John Munger: Health Care Bill Unconstitutional, Calls on Goddard to Join Other State AGs

(PHOENIX, AZ) January 4, 2010 – Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Munger released the following statement today:
“Like many Americans, I am outraged at the sweetheart deals Congress has cut in order to win passage of recent health care reform legislation.  Using financial breaks on Medicaid costs to buy votes from Nebraska and other states is not only unseemly, it’s unconstitutional.  More than a dozen other state attorneys general agree with this legal position and they are taking appropriate action.”
“I call on Arizona Attorney General Goddard to join these other states and investigate the constitutionality of this blatant vote buying. Arizona cannot and should not pay the bill for this unseemly bribe, especially when our state finances are in such dire straits.”
More information on John Munger’s comprehensive plan for health care and medical malpractice reform for Arizona is available at


  1. Cactus Jack says

    Munger has the right idea. We should not have pay for Obamacare here in Arizona – and must not pay for it elsewhere in the U.S.!

    Where is the tort reform in the Pelosi bill? What about buying health insurance across state lines?

    I’m glad at least one candidate for the 9th floor is willing to stand up to Harry Reid’s back door bargain.

  2. The out-and-out bribery is outrageous. It’s bad enough that Reid thinks this is how we “do business;” what really gets me going is how many voters think, “oh, well. That’s Washington!”

    If it’s illegal for someone to buy my vote, why is it “just business” to buy votes on the floor of the US Senate?

  3. Bingo Henry says

    Did you see the COST that we will have to pay for this thing? An extra $3.5 billion out of the state budget alone. I hope Munger gets some traction.

  4. What a disaster it would be if Terry Goddard became our Gov. We as Republicans should start standing behind strong conservatives that can put up the fight against Goddard today, tomorrow and in the general election.

  5. I, too, find this whole situation outrageous. Arizona use to have senators who knew how to work deals to help benefit their constituents. For instance, the deals and tactics Goldwater and Hayden had to use to get the Central Arizona Project approved makes Nelson’s deal look like childs play. What are McCain and Kyle doing for the state? To me it looks like a big nothing.

  6. kralmajales says

    Todd is so right.

    Come on…call bring money to your district earmarks and declare it evil when the folks in Phx do it all the time…and they are GOPers.

    But legislation since the times of the Greeks and Romans has always involved “logrolling” trading of votes and trading of programs to get what you need. It is called negotiation. It is not evil and if you think it is, you are completely out of touch. You won’t find a single politician on earth that does not do it…and if you do…they are not effective…

    Show me one Republican that doesn’t do this…

    You are just mad that it has led to a bill that you don’t like. Next time McCain, Kyl and a host of others go after expansions in our military bases, I sure as hell hope you will whine as loudly as you are now.

  7. “For instance, the deals and tactics Goldwater and Hayden had to use to get the Central Arizona Project approved makes Nelson’s deal look like childs play.”
    Wow. They sell out the entire country doing that, too?

    There aren’t enough bureaucrats on this planet to be able to administer health care to 300 million people, so the decision to approve an individual’s treatment and care will be remotely made by a computer.

    And that computer will be programmed to say, “No.”
    Containing costs is the No. 1 priority as stated by Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Repeatedly.

    Progressive Liberalism: Progressing backwards.

  8. kralmajales says


    If you read the bill and have followed this health care debate at all, you would know that this is NOT a government run program and that it is still driven very much by insurance companies…that by the way…support the bill because they are going to profit from having the 20-40 Million uninsured buying their insurance…with taxpayer help if they can’t afford it or with their own dollars if they can.

    And remember…I have to keep saying this…it was conservatives that sqandered the surplus in our budget over a period of eight years. They did it by squandering billions on a war without the sense to pay for it. The same thing you all hit Obama for over and over.

    Face it, you love govt spending, we just disagree with what it should be spent on.

  9. kralmajales says

    And by the way, I have to follow a point made by Wanumba about bureaucrats and computers making decisions about whether to approve your care.

    You pay your hard earned money for insurance every day, but you have NO power as a consumer over what you pay for. The truth is that a paid corporate toadie is making decisions about what you get and what you don’t when you make a claim. That Toadie is motivated by profit and NOT the public good or your interests. Truth is, your medical care is already being rationed by a so called market that doesn’t respond the fact that you have paid your premiums.

  10. This is such a gimmick by Munger… We do not know what the final bill is going to be yet and then it is going to have to be repassed by both houses because I assume there will be changes on both sides.

    Calling something unconstitutional that is not law yet, and is not even in it final form is just a pathetic plea for attention…

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