John Munger Responds to Governor Brewer Statement on Budget

John Munger

For Immediate Release: March 18, 2010


(PHOENIX, AZ) – March 18, 2010 – John Munger, Republican candidate for Governor, released the following statement today:

Jan Brewer’s so-called comprehensive budget plan relies heavily on accounting gimmicks and is wholly contingent upon repealing spending mandates previously approved by the voters. She is also incorrect when she states that none of her detractors have proposed balanced budget solutions, having publicly acknowledged my own proposal when I released it more than two months ago.

Governor Brewer is calling for a tax increase because that is the only solution she knows. She consistently raised property taxes while serving on the County Board of Supervisors, and she’s trying to pull off a repeat performance. After navigating our state onto an economic sandbar, she now wants to scuttle the entire ship.

Governor Brewer is correct when she says that it is incumbent for true leaders to rise to the occasion. That is precisely why I have entered the Governor’s race, and why it’s time for her to step aside.


  1. Munger I am no budget genius but I looked through it and no offense but you are an idiot.
    I say you are an idiot because you continue to push a “balanced” budget that nothing but gimmicks. Intercepting the gas tax? Seriously?
    Because you say it’s balanced doesn’t change the fact that it’s not.

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