John Shadegg Retiring

NobleThinking is reporting that Republican Congressman John Shadegg has decided NOT to seek re-election. His office issued the following press release:

Congressman Shadegg Announces He Will Not Seek Re-election

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman John Shadegg (AZ-03) issued the following statement regarding his plans to represent Arizona’s Third Congressional District beyond 2010:

“I am today announcing that, while I will serve out my current term in the U.S. House of Representatives, I will not be a candidate for re-election to Congress. Representing the people of Arizona in the House has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. And, while it would be difficult to leave this position at any time, it is particularly hard to do so now with the challenges we face as a nation, but it is necessary for me to do so.

“While representing the people of Arizona in the House was one of my goals in life, it is not the only one. After 16 years it is time for me to take my life in a new direction and to pursue my commitment to fight for freedom in a different venue.

“In doing so, I particularly want to thank the people who have supported and voted for me throughout the years. I couldn’t have won this seat or engaged in this fight without their steadfast friendship and support. I will remain forever in their debt. I also especially want to thank my wife, Shirley, and my children, Courtney and Stephen, for their sacrifice, patience, and encouragement. They have been there through the highs and lows, and I sincerely appreciate all they have done to make my career in Congress possible.

“I also want to thank the men and women that I have been blessed to have on my staff, working alongside me as we fought the good fight. My staff is Shirley’s and my extended family, and their creativity, wit, and hard work stands unparalleled. Most importantly, together we share a passion for freedom.

“Two years ago I considered retiring and briefly announced my intention to do so. I was talked out of that decision by my constituents and colleagues. For those who encouraged me to run then and particularly those who stepped up and helped financially in that race, I want to reiterate my sincere appreciation. 2008 was a disastrous year for Republicans. Yet, with their help we proved that this is a solidly Republican seat, defeating my Democrat challenger by double digits notwithstanding the millions of dollars poured into this race by National Democrats. This time, however, my decision is irreversible.

“As the Obama Administration and Speaker Pelosi grow further and further out of touch with average Americans, evidence continues to build that 2010 will be a record year for Republicans running for Congress. And, I am extremely confident that the people of the Third District of Arizona will elect a solid conservative.

“In the last year, I have been able to fight the massive government takeover of our nation’s health care system advanced by President Obama and Speaker Pelosi. I will continue to do so with every ounce of energy I can summon. This takeover is deeply flawed and overwhelmingly opposed by my constituents.

“I have worked on health care reform my entire Congressional career. One of my proudest moments came when my legislation to encourage states to cover those with pre-existing conditions was passed by Congress and signed into law.

“I have introduced legislation every year since 1996 to give Americans greater choice in selecting their health care and greater control over their health care decisions. Time and again, I have proposed innovative ideas. Early on, I introduced legislation giving individuals the ability to purchase coverage on the same tax-favored basis businesses now enjoy. I was the first to propose allowing individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines, an idea that continues to gain momentum. These are real reforms that would force America’s health insurance companies to compete with each other for our business, and drive costs down and quality up.

“I have repeatedly introduced legislation that would give every American, rich and poor, health coverage and cover those with pre-existing conditions while preserving choice, creating real competition, and cost savings.

“The biggest problems in health care in America today are the result of misguided government policies. It is the government that puts your employer and the health plan your employer selected between you and your doctors. It is the government that allows employers to buy health care coverage tax-free but makes individuals use after-tax dollars to buy coverage. And, it is the government, including a specific provision in the current House and Senate bills that gives health insurance companies immunity from damages if their decision injures or kills someone. Yet, National Democrats are about to bail out the health insurance industry, compel every American to buy their product whether we want to or not, dramatically expanding the roll of government in health care. This is a tragic mistake which we will come to regret.

“To this day, I get goose bumps when I walk back to my office in the Cannon Building after a late night vote and look up at the Capitol Dome shining through the darkness. I will deeply miss doing so. Our Nation’s Capitol is the greatest symbol of freedom in the world. And, I will be forever indebted to the people of Arizona who bestowed on me the privilege of representing them in the fight for freedom.

“While the rules of the House do not allow me to pursue future employment while I am still in office, rest assured, I will continue to remain in the fight for freedom and defend American exceptionalism.”

This leaves a major vacancy that the GOP congressional delegation needs to fill quickly. Expect a major scramble of candidates to announce within the next 48 hours. Names to watch out for include Pamela Gorman, Jim Waring, Len Munsil, Tom Jenney, John Allen, Jeff Hatch-Miller. This could be another crowded primary folks!


  1. Cactus Jack says

    Jim Waring should jump in the race. He fits the John Shadegg mold perfectly: a smart, fiscal conservative who can win CD-3 in a general election.

    Sen. Waring is chairman of the Finance committee and is termed out this year. He has literally been to every household in LD-7.

    Of the folks also mentioned, each has a strong, but rather small, support base compared to Waring’s broad base of support.

    Gorman is a lightweight that shot herself in the foot last session with the budget bill. Munsil ran and we know how that collapsed. Jenney is a great primary candidate, but there are not enough Tea Partiers in CD-3 to win in November.

  2. Sam Crump has announced.

  3. CD3 Watcher says

    Maybe Vernon Parker will switch over to the CD-3 race? He’s got a head start on anyone else.

  4. Indecision 2010 says

    How do we know he’s not going to change his mind again?

  5. Thoughts on this emboldening other democrats to run for the seat?

    Does Lord now try again because he has name ID compared to others in the field?

  6. PHX Conservative says

    What about this Rich Davis guy whose running for State Senate in LD11??? I saw he’s already raised over $50K. That’s a good start.

