Joe Arpaio Launches National Fundraising Campaign for JD Hayworth Senate Race

JD Hayworth for US Senate

For Immediate Release: February 9, 2010

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Launches National Fundraising Appeal For J.D. Hayworth’s U.S. Senate Campaign

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. FEBRUARY 9, 2010. One national leader in the fight against illegal immigration has launched a fundraising appeal to help another.

A copy of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s letter in support of J.D. Hayworth’s conservative challenge to 24-year incumbent John McCain can be found here.

Hayworth is scheduled to announce his candidacy to replace the moderate McCain with his consistent conservatism on February 15th.

Arpaio has raised nearly $1.5 million, in no more than $410 increments, from over 20,000 donors across the country for a race that is still nearly three years away.

“Sheriff Arpaio and I agree that John McCain’s open borders approach for America is wrong. The Heritage Foundation says McCain’s 2007 amnesty plan would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion. We can’t afford to risk John McCain foisting another dangerous, irresponsible plan on our country, should he be elected to a fourth decade in the United States Senate,” Hayworth said.


  1. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Sarah Palin just officially endorsed Senator McCain for re-election. Senator Scott Brown will be next. It will be interesting to see the spin Haney and all those that back JD put on these endorsements(I got Rob’s email yesterday). What I really hate to see and what hurts our party the most is all the violations of President Reagan’s 11 Commandment that are written on this web site. Remember the Democrats are our enemy, wade into them, spill their blood.

  2. Where’s the letter??? This reads like an endorsement, but I see nothing stating that the sheriff is officially endorsing J.D. The sheriff raised that money for his own campaigns. So, this is really just a good PR piece on the sheriff’s fundraising abilities, not J.D.’s.

  3. Pragmatic,

    Its very easy to see how this is spun. Palin owes her current her career to mccain for picking her.Scott brown also feels a sense that he is indebted to mccain. Alsi don’t forget Brown is not much of a conservative, pro choice, pro gay marriage, and opposes health care mainly because mass has the same version already he feels they shouldn’t pay for the rest of the countries healthcare. So it really makes a lot of sense.

    Also this whole 11th amendment crap doesn’t apply to rinos and don’t you think the people that come out of these primaries are battle tested, will be forced to organize and therefore been in better position to win a general election…

  4. Pragmatic Conservative says

    I respect your opinion but don’t get carried away with the spin.

    Reagan’s eleventh commandment is wise for any number of reason, one of which is apparent on this BLOG. Some folks are so carried away with name calling and personal attacks they loose focus on what the issue’s really are. Remember, endorsements look good on a Candidates web site but I seriously doubt they make a difference to the general electorate.

  5. Pragmatic,

    I would just like to point to the most obvious example. The 2008 presidential primaries. McCain locks up then nomination quickly and does not have to set up organizations early in the overwhelming majority of states.

    The dem side: Hillary and Obama are forced to fight and organize in literally in EVERY state, they had to fight for every vote. People said the person who won would be damaged and it had been too bitter of a campaign. People came around and Obama was about 100 times more organized than McCain. He owes it all to Hillary.

    So to me whoever wins this primary is in better position to be organized in the state and help the further down ticket candidates with their organization.

    I dont see how that is spin. It just seems to be common sense.

  6. johnny,

    “People came around and Obama was about 100 times more organized than McCain. He owes it all to Hillary.”

    Technically, he owes it all to Rush Limbaugh. If he hadn’t ginned up the continuing battle (“Operation Chaos” I believe was the name), Obama would have locked down the victory with Texas… but keeping it going kept McCain off the page while everyone was focused on Hillary and Obama.

    You think he would have learned to keep his mouth shut after McCaskill won in MO, but there’s something about his ego that makes him think his **** is spun gold.

  7. Let’s not forget a very important political history lesson:

    The reason why John McCain was the Republican nominee in 2008 was because the voting power of Republicans was diluted by an open primary process. If only Republicans had voted for the GOP nominee and not independents, we would probably have had Mitt Romney instead of John McCain.

  8. Antifederalist says

    There’s a REASON why the 11th Commandment is ignored here. Not even Reagan would have stood by and had no criticisms of moderate Republicans if they were running the party into the ground, and they demonstrably have been.

    As for Palin, there’s palpable disappointment from the conservative grassroots for her campaigning on McLame’s behalf. It will only damage her, not help McLame.

