Joe/Jose Green/Verde for County Board of Supervisors

The Arizona Republic is reporting that one of the candidates running for Supervisor in Cochise County wants his name on the ballot twice – as Joe Green and additionally listed and translated to “Jose Verde.”

I’ve oftentimes heard candidates joke about adding an “a” or an “o” to the end of their┬áname in order to appeal to Hispanic voters. Here’s one candidate who making┬áthat joke a reality.

One thing that does not appear in the Arizona Republic story is the candidate’s political affiliation. This race is a partisan race so you would think that the Republic would at least mention his affiliation. I did a little research and discovered that Joe Green is actually running as a Democrat. I can only imagine that if he was a Republican, the Republic would have permanently attached it to every mention of his name. At least the Sierra Vista Herald did their homework.

Anything to win a race.


  1. My favorite was the Republican who legally changed his middle name to “Low Tax”. That was hilarious (he later murdered his Democratic opponent, that was less so).

  2. Sameer Parekh says

    So that’s not so bad as long as he isn’t allowed to total up both votes. I.e. Either Joe Green -or- Jose Verde can win. But you can’t total up the votes for Jose Verde and add them to the votes for Joe Green. That would be bogus.

    At least then he’d know for sure, once in office, if he was beholden to the latinos or not. If he took office as Joe Green, then he wouldn’t be, but if he took office as Jose Verde, then he would be.

    This is a great idea. actually.

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