John Munger Releases New TV Commercial


  1. Cactus Jack says

    Munger is gaining ground fast. With the primary heating up and the tax increase vote around the corner, these come at the perfect time.

    Where are Jan and Dean?

  2. Are you kidding me? Rasmussen has Munger at 10% after him running for governor for a year with Imagine Arizona. The only one I worry about catching up to Dean Martin is Buz Mills. He has a lot of money and is flooding the airways. Munger has McCain behind him and I’m not sure that helps him.

  3. DeAnn:

    I find your info regarding McCain interesting insofar as two of his closest operatives, Grant Woods and UpChuck Coughlin are currently in Brewer’s entourage!

    Is “The John” playing two horses or was his
    announced opposition to the centerpiece of Jan’s campaign (an 18% sales tax increase) a message that she was going to sacrificed to his re-election campaign?

    Some guy!

  4. hotflashholly says

    Just Glad that someone else is running ads..anyone but Brewer. oh yes..she is running ads promoting the largest tax increase in the history ofthe state..Good luck with that

  5. Bingo Henry says

    John Munger got that 10% on his own steam while Buz Mills (a nobody) got to 19% with ads only. Munger’s 10% plus 19% from ads will kick all of these candidates’ butts.

  6. This ad wins the award for most boring of the year, it is a near tie for his logo which has already earned him marks for “worst logo of the year” honors.

    Kind of feel sorry for this guy, but looks like his consultants are making some money off of him now, but not as much as Mills!

    In the end this guy is a non factor to the nth degree. The race is between Tx Hike Jan, Dean Martin, and Buz Lightyear Mills.

    My prediction, Dean wins in a squeaker if he can get his act together.

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