Jimmie Lee Deakin’s poll math doesn’t add up!

An interesting exchange took place at legislative district six meeting last night in which both JD Hayworth and Jimmie Deakin spoke. Watch this video as Jimmie attempts to explain the math in deriving his polling at 20 percent.


  1. Even at 20%, he can’t win. When is that lunatic, Adonia’s little puppet, going to drop out of the race?

  2. Since JD has finally realized he will lose to John McCain, he’s worried and fighting hard to keep from finishing 3rd.
    This is hilarious.

  3. Speaking of hilarious, this great.


  4. Why is JD and his staff wasting time with crap like this?

    Why waste time and effort to respond to a nothing like Deakin?

    Why hasn’t he responded to this vicious smear campaign by the McCain folks with more than a press release apologizing and basically saying McCain was right.

    I have not posted for a long time on this blog because I have been so disappointed with JD and his campaign. JD you need to take over this campaign because if this trend continues we will have McCain again for another 6 years, and that is not acceptable.

    JD if you read this, treat John McCain like you did Steve Owens and go win this thing.

    No more screwing around, just do it!

  5. Dragon Lady says

    @Conservative 2 the Core – JD HAS responded to McCain’s smear campaign.


    @Joe – If McCain is “going to win” why is he making those stupid attack ads?

    I personally don’t understand why Deakin is still in this race. If he really wants to retire McCain – he’d bow out gracefully and endorse J.D.

    I can’t wait for the debates – Deakin uses “fuzzy” math and deception and McCain can’t defend his liberal record.

    Go J.D.!

  6. hawkshawkins says

    Deakins is really only serving as a spoiler. A vote for him is a vote for McCain. Remember you don’t have to get 50 percent to win, McCain can’t break 50, so the Senator wants the protest candidate in the race. He can’t win a fair fight.

  7. @ #4, they are because Deakin runs the very real risk of splitting the conservative ticket in the republican primary, thus letting the overall minority of RINO voters select McCain as senator again. That’s why some think (and I disagree, though I don’t think they are out of bounds in their thoughts) that Deakin is an intentional spoiler candidate for McCain. Like I said, I don’t agree with those who say that, but Deakin DOES run the very real risk of doing just that since there’s no way he can win in the primaries.

    Btw, JD never said McCain was right. He said that the bare facts were right but twisted out of context and blown up to look like something else other than the truth. That is, in reference to McCain’s attack ad against JD in calling JD a lobbyist. JD WAS a registered lobbyist, so that much is fact, but of course McCain insinuates and distorts what the facts were. JD straightened those out in a recent video (the guy doesn’t have enough money to do a broadcast TV rebuttal in addition to the normal 15second ads he IS able to afford) on the ‘net. There was no apology and no admitting that McCain was right. It only made McCain (rightly) look bad for being a sleaze-bag.

  8. hawkshawkins says

    Dragon Lady — Hayworth will dominate the debates. Be prepared before this one to be over before half time. So get comfortable early.c

  9. Dragon, a weak you tube ad seen by less than a thousand people is not a response, its a joke.

    James, glad you basically agree with me on Hayworth’s response; as for Deakin, this race is about McCain either sucking as our Senator or not, Jim Deakin has nothing to do with that.

    Right now McCain is making JD unelectable and all the stupid side shows like attacking Deakin, weak press releases, and you tube responses don’t equal a hill of beans, and JD and everyone knows it.

    Come on people Hayworth is known because he was a TV BROADCASTER.

    I have seen the Huckster ad at least 10 times, and none for JD.

    He needs a real response and he needed it yesterday. I won’t make up excuses for JD’s poor campaigning any longer, he needs to get the job done.

    No more excuses please, just a little tough love.

  10. One of the biggest mistakes people make is becoming discouraged and quitting when they’ve actually gotten thru the worst.

    It’s nonsense for JD to give up. He should run and run strong, run on positives, forward thinking and energy. Scott Brown ran on “The People’s Seat” promising simply to be the People’s Voice in Washington. McCain has not been, for decades.
    McCain proved in the presidential race he’s not up for ANY physical campaign – instead he’s got money to run ads – easy remote play for him as he takes his afternoon naps. At the GOP convention, McCain was immediately eclipsed by Palin’s energetic presence. McCain does not have the stamina to run, so he will be a fading senator who votes Democrat for six more dreary years.

    I frankly suspect that’s a major reason McCain is not eager about any debates with JD. He’ll look old and tired next to JD who’ll project fresh and sturdy. McCain was shocked by Palin’s crowd appeal, it was obvious on his face when they were on stage together, the shock fading over time to a look of frozen distance … jealously.

