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John McCain Nominated for Best Actor in a Conservative Role

John McCain Nominated for Best Actor in a Conservative Role

It’s that time of the year again when actors gather for the biggest night in Hollywood to receive awards for pretending and make-believe.

This year the Academy will be adding a new category – Best Actor in a Conservative Role. Nominees include Florida Governor, Charlie Crist; Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson; California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina and our own US Senator, John McCain.

And the award for Best Actor in a Conservative Role goes to… (drum roll)

McCain AvatarAvatar_DrudgeBanner

John McCain for his role in fooling the voters of Arizona that he is a conservative.

OK, so it’s a funny little spoof and web advertisement currently sitting on the front page of The Drudge Report. It’s driving traffic and donations to JD Hayworth’s donation page and it’s working.

But the McCain campaign is all bent out of shape with its campaign manager, Shiree Verdone exclaiming, “Ex-Congressman J.D. Hayworth should immediately apologize and and take down his latest online ad, which is an outrageous offense to John McCain’s lifetime of honorable service to our state and nation, and insulting to Native Americans here in Arizona and across America.”

Uh Shiree, the ad is a spoof on the movie Avatar, a scientific fiction drama directed by James Cameron. You know, the guy who made Terminator, Titanic and True Lies. It’s not about Native Americans. You really should try getting out some time.

Despite Verdone’s cultural naivety, the McCain campaign should consider pulling the beam out of its own eye before judging their challenger, JD Hayworth. Last week one of its paid staffers blasted Hayworth on his Facebook page calling him an A$$H*L3. If that isn’t an “outrageous offense” and “insulting” to use Verdone’s words, we don’t know what is.

The good news for the Hayworth campaign is that the new web ad is driving traffic to their website while the donations mount and there’s nothing the McCain camp can do except cry foul and confuse indigenous peoples with fantasy science fiction. Hayworth’s campaign can only hope that McCain will continue to confuse fact with fiction, especially when it comes to who the real conservative is running for US Senate in Arizona.


Here is the press release issued by The JD Hayworth 2010 Campaign:

Hayworth Campaign Declines Request from McCain to Pull “Avatar” Ad

PHOENIX, AZ. March 4, 2010. A request from John McCain’s campaign to remove an ad depicting Senator McCain as a character from the movie Avatar has been declined by JD Hayworth’s campaign.

The ad, running on websites around the country, is timed to run as the Academy Awards considers Avatar as this year’s best film. Avatar is also the biggest-grossing movie in motion picture history.

The ad “nominates” McCain, a 24-year incumbent, as “Best Conservative Actor” for his transparent election year flip-flopping and tilt to the right.

The ad can viewed at JD Hayworth’s campaign website at www.JDforSenate.com


  1. Where’s the 3D version?

  2. Are you serious? Get out more often…perhaps that is advice you might try yourself. Let me fill you in on what is being said about that ridiculous ad outside of your insulation.

    Yesterday…having not seen it myself, I had not one, not two, but 3 folks say how stupid, yes stupid, that ad is. These are people who read Drudge but do not normally get too worked up. So, I checked it out.

    Ridiculous and insulting…to JD. McCain will not be touched by it, the over the top, childish, way too busy and confusing mixed message…money wasted. But then, that is also JD’s MO.

    I have seen Avatar…made no connection. Another person, who is what would be called a Millennial, thought it was from Braveheart…

    HUGE MISS! This ad is the example of what so many people thought about JD. If he isn’t making fun of someone with blown-out characters and bloviating, he is lost.


    As for comparing facebook dialogue to a national advertisement…puhleeze! That just goes to show how far off base the JD folks are and how off base their leader is.

    The comparison, out of context btw, of a facebook comment to a national ad is fitting for this group…now I understand how they can try to even come close in comparing JD’s limited skills and record to the honorable and productive career, and future, of Senator McCain. It is an equivalent comparison.

    JD is an almost was-has been, turned local big talker with a penchant for bullying while Senator McCain is “the man” viewed nationwide as being the thorn in Obama’s side and the voice of conservatism in Congress.

