John Munger responds to Governor Brewer’s request for help in fixing Arizona’s budget crisis



(PHOENIX, AZ) January 15, 2010 Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Munger delivered the following letter to Governor Jan Brewer today:

Governor Brewer:

Last week, you issued a request to receive in the next five days “substantive, realistic proposals from…potential gubernatorial candidates on how they plan to fix the state’s fiscal crisis.”

I have developed a plan which actually solves Arizona’s fiscal crisis and balances the budget without a tax increase and I would like to review it with you in a face-to-face meeting at your offices on Tuesday, January 19th, 2010.

To ensure transparency to the people of Arizona, I invite the media to attend our meeting. This issue is of such magnitude that I believe that only you and I need to speak directly, without the intercession of staff or campaign advisors.

Concurrent with our meeting, I will be distributing my plan to members of the State legislature and posting it on

As I have promptly responded to your request, I would appreciate an immediate response from you. Please contact me as soon as possible to schedule this meeting.

I look forward to helping you fulfill Arizona’s responsibility to our taxpayers.


John Munger


  1. Munger’s plan to get international companies to build roads doesn’t build long term capacity for economic renewal. We need investment which build manufacturing capacity which produce high paying jobs. Munger’s economic plan is a rerun of the tired plan from the Depression.

    Try again, Mr. Munger.

  2. High taxes and onerous regulation has chased manufacturing out of the USA. There will be more manufacturing jobs lost as more companies move overseas to China and India. Disgusted and abused and mailigned US companies are already broadcasting their intentions. More Americans out of work, less local production. More cheap crap in the big box stores, with fewer choices!

    It’s very simple for Arizona. LOW LOW LOW taxes, friendly business environment (no cutting the power as California is doing – stupid state-run utilities are behaving like those in Lagos, Nigeria – overcharging with power cuts and stiffing the paying customers with the bills the scofflaws didn’t pay.)

    I’d sell the Phoenix light rail on eBay, too. Get some of the money back to pay off the loans. No way ridership can EVER pay for its running costs. Sunk cost, close it down ASAP.

  3. Must say, that it was smart to call Brewer’s bluff on this. Let’s get some proposed budgets out into the public square and have at them – pick the best ideas and put together a budget that really, truly works.

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