    There’s huge opportunity here.

  11. Christopher says

    I think it’s great that J.D.’s campaign has slapped Deakin in the face. Everywhere he goes all people here in his stump speech is J.D. this and J.D. that, Class of ’94, bash, bash, bash. Now he whines like a 9 year old his same height because he’s being treated unfairly.

    Well, Jimmie Lee will not be treated as an equal so long as he cannot give a concrete answer for why he wants to be a U.S. Senator.

    He will be treated unfairly as long as audiences LAUGH in his face for using George Bush’s math skills to create poll numbers.

    He will be treated unfairly as long as he thinks his wife will be more angry at him for dropping out than the voters of Arizona will be for making Hayworth lose (imagine on August 25th McCain 48%, Hayworth 47%, Deakin 5%).

    You will not get respect until you come to grips with reality.

    If he had any foresight about reality he would drop out.

    To his credit, I think that Deakin would make a fine Arizona State Senator. It’s no doubt there are real changes that he could make locally as well as statewide. He has seen the state and has a lot of recognition.

    It’s a smaller stage, but also a realistic stage. Dropping out now would preserve the Deakin name and present viable future options.

    I could go on… and on… but I digress.

  12. I don’t see how McCain is making JD unelectable. I really don’t. JD enjoys the VERY enthusiastic support of a VERY well-known, VERY vocal, and VERY popular sheriff, and his videos HAVE been getting out. Don’t doubt the power of social media like facebook. Actual AZ conservatives are waking up and seeing the consistency of JD’s position and his gentlemanly conduct. McCain’s OWN ATTACK ADS keep lending him credibility as people are simply put, tired of McCain.

    McCain’s major support in-state, that of Jan Brewer, has mostly gone on ignored. People don’t know that she’s backed him. Yet people know that Sheriff Joe has backed JD, and that speaks volumes.

    I will be sorely tempted to eat my hat if JD doesn’t win in August, but I also know that he HAS to face both fronts. Just b/c Deakin is a much smaller threat than McCain doesn’t mean he can’t ruin JD’s shot at victory. The most subtle defeats usually come from a sneak attack from behind. So JD must answer. That, and Deakin has at least agreed to speak about the issues with JD, whereas McCain hasn’t. So, JD goes with the guy who will debate him, and it also helps him prove Deakin’s unsuitability for the office.

  13. At this point Deakin is in this race either for personal pride, someone else wont’t let him drop out, or foolishness. The ultimate goal of conservatives in AZ is to defeat John McCain. Running as a protest candidate may take away enough votes from JD, thus giving us 6 more years of McCain. McCain is very vulnerable polling @ 47% he didn’t even break 50% in the presidential primary in AZ. A united conservative grass roots movement behind JD will defeat McCain this August.

  14. Remember, folks, this is OUR campaign too. This is a real grass roots battle, so we who support JD need to get out there and get to work as well. And, maybe, we should reach out to Deakin’s supporters and rally them to our cause. Deakin won’t win if even those who really support him vote for JD b/c they see in JD a viable candidate who is also fully conservative and also knows WHY he wants to be a US Senator.

    So let’s get out there and get our guy elected!

  15. Dragon Lady says

    @Conservative – what you want takes money – a whole lot of money. J.D. just finished his 2nd million dollar campaign – and McCain has SPENT at least 4 million dollars on television and radio ads and an untold amount on full-color mailers. Remember, we are still in the preseason. Wait to see J.D. ads when the regular season begins in July. Until then, realize that McCain is blowing through MILLIONS to attack J.D. – and is saying little about why McCain deserves to be sent back to Washington to represent Arizona.

    In the meantime, J.D. is travelling all over the state – from Nogalas to Kingman, Yuma to Navajo Nation meeting with Arizonans to discuss the issues. Have you bothered to attend ANY of the town halls J.D. has spoken at?

    If you want to see a response from J.D. – donate to his campaign. That is the only way to respond to McCain. MSM is refusing to give J.D. a voice – while constantly giving McCain time. Plus, McCain is running ads all day every day in every form. cha-ching!

  16. Jacklyn M. says

    I like McCain. And I like Deakin. I’ve heard him speak a couple of times and I’m on his mailing list, he is legit.

    Hayworth is a doof. He’s a opportunist. When he was in congress it was in his best interest to vote to increase government bigger than it had ever been. Then it was in his interest to do to late night infomercials for scam companies. Etc. etc. etc.

