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John McCain Regurgitates Vitamin Supplement Bill

John McCain Regurgitates Vitamin Supplement Bill

Several sources are reporting that Senator John McCain has withdrawn his support from the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, S. 3002.

Arizona’s senior senator will now get behind another effort being proposed by Utah Senator, Orrin Hatch (R) offering an alternative to the McCain-Dorgan bill. Supposedly, the revised bill will seek transparency to the supplemental industry without the heavy handed regulatory components of the original bill.

Apparently, McCain was under intense pressure by millions of Americans who rely on vitamins and supplements as part of their daily dietary regimen.

One is also left wondering that if this was not an election year and Senator John McCain was not facing a serious primary challenger, he would have remained committed to sponsoring and passing the bill.

McCain Withdraws Support For Dietary Supplement Safety Act, OverTheCounterToday.com
McCain Withdraws Support from Supplement Safety Bill, Natural Products Insider


  1. JustAnotherAzPC says

    I’m still waiting for his public announcement and apology. I’ve heard the same rumor but cannot confirm nor deny it.

  2. Rosco P Coltrane says

    McRaza continues to show his allegiance to the elites – this time through Big Pharma – and his disdain for We the People.

    Too bad the 2001 recall didn’t go through. I can’t get rid of him fast enough.

  3. So, he’s still supporting government meddling, but by hiding behind Hatch’s name instead? This mean Hatch isn’t up for re-election this year?

  4. Stephen Kohut says

    I was for it before I was against it. Does that ring a bell?I guess McRINO should have run as VP with his bud Kerry after all.

  5. Com on guys, you all know, or at least you should all know that this supplemental “Food” or “Vitamin” racket is just that, a racket.
    They have supplements like Ginseng and high flying names, and most of it is placenta.
    It is modern snake oil it is vitamin C or D. or E. in different doses.
    Should the government get involved? no more than into who sleeps with whom or who marries what?
    The only thing the government should do is insist the seller attaches a label that says “you are buying and taking this stuff at your own peril”
    I for one would love to see such a label such as “you are reading this material at your own peril, it may dull your senses” on every newspaper,advertisement, magazine, and book including the bible.
    If John McCain felt he needed to protect his constituents from the peril of taken advantage of by unscrupulous manipulators,
    he did not take into consideration the astounding stupidity of many who would never appreciate his sincere concern for their very well being. He will in time find out that the Wack-a-doodles of this world will always spin their yarn the way they like it spun.
    I hope that his uncompromising love for his constituents will live longer than he can endure.

  6. Stephen Kohut says


    Since you are hiding out and not contacting me to setup the meeting you offered with McRINO I’ll make it SOOO easy that even you will be able to follow it. Email me at azstinkweed@gmail.com with the details for a meeting with McNasty, that’s is if you’re not all hot air.

    SB3002 will impose on the US the nanny state rules in the socialist EU where you can’t even buy a vitamin without a doctor’s Rx. That’s right folks, no Flintstone chewables for the little ones. That is exactly what this trash does. Do you take fish oil, omega-3, etc. for cholesterol? Too bad, bye-bye. Take melatonin for a natural sleep aid? Too bad, bye-bye. You might try actually ready the crap your boy puts his name to Horst becuase he certainly doesn’t ever seem to. This bill is nothing but a payback to big pharma so we pay $150 for a Rx of vitamins rather than $8 over the counter at Wal-mart.

  7. West Valley GOP says

    So Horst defends McCain’s involvement in this massive new regulatory scheme because he believes that McCain was doing it out of love for his constituents. I doubt it, but I’m willing to concede the point to Horst so that he can answer the next question. IF McCain ran the bill because it was the right thing to do, then what does it say about McCain that he’s now running from it because of the political heat it is generating for him?

    It is possible that is was a horrible bill and McCain finally figured it out. That would make him not bright, but at least well-intentioned. Horst would have us believe that he is bright and well-intentioned, but ultimately a selfish politician who puts his own political survival ahead of his constituents best interests and even their health.

    I think soon the Senator is going to be asking Horst to stop defending him.

  8. During McCains run for the presidency he acted like a little girl every time Obama called him out. During the health care summit when Obama reminded him who won the Presidency, McCain tee hee’d that he had been reminded of that many times before. The response of a real man should have been, “I realize that and look how badly that has gone for the American people.”

    McCain is an embarrassment to the conservatives in his party. He has bluffed his way as far as he should be allowed to go. It is time to elect a Senator who is not afraid to stand up and fight when he is abased. We need someone who is pro legal immigration and will approach health care with the knowledge that illegal’s are the people driving up health care costs.

    Please see http://www.political-bull.com/ for more

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    This isn’t the Germany of old Horst. If its a “racket” as you maintain, is it the role of big government brother to “save us” from ourselves?

    There is a body of evidence that is contrary to your position that strongly demonstrates the benefits of herbal and nutritional supplements.

    I wonder when big brother will save you from yourself Horst.

  10. Kyle:

    How can “The John” be an embarrassment to conservatives when he was never one of us!

  11. Mister Kohut,
    When we first corresponded you sounded as if you had a reasonable request for a question on Senator McCain for which you did not receive an answer and I offered to you I would be willing to arrange for a meeting between him and you.
    Now that you have made it clear that all you want is to insult him and anyone close to him the deal is off.
    You will have to un-learn Rino, McNasty, McAmnesty and all the other denigrating nouns and adjectives first.
    I am not make myself an idiot for your or anyone else fancy.Period, end of discussion.
    West Valley GOP,
    The supplemental [by whatever name] Snake Oil industry is a sham, I know it and you should too, but be my guest if you like to someone a dollar for 2 pennies worth of baking soda and citric acid, be my guest.
    Barnum once said there is a sucker born every minute. Welcome to Barnum’s suckers.
    You don’t need to pick a verbal dissertation with me for that, you are already well qualified.

