John Fillmore on Sign Thefts: Dirty Shameful Campaign Tactics

EAST VALLEY – Current State Rep and candidate for the State Senate in LD 16, John Fillmore, announced the filing of criminal charges against two unknown ladies caught red-handed and red-faced taking down his sign and replacing it with one of his opponents.

“I received a call around 11:00 AM, Wednesday from some supporters who stated they had came across the two people taking down the sign on the Apache Trail in East Mesa. They watched and filmed with their cell phones for about 5 minutes before confronting the ladies who at first claimed they owned the poles, then stammered that they were fixing it, and then finally tried to put the Fillmore sign back up and fled.”

They were supposedly putting up signs belonging to State Senator Rich Crandall. “Rich Crandall had tried to garnish pity and claimed his reason for fleeing his old district and carpet-bagging into LD16 was that he wanted to get himself and his family away from dirty politics, after he had undermined Senator Russell Pearce then found himself having to fairly compete against him because of the new district lines being drawn he has stated in previous newspaper stories. I guess the dirt was always his to begin with, and the fact that the ladies resemble and may actually be his family makes a mockery of truth and hypocrisy as there seems to be a very close resemblance to my opponents grown daughters as posted in pictures on his web site and the culprits in the picture,” Fillmore stated.

“It is unfortunate that if it is them, this is what my opponent must be teaching his children as he always speaks of himself as a moral and education focused kind of guy. I do not want to even begin to think of all of the hours I as a frail 62 year old have spent in this burning heat pounding those signs into the ground just to have someone with no scruples steal the signs, destroy them and use my poles. The culprits driving a red pick-up filled with his opponents signs are shown in many pictures taking Fillmore’s signs down, trampling it on the ground and putting up his opponents.

“While I do not know the identities of these people as of yet I am sure it will be easy for the police to locate them because of the many clear pictures of not only the thieves but the vehicle and license plates as well. Stealing or defacing of political signs is a class2 misdemeanor under Arizona law. The taking or defacing of signs is seen by many as a dirty shameful way of trying to undermine an opponent’s message. Rep Fillmore stated that he will just have to get more signs as many have been stolen along with the stakes.


Photos of alleged perpetrators


  1. Tiny Elvis says

    Tacky, tasteless and shameful attempt for sympathy by Fillmore.

    You know what else is dirty and shameful? Installing your sign in place of a downed opponents sign whose stakes still remain in the ground. Illegal? No. Breaking the unwritten rules of campaigning? Absolutely.

    • So Tiny Elvis (like the Lewis and Worsley crowed he/she/it loves) is well-schooled in Saul Alinski tactics, i.e. when caught with your hand in the cookie jar, blame the baker for putting them there. Sorry, but your ploy is laughable and has been exposed.

      • Tiny Elvis says

        Boy, now that you call me out, I wish I would have actually devised a ploy.

        But you know, this reminds me of a story…A couple of years ago I was a little embarrassed when I didn’t realize old town Scottsdale nightlife switched from long sleeve popped collared dress shirts with being cool, to tight-fitting affliction shirts with skull patterns suddenly being the “in” look — literally overnight. I’d go out to dinner and I felt so out of place with my untucked striped collared shirt. I don’t want to experience that feeling again…just for my sake, and so I can follow closely in the future, have we officially replaced “Randy Parraz” with “Saul Alinsky” as the default leftist/marxist/pan-democrat/socialist boogieman, or is “Randy” still the preferred nomenclature? Can I use the two names in conjunction?

    • Veritas Vincit says

      Tiny Elvis… hate to break this to you, but the Fillmore sign has been up on the corner for several weeks with no Crandall sign present. Isn’t it odd that Crandall’s volunteers were putting up a brand new sign only 3 days outside of the 45 day touching taboo window before the Primary?

  2. Harry Mitchell might have given some advice. He has experience taking and throwing away signs of a challenger.

  3. Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

    This is tacky, Fillmore. This is going to backfire big time. This does not pass the smell test. It smells like Querard.

