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John McCain Fails to Support Arizona’s Immigration Law

John McCain Fails to Support Arizona’s Immigration Law

My latest frustration stems from the media giving John McCain another free pass on Arizona’s newest immigration law, which I remind everyone has yet to go into effect.

On April 19th, the Phoenix Business Journal asked John McCain for comments on Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070. Here was his response:

“I think it’s a good tool,” McCain said during a conference call with reporters when asked about the bill. “It’s a tool that needs to be used.”

(Is it a good tool or perhaps, a good law?)

The title of the article, “McCain voices support for immigrant trespassing bill,” let the reader to believe that McCain supports the legislation. However, reading further into the article, Mike Sunnucks continues:

McCain spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan said the senator was not officially endorsing the trespassing bill in his comments, but was saying he understood Arizonans’ frustration with the lack of federal resources dedicated to dealing immigration and border security.

Did you catch that? McCain says he thinks its a good tool and then has one of his staffers deny he was endorsing the bill. To borrow a quote from our senior senator, even I was “misled.” (Read my earlier post.)

Back to the title of my post. Did Mike Sunnucks ever ask John McCain directly if he supported or would have even voted for the legislation? Sadly, I don’t think Sunnucks had the courage to press the question.

On Tuesday, April 27th, John McCain went on Sean Hannity’s television show to discuss Arizona’s newest immigration law. Hannity posed the following question to McCain:

Senator, as we were discussing earlier tonight, this bill which obviously you support has been compared to a form of terrorism, Nazi Germany, Jim Crow. People are calling for a boycott. I mentioned people calling for the burning of the city of Phoenix for crying out loud.

What is your reaction to people saying this? And obviously there’s been a misinterpretation of the bill. What is your reaction of — what they’re saying about it?

John McCain responded with the following answer:

Look, this is not a perfect solution. If I had written the bill, obviously it might have been somewhat different.

Then, last Friday, Greta Van Susteren had John McCain on her show as the so-called authority on border security and illegal immigration. According to the video and transcript, Greta asked McCain the following question:

There are many people — not so many, I guess, in Arizona, but certainly outside the state of Arizona giving Arizona an awful lot of heat over this statute that’s been passed and that Governor Brewer has signed into law. What’s your thought about the federal government and the state government in this battle over immigration?

John McCain responded in this fashion:

So my answer is that this law I probably would have written a little differently.

Is anyone picking up on this? McCain’s response is to thread the needle on this issue. Wonder why Somos Republicanos has been so silent lately? John McCain’s special interest group partner which has been pushing for “comprehensive immigration reform” is suddenly quiet voicing no opposition to McCain’s facade of support for the law. Could it be that he quietly reassured them that he actually does not support the law?

Why has Somos Republicans voiced adamant opposition to the law but has yet to utter an ill word toward John McCain?

The answer is that John McCain does NOT support Arizona’s new immigration law.

Where are the professional journalists who are supposed to ask the senior senator the hard questions. Why has no one pressed McCain on whether he actually supports the law? Are they intimidated or infatuated? Where is Howard Fischer when we need him? (Yes, that was a respectful hat tip to Howard Fischer who has always been good about asking the tough questions even when I don’t agree with him.)

John McCain has been using the word “frustration” in all his latest talking points dealing with the issue. He’s correct.  We’re all a little frustrated with the situation of illegal immigration. But many conservatives have also been frustrated far too long with John McCain’s position on the issue, his lack of action and most recently, his credibility during this election year.


Disclaimer: I am currently serving on the campaign of JD Hayworth 2010. However, I have been publicly critical of Senator John McCain for several years. If you don’t like what I’ve written here on my blog, you can go elsewhere or start your own blog.


  1. Thinking people already knew that McCain did not endorse this bill despite his moving lips.

  2. watching says

    Jane: You are soooo correct!!!

    DSW: Great disclaimer!!

    McCain: You are soooo gone!

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    Scratch a McRINO find a McAmnesty.

  4. Are there any current polls that give an indication about how JD is doing?

  5. DSW, you serve JD (who pays you) well by clouding the issue. However answer why JD voted to keep a strong immigration bill from coming to the House floor?

    Hayworth voted against House Resolution 610, which would have brought H.R. 4437, the Border Protection, Anti terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 to the floor of the House. HR 4437 would have made illegal immigration into this country a felony offense, thereby increasing the penalties for jumping the border. H.R. 4437 would also have made the current employment verification system mandatory program.