    Kyl Klousal,
    I watched that particular passage between Obama and our Senator. McCain said what he said, and frankly he does not need you to be his teleprompter.
    For the second paragraph of your statement, Sir you are entitled to your opinion and it does not make a damn bit of difference what you think or how ridiculously wrong you are.
    Your missive makes no sense at all. I do not need big brothers for anything. I came here, to America with the will to succeed and I did.
    There is a benefit to consume and digest natural food stuff, after all mankind did exactly that for the past 4 million years after they left the trees and began to walk upright. Snake oil and the likes have not been on the market until about the last 200 years, concurrently with bible salesmen.

  12. This bill was just a payoff for the PharmaNazis, like others have stated. Once you learn about the ugly history of the pharma companies, it’s not hard to see why they are unhappy about people being treated with something other than their chemical poisons.

  13. Horst is right Mr. KoNUT, all you want to do is insult Senator McCain. I would love to see if you actually have the guts to follow thru (I’m sure you don’t). You claim to be some “big whig” in the Tea Party efforts; in fact you are a ‘Johnny Come Lately’ to AZ Republican politics since you were only appointed as a PC on 11/12/2009 and you want to ‘take over the AZ GOP’. No Thanks!

  14. How many have died from taking vitamin and/or supplements? If McCain wants to “protect” the people how about closing the border?

  15. Republican Lady says

    We are adults here in Arizona, not like the pampered children of California. We can and do decide for ourselves what is good for us. McCain has been in Washington too long, it’s time to come home and find out how the real people live. He and his friends in Washington need to leave the vitamins and supplements alone!

  16. Stephen Kohut says


    Let’s recap. You say if I talk to, discuss with, ask questions of, treat McCain the way you think it should be done then you’ll setup a meeting. Translation, even if you were able to, you’ll never setup a meeting for anyone who disagrees with McCain. It’s a hoot that you are making rules for me to be respectful to McCain given that I was respectful to McCain when last he and I talked and it was McCain that called me a liar. So McCain can be nasty to others but he won’t talk with others unless thay offer him respect? The street goes both ways pal. Secondly, I didn’t see any “niceness” qualifiers in your offer Horst. Nice back pedal. So much for your ability to setup a meeting.


    Another hot air bluffer. “I would love to see if you actually have the guts to follow thru (I’m sure you don’t).” Set it up my man! McCain has yet to stick his nose into a tough crowd. We had PC’s from 5 counties asking for a meeting for months and the old boy went into hiding from us.

    Regarding the precinct committeeman project and take over of the GOP, I have stated correctly and consistently that conservatives have flooded into PC slots in the last year plus. Maricopa GOP now has 2x the number of PC’s from 2008. Where did they come from? Tea Parties, 9-12 Groups, etc. Conservatives hold about a 4/1 edge over RINO’s in the Maricopa GOP as evidenced in the 1/16 member-at-large election. Pinal GOP has 2x the number of PC’s from 2008. Where did they come from? Same answer. It’s a straight numbers game and consevatives have them for the Dec 2010 county leadership/state committeeman elections and the Jan 2011 state leadership elections. It’s that simple.

    Regarding the Tea Parties, please point to a blog where I claimed any specific title. There isn’t any. I’m not going to blog on SA what I do within and between the TP groups I work with. This is not the venue for that.

  17. Stephen Kohut says

    TonyGOPrano = Jeff Vath = HOT AIR!

    You need a new photo old boy. What are you going to do when conservatives clean house in the leadership the AZ GOP? Go off into exile? Hide under a rock in LD-6? Ask Don Biven to take you under his wing in the Debtocratic Party? If you need Don’s cell number, I have it on speed dial. I don’t like his politics but Don is one heck on an attorney. I’d be more than happy to hook you up with Don and his donkey people since that looks to be your natural home. Unlike you or Horst with your claims about setting up meetings with McCain, I can deliver on my offers. Want to go donkey?

  18. Rosco P Coltrane says

    McCain is at it again. This time he’s coming after the Tea Party, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, abortion foes, gun owners….

    Basically anyone who doesn’t like what the government is doing, anyone singled out by the SPLC or the MIAC report is fair game to be indefinitely detained with no rights by the military – citizen or not:


    This guy has no respect for the Constitution. McCain needs to go.

  19. Pragmatic Conservative says

    You of course realize that Vitamin Company’s are not required to actually have the ingredients in their product that they say they have on the label.

    The FDA was doing a study on Glucosamine and could not find any company that had the advertised amount they stated they had on their label.

    The product that is made in China and India and sent here via Canada and Mexico does in fact kill and injure people. I think some of you people have got to take an independent look at issue’s and not just parrot what you read on BLOGS or because of your prejudice for or against one candidate or the other.

  20. Rosco P Coltrane says

    Pragmatic: Aren’t those issues already covered by existing laws. Seems like not delivering what is stated on the label would already be covered. Seems like adding poison or other ingredients detrimental to health would already be covered.

  21. Veritas Vincit says

    Horst, re #11 way back there. I did not come out of a tree. Perhaps your ancestors did, but not mine. And your condescending swipe at the Bible is ungentlemanly and disrespectful of many.

  22. Stephen Kohut says


    I don’t think Horst has too many people walking around reading the Bible at his nudist ranch.

  23. Not sure if you know this or not butyour website doesnt load properly when using safari. thought I should let you know


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