    Ask yourself: Who would steal signs in a big red truck loaded with Crandall signs in the middle of the day? And it just so happens that someone has a high-quality camera with a telephoto lens on it waiting in that very spot. Hmmm….why that spot, when they have signs everywhere?

    Here is what I believe is the answer: It is because the person behind the camera also took down a Crandall sign, put up a Fillmore sign in its place using Crandall’s posts, then sat and waited for Crandall’s people to come repair it. This is ultra, ultra, slimy, and will backfire big time.

    • Veritas Vincit says

      Hey pal, did you see the pictures? His daughter’s were removing the Fillmore sign and replacing it with a Crandall sign. Read the Yellow Sheet, Crandall even admits to directing his daughter to cut down the Fillmore sign.

      No need for Querard. An inept Crandall was all that was needed.

  4. North Valley Patriot says

    So Fillmore made Crandall’s people break the law? What a novel suggestion. Frankly, with all of the sign theft and vandalism that goes on, I’m surprised more people don’t get caught. But I’m glad these girls did and I hope they are punished for it. The rest of you Crandall apologists should stop making excuses or trying to turn the victim into the perp. Lying about it only makes it worse and makes it last longer. They should simply apologize, admit very bad judgment, and take their medicine. We will see what kind of a job their parents did raising them when we see how they handle it. I’m not optimistic though.

  5. Rich Crandall made his mistake by telling all who would listen he was running against the Tea Party. It backfired, and not he is resorting to criminal behavior to try and booost his campaign. And now just like the Liberals you blame the victim, and no wonder Crandall is losing, he is not a Conservative, Crandall, McCommiish and a few others are reliable NO votes for anything trying to stop the bleeding and turning back to the fiscal responsibilities that John Fillmore supports.

    But you go ahead and blame the Victim, and yes make no mistake about it John Fillmore is the victim in this. Someone said Crandall sent his daughter to do his dirty work, is that true?

    • Crandall bio snip- it: “President/Managing Member, CN Resource – CN Resource provides oversight services on behalf of State Agencies for USDA child nutrition programs.”

      McCommish bio snip-it: “After 7 successful years as a small business owner, he closed the door of the bookstore and took over as President of the fledgling Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of commerce in 1996. From that time until his retirement at the end of 2006, the Chamber grew from 64 members to over 650.”

      The two rodents were part of the ‘gang of nine’ GOP state senators who killed five immigration bills after being bitch-slapped by Cindy McCain and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce back in March 2011. Crandall apparently sucks down state tax dollars via the school lunch program and has an interest is seeing classrooms packed to the rafters with illegal aliens, so the bill requiring schools to determine immigration status was not his cup of tea. And McCommish? A chip off the old chamber. These two ‘Chamber maids’ and the others, including Senate President Steve Pierce, need to be sent packing in November. They have demonstrated quite clearly that big bucks dictate their votes.

  6. Tiny Elvis says

    I heard Brenda Barton was waiting in her car with a camera and did the filming / photography. Is that true? That’s an honest question, I really don’t know. If that is true, what was Brenda Barton doing in the district waiting with a camera?

    • Veritas Vincit says

      Read the Capitol Times, Representative Barton was returning to her in-laws home in Mesa from her doctor’s appointment when she witnessed the Crandall campaign volunteers removing the Fillmore sign and attempting to replace it with the Crandall sign.

      Read the paper.And, Tiny Elvis, I hate to break this to you but every cell phone in America comes complete with a camera and video recorder – where have you been?

  7. East Valley Conservative says

    If a police report has been filed, that ratchets up the seriousness of the allegation. I don’t think a campaign would run the risk of staging a theft and then filing a false police report.

  8. Pale Rider (Charlie Fox) says

    “Tacky, tastless and shameful attempt for sympathy by Fillmore.” What kind of person calls telling the truth “tacky, tastless and shameful?” The ladies were caught red handed and finally admitted to what they were doing. The signs and the posts were all Fillmore’s. Sure stealing signs is a widespread practice, but that doesn’t make it right. And, by the way, the identity of the two young ladies is known, and that information does not help Mr. Crandall. Compare the two men’s records and you will see that based on past performance Crandall needs all the edge he can get, legal or otherwise.