  3. It is NOT funny. It’s crude and childish, if not borderline racist.

    Either way, it’s quite unbecoming of someone asking to be elected the the United State Senate.

    So why doesn’t it surprise me that JD drives his campaign in that direction, rather than a substantive debate on issues?

  4. PCbutnotPC says

    Wait a minute – I know, let’s get Phil Gordon to endorse Johnnie Mac again. That will prove his conservative credentials.

    You all remember Phil – he heads up PhIl Gordon Govt International Employment $ervices (PiGGIE$).

    You see, Phil, taking a lesson from Arizona’s Senator that has crashed more planes than most Navy fliers (and I am not counting the one over Vietnam) – Phil works hard to keep people employed during tough times.

    1. About to loose your plush city job with 40% benefit package, don’t worry, PiGGIE$ merely finds more money in the city water works to get you a security job protecting infrastructure and patrolling the ponds. You also can work at the airport helping TSA frisk grandma’s and five year olds or be the ticket police on the Light Rail (also know as the downtown crash derby car eating express).

    2. PiGGIE$ makes sure you get a retention bonus so you don’t leave your job at the city during 10% unemployment – sorta like Congress giving themselves raises, free airline services on Air Force jets, health spa – that sort of deprivation.

    3. Not to be outdone, if you’re a cop or firejock/jockette, PiGGIE$ makes sure your union contract gets you more than 12% in raises during the period that home values crashed, people lost homes, jobs and 401Ks. Nowhere, but Wall Street, can you enjoy this level of greed – but you’ll feel good because you’ll be serving your community.

    John McCain. Endorsed by Phil Gordon. Conservative credentials bar none.

  5. I think the ad is funny. And it’s also funny that to some this ad is so offensive but it’s not offensive for the McCain camp to run ads which talk down to people and blame JD for things that McCain did too, like vote for funding the removal of snakes.

    Plus for the McCain camp to use the “racist” word (saying that this ad was racist), how classic. Haven’t we heard that enough from the current administration?

    This is going to be a long 6 months.

  6. How is it borderline racist? People throw that word around a lot when they don’t have a valid argument. The ad makes sense after being explained but the point is John McCain is not a conservative.

  7. Also this is the best article on McCain and it was written during the presidential election.


  8. McCain is conservative every 6 years or so. He has been in DC too long. I think that a lifetime spent in DC doesn’t equate to the kind of qualifications it takes to represent the people of Arizona. He has lost touch with me, the citizen. I like the Avatar add. McCain is nothing more than an avatar for George Soros, big government, the progressive movement and the illegals. Lets send a real message to DC and send the RINO home for good.

  9. “Many paleoconservatives argue that the word racism is so ideological and is used for such destructive purposes that it has no conceivable true meaning”… I argue that the word is thrown out there by liberals when they have no true points in an argument. McCain is just showing his true colors again.

  10. Pragmatic Conservative says

    JD is trying so hard to look “Presidential” and then his handlers not only make this stupid mistake but are promoting it. Are these the same handlers that lost the CD race in 2006? You’ll be able to tell if any of JD’s polls are good. The high profile Dem’s will start coming out of the woodwork. Those of you that are drinking the JD coolaid need to take a very good look at his background. In this atmosphere of corruption the Dem’s will crucify JD in a general. I voted for Ross Perot because I believed in him and got 8 years of Clinton for my trouble.

  11. This just one more example of a perennial truism, i.e. RINOs (like all liberals) love to dish out abuse but (see Ann) are rather poor at taking it!

    When on the attack it’s always “freedom of speech” but when on the other end, you can rely on either “racism” “sexism” “homophobia” etc. to be employed to shut down the principle they claim to personify!

    The point is that RINOs like all leftist “progressives” have no clear principles other than holding power for its own sake and (unlike their Democratic brethren) brown nosing elites and social climbing!

    So my McCainiac friends take your “outrage” and place it where the sun doesn’t shine!

    Remember political kitchens get hot and if you can’t take it find saftey in a used car lot!

