John Fillmore on Voter Registration


  1. Please tell me why was the laws were not changed when the Republicans had the majority in both houses. If the Federal law was changed Arizona would not have a problem, did any of our Representatives try and do this? NO. I blame each and every one of the Repulicans for not strengthing out Republic instead of trying Comprehensive immigration Reform to give the illegals amnesty instead of strengthing America, building the fence and stopping the invasion. So no I do not bame the dims for this, look a this state, a Senator like john McCommish who will vote against any bill Russell Pearce wrote and LD 20 still vote for him. A bunch of Mormons who voted against Russell Pearce for a Democrat in Disguise because of their belief in social justice. A Republican party who actually works against each other startign with McSlime/Kyl/Flake the big three of Liberal social policies.

  2. This should be the absolute last straw for native and naturalized citizens of America. When third world dregs can waltz into this country and have the same rights as citizens to choose elected officials, there is nothing left of value for being an American. The forces of evil have permeated every nook and cranny of our society from the highest authority in the land down to city and local levels. And what CD 9 states above is absolutely true. George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled congress brought us to where we are now, in a constant, everyday battle against invaders and their ilk working 24/7 to steal political control of America, not to mention its resources. The only solice to be found in this six years of emboldenment, enablement, and expansion of the Mexican invasion is that the Republican party will be the first major casualty. George W. Bush’s reach extended well beyond his term with his appointment of John Roberts to SCOTUS, upholding his sick and demented “hands off illegals” mindset. In it’s quest to satisfy big business thirsty for windfall profits, the GOP has painted itself into a corner. And for all the millions of Americans who have given their lives for America’s “freedom” and “democratic system of government”, we can only tell them that those values have been sold to the highest bidder.

  3. Anne Fesler-Butts says

    The second response here, from “zoo” is very interesting to me. It begins with a strong conservative statement, down through “…resources.” Then we see an equally strong statement against the Republican party. I would very much like to know what ideas/belief system the author of the comment endorses. I would like to hear more from this individual. May I enter my email address, o censoring powers that be? I’ll try: (^o^) Anne

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