    • Tiny Elvis says

      Was Brenda Barton waiting with her camera to film these young ladies, and if she was, why would someone be waiting in the wings to photo and video if there wasn’t more to the story?

      • Pale Rider (Charlie Fox) says

        No she wasn’t waiting to film these young ladies. She saw it happening and used her smart phone to get the deed recorded.

        • Tiny Elvis says

          So, Brenda Barton, who lives supposedly in Safford or Payson, was in LD16 in the Apache Junction area, and just happened to be in the right place at the right time?

          • Steve Nelson says

            Actually, it is a pretty well known “secret” that Brenda Barton doesn’t live in the rural district she represents, but rather she lives in the Mesa area.

            She really shouldn’t throw stones!!! She should have thought of that before posting pictures of children, especially without determining the facts of the case. What if, as those girls claim, those rebar actually were owned by Crandall?

            If a storm blew Crandall’s sign off the rebar, and the girls went to fix it, but they found a Fillmore sign on their father’s poles, wouldn’t they be correct to repair the storm damage by placing a Crandall sign back on the sign posts?

            Who is Brenda Barton to be the Judge and Jury against these young kids? She should be ashamed for her actions for going public without ALL the facts. She has a duty of common decency to find out what happened before exposing an elected official’s children to potentially false claims.

            My common sense tells me that the fact this was done in broad daylight should lead most to believe that they were not “stealing” a sign, but rather were reclaiming their rebar. I would think that people who steal signs are usually a little more sneaky.

            I bet that the Barton/Fillmore claims against these young girls are false. Especially when you look at Fillmore’s past instances of “crying wolf” when he recently sued Crandall with false claims of not having enough valid signatures. Crandall won in court.

            • Tiny Elvis says

              So, Brenda Barton (who is supposed to live in her district more than 100 miles north of the site of this incident), actually lives in the east valley? That doesn’t strike anyone the least bit strange that she was present on site?

              Didn’t Debra Brimhall have a similar situation where she supposedly lived in northern Arizona but called the police on her neighbors from her home in Mesa? Busted.

            • Simple Truth says

              Brenda does not live in Mesa. Her in-laws live in Mesa and she stays with them when going to the Capitol. She was coming from a doctor visit when she stopped at that intersection and saw the girls. She did not expect to see what she saw. She went and talked to the girls because she was concerned about what they were doing and afraid that they didn’t understand it was against the law to take down a sign. She asked them why Crandall had not called Fillmore to handle the situation before telling them to take the sign down. Not sure of all the conversation she had, but this I know. Brenda is a kind and thoughtful person and she would never yell or cuss at the girls. I have known her for many years and have never once heard her cuss or lose her temper. That is not her.
              No, none of us can know the whole truth about this situtation, but I do know Brenda. I know I can believe her and I also know that if Crandall’s story is true then he should have handled this differently from the start instead of having his daughter to the dirty work.

            • Veritas Vincit says

              Steve who’s throwing stones? You offer no evidence that Representative Barton posted those pictures online. However in the Yellow Sheet Senator Crandall freely admits that he directed the young women (they are older than girls) to rip down the Fillmore sign.

              Steve Nelson’s harping about all the facts sounds strikingly similar to Senator Crandall’s direct remarks left on Representative Barton’s voicemail.

              As to Representative Barton’s residence, it is well known that she stays with her in-laws in Mesa when she has business in the Valley. Additionally her in-laws are quite elderly and it is also well known that she provides assistance to them.

              Come on Rich, find a new name. You are obvious and your excuses are lame.

          • Veritas Vincit says

            Hey Tiny… The intersection of Sossman and East Main/Apache Trail is no where near Apache Junction … keep digging, I’m sure Sen Crandall appreciates it. Only a carpetbagger wouldn’t know that the intersection in question is over several miles west of Apache Junction.