  12. “Meanwhile, Hayworth advisor Jason Rose said the ad was “moving the needle” on fundraising. But in the first hour it was up on Drudge, Rose tells Salon, it brought in about $3,000. Sure, that’s only an hour, and McCain may well have helped promote the ad. But at that kind of fundraising pace, Hayworth should be competitive financially with McCain by 2015 — maybe 2014 if he really steps it up.” – Salon.com

    I don’t think McCain has anything to worry about. However, this ad is extremely distasteful and when I first saw it I immediately got the Native American connection. I can’t believe his campaign was actually serious in going through with this. Shame on JD!

  13. The Photoshop job on the latter ad is laughable at best. It’s called blending guys, and it’s pretty much Photoshop 101.

    As for the ad itself, just another expected appeal to the lowest common denominator. Albeit kinda witty.

    So essentially…meh.

  14. Annie Oliver says

    It’s no wonder that he’s using dirty tricks and cheap ploys to get attention/distract people from the fact that he’s such a blowhard/idiot! This guy makes me SICK. I would vote McCain 100 times over because JD is a liar (no way is he a ‘Consistent Conservative’ McCain’s record is more conservative than his and JD was all for big spending when he was in Congress) and a thief (he’s been in trouble with the law more times than I can count). VOTE MCCAIN!

  15. How silly that McCain’s puts dishonest ads against Hayworth for months and then cries when he gets a clever ad run against him. Just because the ad hurts, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

  16. the reference to Avatar is totally lost on me until they made McCain’s face entirely blue. But even that doesn’t work, because we all know that when McCain gets upset, he gets REALLY RED.

    This is proof that you don’t have to have a high iq to own and drive a Bentley. You just have to be very amused with yourself. Keep laughing at your own jokes, JR, no one else is.

  17. Racist? Racist?

    Weren’t the Scots amongst a few Celtic tribes which painted themselves blue before battle …?

  18. I can’t believe the McCain camp is offended.. this is much more creative than any of McCain’s character asassination ads.. pretty funny actually.. JDs nomination of McCain for Best Conservative Actor means that McCain should win the Oscar in a landslide, and that could be comforting for McCain to actually win something for a change.

  19. Antifederalist says

    McLame’s been in the NAVY and he’s CRYING about an ad? WHAT A SISSY! Grow a pair, McLame! Did anyone see Hayworth go running, crying when McLame was running those liar ads on 550 trying to cast McLame as a conservative! ? WHAT A JOKE!

    This shows us that McLame is out of ideas, he’s a tired old man, and he hates conservatives more than he loves his Democrat buddies (Daschle, Feingold, Kennedy, Udall, etc.). Time to retire, McLame.

  20. Blue Meanie says

    This add is offencive to blue people everywhere. Like people in Arizona, McCain does NOT represent us! Please depict him as the two headed snake he is.

    Sorry snake people.

  21. Annie O:

    I see you’re still blathering about “The John’s’
    Conservative voting record.

    I’ll ask you once again as I’ve done on other threads…please name a major piece of legislation authored or introduced by John McCain which has advanced the conservative positon over the past quarter century.

    Somehow, I believe that I’ll never get a coherent answer, but then again, that’s seems to be a hallmark of the McCainiac mentality!

  22. Best line in the internet today …

    “… racist against imaginary Smurf people.”

  23. So, let’s see, McCain talks Red State and votes Blue State?

  24. Kristal Kloft-This ad was so embarassing to JD and ONLY brought him $3,000!!!!! Wow, at least he MAY have paid for the actual spot on television. With those pathetic fund raising numbers, JD has no chance of raising the money needed to defend his morally pathetic past. He is a failure in Washington one time, none of us need to see a failure in Washington two times. If JD lost his seat again to a DEM, the entire Republican party would be hurt. McCain is needed to continue fighting this administration on key issues like fiscal responsibility and for our Nation’s security!

  25. Cactus Jack says

    The Washington Redskins are still trying to convince our Native American communities that using a racial stereotype for profit is wrong.

    But, hey, J.D. sat in the box with Abramoff at Redskins games all the time when he was in Congress so it’s no big deal, right? They must have had plenty of opportunity to chat about his work ‘on behalf of’ the tribes.

    Please, can somebody tell J.D. that trading on hate does not work in Arizona? You would think he would have gotten the message when he was thrown out by his own constituents.

