someone at COMMONSENSE have a kid that could have told them how to do this correctly?

  10. No wonder the Arizona Republican Party can’t raise any money.

  11. PC in LD6 says

    Many PC’s won’t be attending this fundraiser for the MCRC touted as a volunteer recognition luncheon. People would rather give money directly to the candidates than the county or state party. Why should the county be supported when they have already chosen their favorites in LD, CD, and Senate races (even though some of the endorsed have no chance at winning)

  12. Sigh… Are you a complete moron? COMMONSENSE didn’t do the flyer, the MCRC did. I got it from the County party in my email. Thank God you are the typical McCain supporter. JD has nothing to worry about.

  13. If promoting JD Hayworth as a US Senate candidate on the invitation from the county is not an endorsement and/or in-kind contribution, I don’t know what is.

    Haney and Pullen are so irrational in their hate and obvious in their vindictive behavior toward certain candidates and it’s an embarrasement to the Republican Party.

    Hopefully, Hayworth will do the right thing and not accept this questionable donation to his campaign. He has given back tainted contributions before, I know he can do it.

  14. Won’t McBloggers ever pass up a complaint? Every media outlet in the State is serving up McPropaganda. And there’s a polster around every corner with touchy-feely stats to keep your blood sugar up. Does everything have to be about you?

  15. Stephen Kohut says


    “Hopefully, Hayworth will do the right thing and not accept this questionable donation to his campaign. He has given back tainted contributions before, I know he can do it.”

    If memory serves me correctly Hayworth took $2500 from Abramhof. McRINO took $120000 from Keating. So that makes McRINO 48 times as bad as Hayworth?

  16. Flake is part of the Open Borders Mafia. He needs to go down in defeat.

  17. To Ann, Travis and other blogging professional McCainiacs:

    I don’t remember you whining when the Republican congressional delegation endorsed McCain in this primary. Now Arpaio and Haney are to be taken to task?

    And I’d like to ask the other anti J.D. posters, especially those who now claim to don the mantle of “conservatism’ where were you over the past quarter century when your candidate was supporting gun control, open borders, cap n’ trade, financial regulations aimed at Conservative interest group election participation and so on?

    Why do you think the Democrats put up a junior high school teacher against John six years ago, and to this date have yet to field a Senatorial candidate for November.

    Outside of the “stupid party” ranks it isn’t hard to figure out. The Dems have the commonsense to know who’ll be carrying the major parts of their agenda or compromising with it the minute he’s re-elected (if he is)

    In other words, business as usual with the Anns and Travises of this world cashing in personally while the state and country go under!

    But that’s what hacks, chambermaids, chamberpots and gofers subsist on!

  18. Carlist: Your hate is blinding you. I am a Tea Party attending, conservative and always have been. You lie when you say I’m being paid. You don’t know who I am. I know that makes you made. And when I see you in person, I see it on your face.

    Where was I when McCain was supporting things I didn’t agree with? I was writing to him telling him how I feel – like I should have been.

    Where was I when the delegation endorsed McCain? Right behind them. ALL of them.

    Where am I when the AZ Republican Party “King Pins”, who are supposed to represent the whole party, are endorsing candidates without a vote from their executive boards – against them.

    Call all the names you want because you do not have a rational argument. That’s how you are.

    This is Shane’s blog, if he didn’t want Ann, myself or others on this blog, he would remove us or block us. Deal with it.

  19. Travis,
    Writing or calling McCain to tell him you disagreed with him was a waste of time.. you know that don’t you? He is deaf to his constituents – (unless you are waving $100 bills) and that is why he has to go.

  20. The Mole says

    okay Stephen in the McCain post above this one we discussed John staying with Horst, now we have another reason for McCain to stay away from Horst’s resort. Where is McCain going to put the $100 bills? Wait… don’t answer that!


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