John McCain: Hypocrite on Lobbyists

Tonight while the Yavapai County Republicans were celebrating Flag Day with a US Senate candidate forum, John McCain was in one of the richest areas of Virgina conducting a fundraising event with lobbyists and other Washington, DC insiders to raise more money to produce ads attacking JD Hayworth for being a “lobbyist” and “insider.”

I’d call that hypocrisy.

Let’s not forget that John McCain has been in Washington, DC for 28 years working with and for lobbyists. As the Democrats pointed out last election cycle. John McCain is in no position to label himself as the anti-lobbyist candidate.



  1. John McCain is not a hypocrite because he accepts donations outside the borders of Arizona.

    Someone is a hyprocrite if they denounce someone for doing something that they themselves are doing – like taking donations outside the state – like JD Haywoth.

  2. Travis,

    Let’s remember that lobbyist serve an important purpose. They are not inherently evil as is often portrayed.

    According to Wikipedia, “Lobbying (also Lobby) is a form of advocacy with the intention of influencing decisions made by legislators and officials in the government by individuals, other legislators, constituents, or advocacy groups. A lobbyist is a person who tries to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest or a member of a lobby. Governments often define and regulate organized group lobbying that has become influential on policy.”

    When I was the Executive Director of Arizona Right to life, I was a registered lobbyist with the State of Arizona. Part of my job was to go to the Legislature and educate lawmakers on the important issue of protecting the sanctity of innocent human life. Many legislators did not understand the issue of destructive embryonic stem-cell experimentation or terminal sedation or passive euthanasia. It was my job to be an expert in these areas and make sure that lawmakers understood the public policy side of these issues.

    If I did not make the effort as a pro-life lobbyist, the abortion industry and Hemlock Society would!

    Politics abhors a vacuum. If conservatives do not participate in the political process in any number of ways, liberal will and I can assure you, they will get their destructive dangerous policies passed.

    When citizens assemble around an issue and these same citizens don’t have the time to become experts on an issue and go to their lawmakers, they hire someone who can do it for them.

    I am one who believes this whole debate over lobbyist is ridiculous.

    John McCain and his campaign team is using the issue of lobbyist to bring out the baser nature of people. Shame on Senator McCain and his campaign team for resorting to this tactic.

    I’m quite sure that both the National Rifle Association and National Right to Life Committee are not thrilled to know that John McCain is railing against their efforts to influence public policy in a positive manner.

  3. Jack Hammer says

    And Travis has been a non-stop “lobbyist” for McCain!

  4. Abramoff is the lobbyist that makes the title sound ugly. There are many great lobbyists. It is important for voters to know that truths about these two candidates. They are both flawed. However, with the flaws of McCain at least he offers us a very intellectual mind encompassed with many years of priceless experience.

  5. Iris Lynch says

    Accomplished hookers are experienced too and to their cherished customers it is priceless.

    Then we have ‘intellectual’? The only thing McCain offers us is his presence in Wash D.C. If he is re-elected, we will not see him again for 6 years. That is the only good thing about his being Senator.

  6. I believe neither are correct he looks more like the Victor right about now.

  7. oldshool says

    Flaws exist in every political figure the trick is to not pick the most flawed. So JD will be left without a seat when the music stops.

  8. And if you re-elect John McCain you will have to deal with a lame duck Senator for six long years who will immediately resort to his RINO ways.

    If you seriously believe that John McCain has changed his ways, you are sorely mistaken.

  9. FACT: JD Hayworth was a registered lobbyist and lobbied the US Congress after leaving office. There is no disputing it. It’s public record.

    It’s one thing to have advisers who have been lobbyists. It’s another thing to actually be a lobbyist. JD was a registered lobbyist HIMSELF! LOL!

  10. “DSW Says:
    June 15th, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    And if you re-elect John McCain you will have to deal with a lame duck Senator for six long years who will immediately resort to his RINO ways.”

    Who says he will be a lame duck? Vote McCain 2016! LOL!

  11. I don’t understand your logic. If he knows he’s not running in 2016 this will allow him to take bigger risks.

  12. Jacobite says


    If nothing else, you’re a glutton for punishment!

  13. Jacobite says


    Of course by bigger risks, you mean finally ‘doing a Spector’!

    John has attempted that route twice. If we enable him, he’s bound to succeed on a third try!

    Then his shills can tell us how he’s

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