    Hayworth voted with Grijalva, Pelosi, Pastor, Barney Frank, and Hoyer and against 219 Republican Congressmen including Franks, Flake and Shadegg. (Roll Call 636, Dec. 15, 2005).

    This is hardly the vote of someone who believes in a secure border.

    DeAnn, The latest polling shows McCain extending his lead. It also shows JD lossing to Rodney.

  6. Harold, I’m so glad you asked!

    A careful review of the C-SPAN video from December 16, 2005 reveals that JD Hayworth voted against HR 4437 because it was a not strong enough on immigration reform.

    Congressman Hayworth actually tried to strengthen the bill by offering several amendments that would have prevented the bill from incorporating provisions promoting a guest worker/amnesty plan.

    In fact, I’ve included the actual video here. If you fast forward the video to 2:05:36, you will see Congressman Hayworth explain his reasons:

    Another fast forward to 6:35:31 shows Congressman Hayworth explaining his opposition to the bill.

    Over the last several weeks, the accusation that Congressman Hayworth voted against HR 4437 has been a strategy pushed by supporters of Jimmie Lee Deakin, Jr. This effort is an attempt to make Congressman Hayworth appear weak on immigration reform and border security.

    In reality, the video proves otherwise. Watch the video for yourself.

  7. You want some cheese with that whine, Shane?

  8. DSW,

    I’m glad you showed that CSPAN tape because it shows what a fraud JD and his record is. You showed a tape from December 16th, 2005. THE VOTE WAS HELD THE DAY BEFORE ON DECEMBER 15TH AT 3:57 PM (just check the Clerk of the House website if you doubt me). You are using the words from one debate to excuse JD’s vote on another day.

    Here’s what JD said on the 15th, “I rise in reluctance, but these are the circumstances in which we confront this. Here we are rushing toward the Christmas holiday break and at the last nanosecond of the 11th hour, we are going to debate this important question. The American people deserve more.” (Congressional Record, Page H11675).

    I don’t know about you, but I’m still working on Dec. 15th. Maybe that’s why the voters fired him in 2006.

    And, if this was such a bad bill, why did Rep. Tancrado vote for it?

    I think you owe the voters an apology for misleading them.

  9. Stephen Kohut says

    McRINO has been consistently proamnesty for years with McCain-Kenendy as the center piece of his position on illegal immigration. There is no doubt on his position on this topic.

    McAmnesty is doing his once every 6 years 6 month long scramble to the right for the GOP primary. This year his transient move to the right is further than most years due to his poor showing in the primary. Any incumbant under 50% in a contested primary is in deep crap and that is exactly where McAmnesty is and why he is trying to pair up with Kyl, Palin, and anyone else he can find to give him cover from a pissed off electorate.

  10. SK – …”trying to pair up with Kyl and Palin…”?

    Palin fully and without reservation supports John McCain. These are the facts.

    Kyl supports McCain with no reservation. That’s a fact.

    Your lame attempt to blur the truth is too obvious. But that’s what you have to do to support JD over McCain, so I understand.

    This delusion is also why you can’t admit that McCain has an effective plan to address immigation. He is not myopic in his approach and only addressing illegal immigration. He is addressing both the immediate problem of illegal immigration and the broken system of legal migration. That’s what leaders do. And that’s why McCain is increasing his lead over Hayworth in the polls. Those are the facts.

  11. Lance Jennings says

    It should have originally been written differently. When McCain was on Hannity, Brewer had not refined the wording. Since this interview, it has been revised. McCain, and many people think this is a great idea, it needed better wording. Does it take a genius to follow this?? Not to mention, the 10 point plan he has written not only helps keep these illegals out, but it employs more AMERICANS, give the guy some credit. JD is the guy who has explaining to do, NOT McCain! JD has NO say now bc of his unethical relationship with Abramoff which caused him to lose his seat to a democrat, this should be a huge concern of Arizona, we do not, cannot, afford to lose a seat to a dem b/c Hayworth corrupt!

    • Lance,

      Please show us a primary source document that discloses an unethical relationship between Jack Abramoff and JD Hayworth.