  26. The Mole says

    TARP, McAmnesty, McCain/Feingold, McCain/Lieberman, Charles Keating, barely carried his own state in two presidential races, I could go on but you get my point.

    JD’s ad was not raciest, that’s just a label losers use when they have nothing else. We are so tired of hearing that everything someone does like is raciest. The term is worn out and over used. Other than for some Smurfs and the blue meanie, who makes a good point about the two headed snake, race was not the issue.

  27. Mole:

    Did you notice how RINO’s react when their candidates are called to question or lampooned?

    They always revert to leftist epithets e.g.”racist”, “homophobe” “xenophobe” etc.

    It betrays their real loyalties. But they’ll never admit to their core beliefs because it would inhibit social climbing activities!

    Frankly, they’re little more than bootlickers of an aging, political/economic/educational elite which is fast losing creditability as the country slides downhill!

  28. SuzanneC says

    John McCain is bent out of shape over that add, ghee he is very thin shinned. I remember when Mr.Cunningham introduced him at a rally in Ohio, and he said Barack Hussein Obama, John McCain had a temper tantrum and said there was no place for talk like that in his campaign. This year, McNasty had deliberately gone very negative on JD, even before JD got in the race. But that is the difference in how to treat a fellow republican. And now Mac is frustrated. What is he going to be when he loses? Really frustrated, blaming everybody but himself for his loss this year. Grow up John. Retire please, JD is our choice for Senator, we really need “HOPE N Change”.

  29. Martin Sepulveda says

    You Sonoran’s for Hayworth have got to be kidding. Has anyone really bothered to research JD’s track record during his 12 years in Congress. A conservative is the last thing that he can be accused of.

    I don’t care how slick his campagin is or who his consultants are, the bell can not be un-rung.

    And as a combat Vet, I am sickened when I see “JD the draft dodger” wrap himself in the flag. Very poor form; you’d think his consultants would advise otherwise. Yeah, I know technically there was no draft, when JD chose to by-pass that type of service to this country, but I’ll bet he didn’t bother to register.

    The last thing we need is some blow hard, self-important, re-invented “conservative” trying to tell us which way the wind blows regarding military or foreign affairs.

    I was born and raised in Az; I come from a long line of blue collar folks who managed to serve in our military and make their way back to Az to raise families and run our own businesses.

    I live in the CD that fired JD for being a marginal performer at best. Do not let your frustration and anger overcome your responsibility to research the candidates.

    Has JD Hayworth revealed who contributed to his legal defense fund due to his ties w/ convicted felon Jack Abramoff. How can any of you Sonoran folks over look that?

    John McCain at times has baffled his most ardent supporters. But he is a leader and he is someone that the nation and the world listens to and respects.

  30. “The last thing we need is some blow hard, self-important, re-invented “conservative” trying to tell us which way the wind blows regarding military or foreign affairs.”

    That’s exactly one of the many reasons we don’t need McCain. He has over a quarter century in Congress and has done nothing FOR Arizona. He is not a conservative except when it’s re-election time. He even campaigns on what he WILL DO, because he knows he has done nothing. Enough of his lies, enough of his amnesty, enough of his love affair with Democrats and liberals.

  31. This is seriously the stupidest attack ad I’ve ever seen! JD is already showing his desperation and following his bad PR’s firm, really bad advice. Lame ad….Lame candidate!

  32. Republican Lady says

    LOL I’m really happy to see all of the McCainites screaming their heads off over one little ad! You keep bragging about how much money your candidate has. McCain has been running ads for months against JD, even before he got in the race. I haven’t heard JD whining and crying! You guys need to get some b—s! Stand up and be men!

  33. What a joke! That’s exactly what it is, purely a lame joke. The fact of the matter is that Arizona, along with much of the country, is hurting significantly. Jokes are not what Arizonans and the American people want to hear. They’d rather hear leadership on how to stimulate the private sector in producing jobs, tending to our nation’s security, and pursuing a national agenda that promotes American strength. The real joke is JD, haha-funny Hayworth. You should join a comedy club. Not funny.

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