John Shadegg on GOP Health Care Reform

Here is the latest video from Congressman John Shadegg’s Office regarding the Republican solution to health care reform.

Shadegg appeared on Fox’s America’s Newroom with Megyn Kelly on Thursday, July 9th.

My two bits: If the Democrats want to give us the best health care program, why don’t they just give us what all the members of Congress have. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!


  1. Intolerant Xenophobe says

    Has Shadegg ever lifted a finger to relieve us of the problem with illegal aliens using Emergency Rooms as free clinics?

    Sure glad my Maricopa County and State Chairmen speak up against the illegal invasion. Don’t look for the same from Shadegg and the rest of the Wake Up Arizona! crowd.

  2. In truth, trying to command the MSM spin cycle in this Obama ruled political love fest is nearly impossible. John Shadegg is working like mad to make a dent in the Obama armor. There is a need to revisit all health care as we are alredy spending too much.

    AFP has a post here about the rallies on Friday. Smart Girl Politics, Tea Party Patriots, and are coordinating calm protests with Obama sympathizers,and a civil visit to allies in this fight against Obamacare.

    John Shadegg is one of the guys trying stop this machine and also call the Congress to revamp the mess of Medicare tax hole, Canadian universal care models. We need a modernized health plan, tighter than the Medicare Nightmare, that does not gut the country’s budget, nor add burderns onto our kids’ backs.

    We are scheduled to meet at John Shadegg’s office this Friday at 12:00 noon( just one of the offices- see links) with the Representative joining us via conference shortly there after. If you want to be there, please contact me at our site:


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