    • Oh yes, Fillmore made Crandall turn his daughter into a theif? Good going, another R.I.N.O. trying to turn our party into the Liberal politics he must supports. Crandall let us all know he was not a Conservative when he told all who would listen he was running against the Tea Party, I guess fiscal integrity is not one of his strong suits, but making his daughter a criminal is.

  9. GARY DEROSA says


    • Tiny Elvis says

      Gary – the ALL CAPS angry message you typed is probably a good indication that in retrospect, even if what you say is true, the better candidate for Treasurer probably won. Hope recent years have been kinder to you. Best.

      • Veritas Vincit says

        Tiny, please tell us why Sen Crandall’s wife moved to Utah without him? I believe you may know.

  10. Pale Rider (Charlie Fox) says

    The perfect ploy for a loser. When you get caught red-handed, attack the character of the one who caught you; shift the focus so that your dirty tactics can maybe be overlooker. The pictures are real and there are more that are not on this site, so deal with it.

    • Tiny Elvis says

      I call bullsh@t. deal with it

      • Veritas Vincit says

        Just like you accuse people of cussing and swearing? Seems you have that propensity Tiny Elvis…

    • Steve Nelson says

      No one disputes that the girls cut down the sign and put up their father’s sign. That evidence is clear.

      The question everyone should answer before attacking these young girls is whether they could have a legitimate reason for their actions? They claim they do. They claim the posts previously had a Crandall sign on them that was blown off during a storm. The posts are owned by Crandall. If that is true, it is clear that Crandall does not have to keep Fillmore’s signs on his posts.

      If their claim is true, it is perfectly legitimate to do what the girls did. So Charlie Fox, you jump to conclusions without the facts when you say they were caught red-handed and call their tactics dirty. The pictures could tell an entirely different story than what you are telling.

      • Veritas Vincit says

        Proper ways of dealing with signs and the weather; contact the owner of the sign in question and ask them to remove it from your posts… if that doesn’t work, file a police report yourself.

        Odd that Sen. Crandall didn’t say a word about Fillmore using his sign posts UNTIL someone caught Crandall folks removing the Fillmore sign.

    • I figured it out. Fillmore must have people stationed at every one of his signs so they can catch those tearing them down. He sure must be flush with volunteers.

  11. Pale Rider (Charlie Fox) says

    The girls finally admitted at the time that the posts did not belong to Crandall. As to Brenda Barton being there on purpose, do you want us to believe that someone in Crandall’s camp told her what was going to happen and when? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

  12. No Guts, No Glory says

    Why the conspiracy theories? It’s easy to see what happened. A simple call from Crandell to Fillmore to discuss the matter could have resolved the issue. Crandell chose all the intrigue, why? It appears Crandell and his minions are purposefully mudding the waters. Those of you who are making the foolish, silly statments sound like graduates of the James Carville School of irrelevancy. Your arguments are lame and your defence of Crandell illustrates how political misdirection is used in a failed campaign.

  13. wherewasi says

    I haven’t seen such an incredibly outrageous signage incident since signs for Olivia Cortes were mysteriously printed (without the required sponsor information) and placed all over Mesa, even outside her district, and no one claimed responsibility, and no expenditure for their printing and distribution showed up in her “campaign” finance reports.


  14. ….hmmm I think maybe Tiny Elvis could really be SENATOR CRANDALL using a FAKE NAME !!! Is that you, Rich ? As if Mrs Barton has nothing better to do then wait for signs to be taken down of other State Reps, when she herself is running a re-election campaign. Get Real “Tiny” !

  15. Veritas Vincit says

    Hey CJ, it sure sounds like little Richie Crandall.

  16. Veritas Vincit says

    The original article never mentions Representative Barton, and yet out of the blue Tiny Elvis brings up her name (only they lack the respect to refer to her as Representative).

    Just out this morning on a Media Advisory from the House of Representatives: Representative Barton this morning announced filing an ethics complaint against Senator Crandall for his behavior – nothing to do with signs – subsequent actions of his towards her and his behavior.

    Of course in this morning’s Capitol Times Sen. Crandall continues to play the victim and dig his hole deeper totally exhibiting his true character for all to view.

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