  7. If the Ds could not take this heavily GOP seat in 2008, it’s not likely they will do so in 2010. Waring must be seriously considering this. He has knocked on doors for YEARS – every year – in his LD.

  8. PCbutnotPC says

    You all got to be joking!
    Jenny is a non-starter. He needs to get a real job. Gorman had a fund raiser about a week ago for her own race and got only about $200!
    Who the hell is Rich Davis?
    Waring seems locked into the State Treasurer race – that’s a safe bet for him, plus his wife is expecting with twins! (that’s one way to multiply votes)
    John Allen could not afford to run again – word is he is out looking for a day job.
    Len Munsil? We tried that before. CD3 is not that conservative.
    Jeff Hatch-Miller?
    I know, Dave Schwikert can switch races!
    Maybe Susan Bitter Smith.
    On the Dem side, they can launch one of several strong contenders.
    As for Sam Crump, well, I wish him well.
    Also, you can name Barbara Leff, Adam Driggs, Michelle Reagan, and let’s not forget that PHIL GORDON is looking for a future job. But more seriously, Bill Gates (of Phx City Council)….
    Did I forget anyone?

  9. Arizona Guardian is reporting Wes Gullett also considering…

  10. Mayor Phil Gordon also considering…

  11. Tiny Elvis says

    sean noble? probably the best choice, but does anyone know who he is outside the betlway?
    Look for the Dem$ to make a huge pu$h for thi$ $eat.
    don’t think we will see Lord run again.
    Daddy Warbucks Jim Pederson is a possibility, but that hasn’t gone so well in the past.
    Phil Gordon is a great guess.

  12. Looks like folks are trying to recruit Gorman…there is now a “Draft Pamela Gorman for Congress” facebook page.

  13. Don’t forget Tom Horne. He is doing poorly against Thomas in the AG’s race, but would have a real chance in the Congressional race since he has more name recognition than anyone else on the Republican side you’ve listed. I like him a lot and think he’s proven himself in his efforts to get rid of Raza Studies in the Tucson School District. He is a solid choice and could beat Waring, Gorman, etc.

  14. There is now a Draft Sam Crump Facebook group as well.

  15. Mitchell is the Joke says

    Harry has to go, he is the worst congressman we have. Help retire him at

  16. Will he run for McCain’s seat?

  17. We are lucky to have some good candidates for the race. I am also glad we got one John flushed already. Now let’s flush some more. We need a good constitutional conservative in there not another McCaniac!

  18. Go Pam Go! says
  19. Mike Kelton says

    Dean Martin would be great. If he were to get into this race he’d be the favorite.

    How about someone who is not a professional politician or rich lawyer? This seems like an anti-politician year.

    How about Dr. Novack, who heads the medical free choice initiative? We need a conservative doctor to fight Obama-care.

    Chad Kirkpatrick is a solid conservative. He has a geat private sector background and is the head of AZ Taxpayers Association.

  20. PCbutnotPC says

    You all are tossing around conservative names for a district that is more moderate than conservative – and is growing more independent voters than D or R members. And “I” voters tend to be moderate.
    Pamela Gorman won’t fit the district – she’s too right and her time may have passed. But, she’s easy on the eyes. Her behavior in the legislative process has ID’d her as a “no” vote and hold out without compromise. When we consider a potential R primary successful candidate up against what may be a serious Dem (not yet identifieid), let’s keep in mind who would be successful in a general election.
    The vast majority of voters don’t log into this site or this path of thinking. There’s reasons Janet Napolitano did well with Republicans and Barrack Obama did well, too.
    Dean Martin is wet behind the ears. Some of the other names tossed around in these posts simply do not have the capacity to raise dollars.
    When we discuss R possibles, let’s keep an eye to who the D opponent may be. Right now, the D’s have a candidate, but we don’t know the money in the latest quarter yet – that would be telling. Phil Gordon can raise money and has the power of being the Mayor over most the district and has overwhelmingly won. The late night Dem telegraph is starting to kick around other names, including Krystin Sinema and Sam Coppersmith.
    Let’s add up our R suspects:
    Rich Davis
    Sean Noble
    Chad Kirkpatrick
    Sam Crump
    Pamela Gorman
    Adam Driggs
    Jim Waring
    Barbara Leff

    Let’s add up the D possibles:
    Phil Gordon
    John Holbert (filed)
    Sam Coppersmith
    Krystin Sinema
    Jim Pederson

    Now, less the salad and see who gets the most green in their bowl.

  21. If Pederson ran it would make things interesting because he would not exactly need to raise money.

    Phil Gordon for some reason has a lot of credbility this his own district.

    The question is will these guys get in and tick off the party and people worknig for Hulburd already.

    In the end I can see Phil Gordon waiting till 2012 when his time as Mayor is up and going after whoever the new GOP 1 term congressperson is. That almost makes for sense for him now because he would have to resign to run I think because he was elected in 08 for this term as mayor.

  22. Johnny, you’re probably right about Phil. But it makes for interesting thought and the paper is already chasing an answer. Phil’s exit from Mayor throw the dysfunctional city council into therapy and a fight for the temp mayor job.
    I’m thinking we dig up John Conlan and give that a try again. Hell, he’s just a bit older than McCain, right?

  23. P.C. but not:

    You’ve put up some interestting posts, but I’d like to point out that Dist 3 along with other Congressional Districts are trending right not moderate due to Obama’s missteps!

    What is needed is a candidate who will not only talk the GOP screed during the campaign but adhere to it once in office.

    And that includes respecting immigration laws.


    Dead on!

    One John “flushed”

    Two to go!

  24. Common Sense Conservative says

    I think we need to take a good luck at Adam Driggs and Sean Noble. There is a recruit Adam Driggs page that I just looked at.

    We need to retain this seat!!!!!

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