John McCain’s senior advisor laments Arizona’s new immigration law

Maybe you missed this quote in the Washington Post yesterday:

“To be an Arizonan is to be a part of Mexico. It’s to be a part of the various Native American tribes. That’s part of our culture, the diversity. I think the people’s hearts are there, but the leaders don’t always respect that.”

That quote came from a senior advisor to John McCain, the former Attorney General of Arizona, Grant Woods in an article written by Peter Slevin.

Those following the US Senate Primary here in Arizona, know that Grant Woods has been a permanent fixture in the John McCain camp for many years.

On another note, does anyone find it interesting that Somos Republicans has been strangely quiet over John McCain’s new found conservatism on border security and illegal immigration?

Their complete blackout of statements regarding McCain’s new position on border security and illegal immigration is absolutely uncanny.

While the Republican Hispanic group lambastes Arizona’s SB 1070 and Governor Brewer, they have not had an ill word to say of John McCain. In fact, a recent photo of McCain staffer Anthony Miller may hold a clue about McCain’s careful positioning with the group. Could there be an understanding in place that Somos will refrain from criticizing McCain knowing that his karaoke conservatism is will quickly cease after the August 24th Primary?


  1. Read This says

    You are complaining about a LD Chair registering voters to the GOP Party?

    Somos Republicans issued a statement about McCain a long time ago. Next time do your due diligence.

  2. Yep. Anthony Miller is the LD20 GOP chairman. LD Chairmen are supposed to register people to vote! Duh! Do you guys want Conservative Hispanics to register as Democrats instead? LOL!

  3. And from our friend JD- JD is racist! You want to elect an unethical, unintelligent racist man? J.D. actually once said “we need to deport all Latinos, legal or illegal. If your name is Jose or Maria, you don’t belong here.” on his radio show…in Arizona. That type of pathetic leadership is shameful. An ignorant, unintelligent guy like JD on immigration would be the worst thing we could imagine. Immigration is beyond just securing the borders. Yes, that needs to happen, and happen now…but beyond that, it is important that we are able to have an immigration reform that has words of McCain, not JD.

  4. Chloepenn says

    You have a problem with the diverse commuinty that we can have here in Arizona as republicans? They are quiet b/c they know JD will only hurt the latino community.

  5. Just please convince me why I should vote for a guy who lost a very safe republican seat to a dem by 18pts? There’s allot of smoke coming from his past actions as a congressmen are you telling me there is no truth to the fire?

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