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John McCain vs. John McCain

John McCain vs. John McCain


  1. Cactus Jack says

    McCain is smarter and actually tougher on immigration that J.D. is when you actually think about it. While Hayworth just wants to deport ’em all, McCain is calling for a 10-point plan that secures the border and makes America safer. J.D. does not have a plan to make Arizona safer.

  2. How about a 10 Point Plan for an exit strategy for McCain to get the heck outta Dodge? It bears repeating again and again that McCain has worked the system to his own ends and created unnecessary chaos.

    We have never had a viable candidate run against him before. McCain will continue to deceive us! He will eat constituents who
    do not agree with him.

    McCain supported: $700 billion TARP bailout; $25 billion auto bailout; $300 billion mortgage bailout; $85 billion AIG bailout. Not to mention Cap and Trade that will cost us billions, and the billion dollar McAmnesty boondoggle with McKyl.

    With “friends” like this, who needs Demorats?

    McCain and Kyl have stuck it to the real workers of the Party for so long that it’s time for them to get a spoon full of their own nasty medicine. Bye, John. Thanks for all you’ve done. Flush …

  3. If McCain is reelected, his 10 point plan will go into the garbage can.

    Right after Kyl was reelected on a platform of enforcing current immigration laws, he tried to ram through a bill to give amnesty to illegal aliens. To expect anything better of McCain is asking too much.

    Nobody with any kind of memory can be expected to believe McCain on this issue since McCain was one of the strongest proponents of amnesty until it became politically inconvenient. Once he is reelected, there will be no political inconvenience, and he will go back to his old ways.

    McCain has had many years in the Senate to address this issue. He has pushed amnesty instead of stronger enforcement of current law. McCain is not tougher than anyone on illegal aliens. It appears he will do almost any amount of lying and pandering to get reelected, though. Character matters does not seem to be a slogan in favor of McCain in this situation.

  4. Is there something peculiar about deporting illegal aliens? Every country on the planet does it and has EVERY INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC RIGHT to do it, including the USA, when the USA gets around to it.

    It’s a sensible way to clear the decks because the ones who won’t go will be the criminals – but they will have lost the cover they depend on amongst the population of innocuous family types. It’ll be easier to isolate the cartel elements, which are the bad guys EVERYONE wants to get rid of on BOTH sides of the US-Mexican border.

  5. Walt Stephenson says

    Why does Cochise County Sheriff Dever and Pinal County Sheriff Babeu endorse Senator McCain and the Ten point plan that was presented by McCain and Kyl? Are they RINO’s? Maybe you should listen to those with boots on the ground.

  6. “McCain has had many years in the Senate to address this issue. He has pushed amnesty instead of stronger enforcement of current law. McCain is not tougher than anyone on illegal aliens. It appears he will do almost any amount of lying and pandering to get reelected, though.”


    I totally agree with this statement, and could not have said it better.

    I know some people support McCain, because it seems like he has been our Senator forever…however there comes a time where you just have to let the guy go. We are tired of having him betray us. He doesn’t serve Arizona, he serves John McCain.

  7. Dever used to chuckle about illegal immigration.

    “What? Me Worry??… for the most part, they’re only passing through my district.”

    He’s seen the writing on the wall and has changed his tune.
    He’d like to keep his job.

  8. There are a lot of people who are supporting McCain because they owe him, not on principle. Just like Sarah Palin. It is called politics. And it is the kind of politics America is sick of.

  9. The continuous stream of bodies being thrown under the bus in order to satisfy the irrational hate for John McCain is quite the bloody mess.

    Supporting JD Hayworth over John McCain will have the same effect as the withholding of full support for McCain/Palin in 2008. You will get more Obama and worse. Just like the irrational hate of Bush 41 gave us Clinton.

    When will the haters and the 100-percenters stop helping the opposition win?

    Reagan was not a 100-percenter, Goldwater was not a 100-percenter. They were conservative leaders. We will not have an effective conservative leader who has any support or staying power until the haters stop!

    What people are sick of is the irrational haters who demonize and diminish their own, cut off their noses to spite their faces and run off the independent voters that we need to win.

  10. McCain is our best choice! JD is, and always has been a corrupt blowhard who does not belong anywhere near Washington. JD leaves us in a very vulnerable position if he is elected. His history proves he is not stable enough, he is not moral enough, he is not good enough for Arizona.

  11. Travis:

    It seems you’re becoming unravelled.

    The Democrats have not even put forward a candidate for this race, and you’re spouting off about getting an Obama for the Senate.

    The liberal already have their man…the incumbent!

    As to corruption, Phyliss, have you ever heard of Charlie Keating?

    J.D.’s record as an officeholder while not 100% was far more “stable” than “The John’s”

    “Morality” and “goodness” I agree are wonderful principles but to connect them with John McCain reminds me of a bacteria cutting an ad for disease!

    Spare me!

  12. My point was made perfectly by the above posts. The irrational haters are willing to throw the people of Arizona under the bus to get to John McCain. They rant about bacteria while the real issues need attention and real advances could be made.

    We could be concentrating on taking back important Democrat seats like Harry Mitchell’s, but the Haters are devoting all their irrational energy to plain old hate.

    Think about what could be done if these haters would get their minds off McCain and concentrate on Mitchell, Giffords and Grijalva.

  13. A study of McCain’s record will determine who has thrown whom under the bus for the past twenty five years!

    The “haters” Travis tend to be those with principles who have seen and endured “The John” building big tents to cohabit with the Mitchells, Giffords and Grijalvas over the years since that lines the pockets of his CofC supporters and guarantees a liberal er “moderate” beach head in Arizona.

    Did you ever wonder why the Dems have never run a viable candidate against him?

    Or are you too busy genuflecting and kissing establishment rings!

    Be on guard! RINO gofers are going to have a hard time. After August you’ll be back on the carlots!

  14. theotheredwards says

    John McCains immigration plan will not only help with the current illegals it will prevent more of them.

  15. John McCain is a great American who I’m proud to vote for again.

  16. sarawilberz says

    McCain has been fighting for this for years and no one would listen to him in washington. Now we he’s reacting to what his contituents want and your condeming him for it.

  17. Stephen Kohut says

    McAmmesty’s plan will certainly help illegals,it will make them legal and citizens. Remember, to John, they are “God’s children” including the one who killes Bob Krentz.

  18. Steve:

    And to top it off when amnesty occurs as it did in 1986 California and Arizona, the Dems will rush in to put these folks on the rolls while the unions will organize the restaurants, hotels etc.

    And the morons who are living examples of Sam Francis’s tagging the GOP as “The Stupid Party” will pay the freight!

    But that’s okay as long as they go up the “gofer chain” within what remains of the party “establishment”

  19. If I believed that McCain really meant what he says, I might agree that his plan is good. Unfortunately, it sounds an awful like what Senator Kyl was saying the last time he ran for the Senate. The minute he was re-elected, he did the opposite of what he promised. Frankly, I don’t believe McCain anymore. He is a career politician.

  20. McCain made it very clear on Mike Broomhead’s show (KFYI) on Friday that he would push for a “guest worker program” and “comprehensive immigration reform”. How is that going to help American’s get jobs? McCain will do just like Kyle did and go for amnesty again. There is no way I can trust this man.

  21. Laurie is so informed that she doesn’t even know the names Arizona’s senators.

    It doesn’t surprise me that she also doesn’t know that our country needs comprehensive immigration reform.

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