Johnny’s Song

Here is the latest parody video detailing the bi-partisan history of Arizona’s senior senator:


  1. Hayworthless says

    This was lame J.D. The music really sucks and the photos were straight from various Democratic activist websites. Nice try.

    Ask any primary voter if they think more partisanship in D.C. is the solution. Does J.D. think that he can do anything with Republicans out of power in the White House and Congress? Nope, like it or not you have to work with the other side because that is how American government is structured.

    The reason that both parties registration numbers are down and independent registrations are skyrocketing is because folks are fed up with petty partisan politics. McCain is going to beat J.D. because most voters realize that we need a real statesman.

  2. Arizona Luke says

    Song was funny but I personally wouldn’t have mentioned the Keating 5 thing as McCain was found to have done nothing illegal just as JD was found to have violated the law with Abramoff.

    But with all due respect, Hayworthless, the reason so many Arizonans are fleeing from the GOP (which I did in Sept 09) is NOT because of the ‘petty partisan politics’ but because of career GOP politicians like John McCain that just do not believe in Conservative principles.

    I used to live in AZ-5 and agreed with Harry Mitchell’s votes 29% of the time… and agreed with McCain 31% of the time. What’s the difference between the 2? nothing really other than a statistical hiccup.

    Thank GOD I have a real Conservative like Shadeggg representing me now.. just too bad that he’s retiring. But I do hope to have somebody other than McCain representing the state come November.

    God Save the Republic.

  3. SetUStraight says

    Despite what Hayworthless and his “Friends of McCain” want us to believe, anti-McCain sentiment isn’t limited to JDs supporters.

    Two of them even declared for Senate opposite McCain opponents long before JD.

    As early as 2001, a recall of McCain was underway but abandoned in the 9/11 wake.

    Most of the history in “Johnny & Teddy” was long before JDs declaration on 2/15/2010.

    Live with it, Hayworthless, your boy is fighting for his political life for the first time ever.

    ArizonaLuke is misinformed–The DOJ found NO evidence of wrongdoing on Hayworth’s part–even the Arizona Repugnant printed that account.

    And McCain WASN’T found to have done nothing illegal. To the contrary, the Senate Ethics Committee was very critical of McCain’s personal & financial ties with Keating. They took no action because it was outside their jurisdiction–McCain wasn’t a Senator at the time, but instead a House member.

    Get your facts straight.

    And give credit for this hilarious and highly entertaining “musical voting record” where credit is due–to the people of Arizona who recognize a corrupt Senator when they see one.

  4. Arizona Luke says

    When I stated ‘illegal’, I was referring to being found guilty in the court of law. And in both counts, I am correct.

    I don’t mind getting corrected if I state wrong information, but it can be done without the elitist, snarky tone.

    and for the record, I haven’t decided which person to back in the primary.

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