    And, really, who gives two craps about what that Massachucetts RINO Brown has to say?

    Arpaio stumping for J.D. is no real shock: they’re both Jason Rose clients. This will tremendously help J.D. Look, I HATE Arpaio with a passion. The man is a hack and a jack-booted thug, but for some ungodly reason, he has positive ratings through the roof. That can only be a boon for J.D.

  9. Antifederalist says

    Romney was godawful and I STILL don’t think rank-and-file evangelist Republicans are ready to accept a Mormon as the nominee or President. He wouldn’t have won. Huckabee wasn’t much better. They’re all RINOs. Loved Haney’s little circular yellow lapel badge: No Rudy McRomney.

  10. Antifederalist- it seems like so long ago…who did you support?

  11. Mrs. Palin knows you never step on the foot of the person who brung you to the party — no invite to the party as the VP, she would still be chasing moose in Alaska.

  12. Antifederalist says

    I’m sure no matter which candidate I say, I’ll draw some fire, but that’s a testament to the fact that none of them are perfect. I initially supported Fred Thompson, but his campaign never got off the ground. I was looking for the most conservative candidate with half a chance. Keyes looked like an absolute loon this time around.

    Now, I’m not a “Paultard” and I’m really leery of his “end the Fed” movement and the Federal Reserve is a global conspracy theory, but by the time the Republican Primary rolled around in D.C., there was only Ron and John on the ballot, and as I’ve said a million times before, I would rather claw my own eyes out and bleed to death than vote for McLame ever again. In the general, I voted for Bob Barr the former Congressman and Libertarian candidate for President. I knew Barr wasn’t going to win, but voting for McLame wouldn’t have helped anyway.

  13. johnny Says:
    “McCain locks up then nomination quickly and does not have to set up organizations early”

    McCain only won because Huckabee and Thompson stayed in the running long past their “expiration date”.

    He is not that strong, he succeeds by diluting opposition votes.

  14. Ray,

    I didn’t say how he did or didn’t win it. The point is he wasn’t challenged at all. He therefore had no organization set up in key states.

    Obama did and helped a lot for down ticket races. That’s the point, mccain or jd can be in better positions to help all the down ticket races. So people that argue about this 11th amendment bs is jst garbage.

  15. Stephen Kohut says

    McCain won because conservatives split their vote between multiple candidates and handed the win by default to McRINO. If Cindy ran her beer company as well as McRINO runs a campaign she would be out of business.

  16. Weird how Arpaio supports Hayworth, but the other 8 Arizona sheriffs are backing McCain right now, saying “McCain is best equipped to keep Arizonans safe. arpaio and hayworth – the crooked couple.

  17. Pretty sure that McCain has 9 times as many Arizona sheriffs backing him… So, educate me, how is this newsworthy? Oh right, because Hayworth is PAYING you to promote these stories… Silly me.

  18. “McCain on Jan. 14 touted the endorsements of eight other Republican sheriffs from around Arizona. McCain also has secured the support of big Republican names such as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts and former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.” – AZCentral

    With support like that, McCain’s got this in the bag. And, thank God! We need him to get our country back on track!

  19. We cannot afford to NOT re-elect McCain! I also read that McCain was supported by 9 times the amount of Arizona sherrifs. I find these stories hilarious actually, that so much of this site is spent on trying to build up JD’s worthiness of our votes. I think Arizona has watched him fail enough, we will not need to jeopardize our country and state by electing the yahoo JD.

  20. Stephen Kohut says

    Political endorsements are worth zip as far as I am concerned. As my mom used to say to me “Would you jump off a cliff just because everyone else is doing it?” I could care less what someone else thinks of a candidate. As voters it is our jobs to determine what we think of the candidates. The only endorsement that matters is the one we make on a ballot. McCain can chest thump all he wants about endorsements, especially the ones who don’t live here and don’t have to put up with him as their Senator.

  21. I don’t think anyone cares about endorsements…it’s just a silly political game. My vote will be for McCain regardless because he continues to be the best person to represent the people of AZ.

  22. I agree CoyotePack, there is no way that I could care less about what Sheriff Joe endorses…especially when you look at who is endorsing McCain… There are far more important people endorsing McCain…JD and Joe are hittin the high life together, raising money for the criminals together that JD still owes…


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