The following press release was just issued by Congressman John Shadegg. This will certainly cause a huge shift and scramble among Republicans.

Congressman John Shadegg Opts Not To Seek Re-Election
“It is time to seek a new challenge in a different venue.”

Washington, DC – Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ) issued the following statement today regarding the election this fall:
Serving Arizona in the United States Congress is the single greatest privilege in my professional life.  It was a dream I had for years before my election in 1994, and I still get goose bumps when I look up at the Capitol dome as I walk to a vote.
I grew up in the shadow of Senator Barry Goldwater’s home (Be-Nun-I-Kin).  My father, Stephen Shadegg, was Senator Goldwater’s speechwriter and campaign manager.  I inherited his passion for freedom and his deep and abiding faith in the goodness of people.  Like Senator Goldwater, I believe in the ability of individual Americans, regardless of their position, circumstances, or status in life, to make decisions for themselves and to manage and control their own destiny better than any government bureaucrat, agency, or politician.
For almost 14 years, I have enjoyed the great honor of fighting for freedom and individual responsibility in the U.S. House of Representatives – the peoples’ House.
I was elected at an exciting point in our nation’s history as a part of the ’94 Revolution.  And, incredibly, I have pretty much seen it all. (In fact, over the years as events have unfolded, every time I would think I had seen it all, something stunning and unexpected would happen).
All in all, it was never my intention to be a professional politician.  I have tried to do my best for the people of America, Arizona, and my district.   And I believe I have accomplished a great deal as a Member of the U.S. House.
I have served in the Majority and the Minority.  I’ve seen a balanced budget and deep deficits.  I’ve served when we had a Democrat President and a Republican President. I’ve witnessed a government shutdown and an Impeachment


  1. Kralmajales says

    See my comment in the post below this one, but can someone tell me why he is retiring? This is VERY unexpected, I think you all will agree…and puts the GOP in a real pickle…now having to defend two open seats…and two seats where they hope to gain back seats (5 and 8).

    The prospects for those challenging Bee and Mitchell look bleaker by the minute.

  2. I wonder if Jeff Hatch-Miller is considering selling his new home in CD-5 and moving back into the district he originally left (CD-3) to run for this seat? Timing makes all the difference.

  3. Eat a tack, Joe.

  4. Hilarious Joe! Devine design perhaps?

  5. In all seriousness – I haven’t heard much about Hatch-Miller’s campaign? Does he have a shot?

  6. George of the Desert says

    I’m going to take a contrarian tack here.

    If the Dems think they can win in CD 3, then let them spend plenty of money there. The GOP registration advantage there makes a race by any Dem, even a credible one, very difficult.

    Shadegg won CD 3 by 21 points in 2006, bucking the Dem tide. His opponent, Herb Paine, was credible, not some gadfly. Therefore, the trends do not bode well for Lord despite his fundraising ability. But since the Dems think they have a shot, they may spend money there, at least for a while.

    But the Dems still have to spend money defending Harry Mitchell, who represents another heavily GOP district. CD 5 voters fired JD Hayworth more than they embraced Harry (except in Tempe, of course). That seat is reall a GOP seat, but the DNCC has to spend money to keep Harry in Congress. he may win over enough people to win a second term, but it’s an uphill climb.

    In addition, they have to defend Gabby Giffords, who, I think, will hold her seat unless Bee resigns to run fulltime.

    And I haven’t even begun to talk about CD 1, which really is in play for the Dems. In fact, CD 1 ought to be where they put their real money. But if they want to get politically greedy and try to take over two solidy GOP seats and dilute their money statewide, I’m all for it.

    It’s called overreaching, and the Dems are about to do it.

  7. George:

    I have made exactly the same argument for your party. Either of us could be right, but I bet that party insiders and muckety mucks are more concerned with my argument than yours. After all, you are facting two incumbents, trying to hold on to two seats that used to be yours. This trend is national…AND…ya’ll got a whole lot less money to spread that direction. The fact that the GOP is now behind in fundraising in each of these four races makes me feel even more comfortable saying this.

    Best to you and good luck with your favorite Pres. candidate.

  8. George of the Desert says


    Theories abound, of course, and we’ll only be sure in November, but…

    It takes A LOT more money as well as ground effort to overcome a massive registration disadvantage.

    My point stands: The DCCC can spend wisely and try to turn CD1 from red to blue. That makes a lot of sense. They will probably have less to worry about in CD8 since Gabby is strong. Mitchell will need defending, and that will be expensive, too. So if I’m writing the DCCC checks in Washington, I’m giving Lord a good look, but I’m also wary of committing resources to push my guy over a big mountain of GOP registered voters.

    Bottom line: CD1 is where the Dems should concentrate their resources.

  9. Putting money in AZ-5, even if it’s a long-shot for the Democrats, will further strain the Republicans. Remember, the DCCC has nearly a 3-1 cash advantage over the NRCC. Same with the Senate committees. Don’t expect a bail-out from the RNC. They’ll have to give all their money to McCain who raised about as much in the second half of last year as Barack Obama raised in January. And that’s just one Democratic candidate out of three who raised record breaking numbers.

    The 50-state, fight-in-every-district strategy helps Democrats and hurts Republicans.

  10. D’oh! I meant putting money in AZ-3. Obviously some money will be needed to defend Harry Mitchell in AZ-5.

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