Joe Scarborough: John McCain is NOT a Conservative!

Lately, John McCain has been running a radio ad citing MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough taking a slap at JD Hayworth. We decided to review Joe Scarborough’s comments on John McCain and here’s what we found online.

Incidentally, the other conservative cited in John McCain’s recent radio ad, John Fund, has also been critical of John McCain:

Therein lies the problem that many conservatives have with John McCain. It is the nagging feeling that after all of his years of chummily bonding with liberal reporters and garnering favorable media coverage from them that the Arizona senator is embarrassed to be seen as too much of a conservative. (Wall Street Journal, 01/28/08)


  1. Rosco P Coltrane says

    Neither of these guys is a real conservative!!!! Each of them have records of voting in more big government programs and freedom-killing legislation.

    Does anyone on this website really believe that EITHER of these big-government spendaholics are really going to decrease the size of government, or do anything to restore freedom in this country?


  2. Rocco:

    Of course not!

    But keep in mind that there are all too many GOPPERS who could care less about conservative priciples but genuflect and kiss the rings of certain entrenched economic interests, hoping to attain social status and a share of the misgotten pie!

  3. LOL! As if Joe MSNBC Scarborough is a conservative….

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