  12. Cactus Jack says

    McCain has a strong 10-point plan that will make Arizona and America safer. Where is J.D.’s plan? As he himself said in the posted comments above, “The American people deserve more.” Indeed.

  13. John McCain’s 10-point plan is as valuable as a paper hat in the rain. Let’s call it the 10-minute plan since that’s how long it will be on his mind once the talking stops. As far as John McCain is concerned, been there…done that!

  14. Stephen Kohut says


    Show me a single post of mine where I state that I support JD. There isn’t one.

    Second, McAmensty is under 50% and in deep crap. Those are the brutal political facts.

    There is nothing wrong with our immigration system. What we have is an undefended border, unenforced immigration laws (until S1070 kicks in), and criminal aliens sucking up every “social benefit” they can.

    To paraphrase Inspector Renault in Casablance:

    McAmnesty – “I am shocked, shocked to find to find that illegal immigration is going on in Arizona!”

    McAmnesty has had how long Travis to deal with this? 28 years? And all of a sudden it is now a problem? It would be a laugh except for all the people throughout Arizona and the rest of the country hurt by this problem. It is onlt on McAmnesty’s radar because he is in trouble. Good news is that no one buys his latest dash to the right for the primary. We have all seen it from John before. It will not save him this time around.

  15. SK – “you” in the universal sense.

    Your facts are wrong. McCain has been dealing with border issues for a LONG

  16. TIME.

  17. Stephen Kohut says


    Yes he has been dealing with the “border” for a long time by trying to pass an amnesty bill. I’ve lived in AZ since long before McCain came on the scene, own property a stones throw from the border and am well versed in his attempts to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants (AKA “God’s chilren” in McCainese). We know John’s position on the illegal immigration and border issues. It has been consistent and unwavering for years, except when when he makes his once every 6 years dance to the right. If you don’t like it take it up with your guy. If you do be ready to get vented on, his nickname of McNasty is well deserved. My goal and the goal of many conservative PCs is to send John into retirement to help Cindy sell beer.

  18. Note that DSW has been strangely silent on JD’s opposition to strong border enforcement since I called him on that bit of misinformation he tried to fob off on us this morning. Fact is that JD was the type of Republican congressman that GOP voters tired of and fired. Now he is trying to talk a good game, but his history proves him wrong.

    • Hey Harold,

      Maybe this will jog your memory!

      Try fast forwarding ahead to 2:28:32.

      Then fast forward to 9:47:07.

  19. wanumba says

    McCain was all PRO-PRO enforcement in his radio ad today. He even wants a FENCE. It was his own voice, too, and he approved that ad. He mentioned he and Senator Kyle are like blood bros on this. Working for YEARS, too.

    That’s nice. Working for years and got nothing done, put up amendments and bills that went nowhere and counting that as “accomplishements.”

    THat wouldn’t fly at McDonalds. Ya can’t say you were concerned and talked a lot about the overfull trash can, but never actually emptied it and still stay hired.

  20. John McCain will continue this fight for us for years to come as our esteemed senator.

  21. scottshabbot says

    (scottshabbot)John McCain has been supporting this states border problems for years. The rest of union(senators) paid no heed b/c it wasn’t there problem. They presented this at the same time as local problems to there constituents what do you think those people wanted. To deal with the local problem b/c they barely see the illegal immigrant problem. These people are all about getting relected at least now they have to take a stand.

  22. Let’s not forget this gem of a quote from John McCain in an article titled, “Prisoner of Conscience” that appeared in Vanity Fair in February, 2007:

    Recently he [Rep Steve King] had called McCain an “amnesty mercenary” for daring to work with Senator Ted Kennedy on a compromise bill that would provide an eventual path to citizenship for the millions of immigrant workers already in the United States illegally. A day earlier, in Milwaukee, in front of an audience of more sympathetic businessmen, McCain had been asked how debate over the immigration bill was playing politically. “In the short term, it probably galvanizes our base,” he said. “In the long term, if you alienate the Hispanics, you’ll pay a heavy price.” Then he added, unable to help himself, By the way, I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”

  23. Harold,

    Why don’t you also review the synopsis that FAIR put out regarding JD Hayworth’s attempt to strengthen HR 4437 by offering several amendments. (link)

  24. ffrank, are you an illegal alien? Because that’s who McCain has been fighting for – NOT the legal citizens of Arizona.

  25. Also, see my latest post today.

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