    Now it is in his interest to say he is a conservative and for a smaller government. We remember JD.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Deakin just wiping the podium with JD and seeing a huge surge in the polls. Perhaps even to the point of beating JD in the primary. Deakin hasn’t gotten the media’s attention, but all that is about to change with the debates.

    Can I get a, “In the fullness of time…”?

  17. Jane 001 says

    Listening to Deakin earlier in the year gave me pause. His temperament just didn’t seem healthy, just a little too defensive. Now watching him in this clip, I think my intuition was right. Adding poll statistics and reporting the sum as his standing in the race is devious. There’s is something off kilter about Deakin that would be an embarrassment to the State where he to represent us in D.C. I think he should get out of the race.

  18. Mark Levin endorsed J.D. Hayworth in the Senate race against McCain, was his endorsement for Hayworth or against McCain?

    In this very meeting US House Representative J.D. Hayworth incumbent three years removed upon questioning by Deakin, acknowledged he, Hayworth voted for a Pilot Cap & Trade Bill in 2005; H.R. 6: Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Section 752). http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h109-6&tab=summary

    We all know Mr. Levin’s position on Cap & Tax legislation; does he still believe Hayworth is a solid constitutional conservative?


  19. Dragon Lady,
    I have heard of JD’s townhall meetings. I even heard of one where 2/3 of the people there we supporting him. That’s right, 66%, two out of the three in attendance. JD campaign is so pathetic that I kind of feel sorry for him.

  20. Received a robocall from the Deakin campaign a couple of weeks ago!

    Wonder who picked up the tab?

    It sure wasn’t Jim!

  21. aznativegrandma says

    Deakin is doing this to insure McCain goes back to Washington…his career in politics will be over in August and he will get a sweet pay off from McRino. Mark my words…I can see through this usurper and his supporters are not PATRIOTS they are idiots! Useful idiots, I believe is what Marx would call them!

  22. Haven’t heard Deakin speak before, but this outing he came off as out of his league. His own mouth, before JD said anything. Not impressed with his poll numbers gimmick at all, so it immediately provoked the question – what else is he fudging?

  23. DANG! JD must be really scared. All the bravado and blustering didn’t do much for his poll numbers. Looks like he has realized that his antics have rendered him unelectable so he goes all out onto Deakin. Such consistent behavior. Blame others. Deny responsibility. Point fingers and distort the truth.

    If JD was such an enthusiastically welcomed and supported candidate (as the posters on here say he is)…what difference would it make if someone else is in the race?

    Where are the great legions of angry and energized JD lovers? How many money-bombs have gone kerplunk?

    I can understand the race being narrowed down to 2…but Jim Deakin has been in this since the beginning and didn’t need any financial coaching and histrionics to get into the race. It is JD that needs to go sayonara.

    Oh well…August will take care of that.

  24. Seeing some of the illogical and down right backward comments on this post serves as a constant reminder as to why we have Obama in office. You Deakinites cannot see the truth even when its staring you right in the face. Deakin cannot even do simple polling math, what in Gods name makes you think he’ll be able to handle the more complex situations of being in the Senate (some spending bills = math)?

    Jacklyn M. Says:

    “I’m looking forward to seeing Deakin just wiping the podium with JD and seeing a huge surge in the polls.”

    Just listen to him speak, and you think he’s going to “wipe” JD at the podium…OMG, thats hilarious. A 5 year old could out debate Deakin. The guy scares the hell out of me with his logic!

    I just don’t get why you continue to believe that this guy even has a inkling of a chance. He’s a spoiler, and thats it.

    I’m still waiting for breaking news saying that Deakin was a McCain plant or phony candidate to take the heat off of from McCain.

  25. SuzanneC says

    Jim Deakin has Napolianic complex. When I first saw him he had this horrible hat on, that looked like a pariotic, “Cat and the Hat”, hat. The most rediculous thing I had ever seen on a Candidate for any office much less a Senator, that impression has never left. Jim Deakin accuses us of hating him because we do not support the little man and his overbearing wife. I keep hearing lets see how he does in the debate, then I will make up my mind. I do not care how he makes out in the debate, he will never get my vote, I have caught him and Adonia lying, if he will lie now do you actually believe he will not lie if ever elected to anything?

    Jacklyn, I have been saying that for months now. His wife, a person of such enoumous political savvy told people John McCain called and asked Jim to get out the race, huh? All she does is complain on different sites to get people’s post deleted, especially if it is about the “BIG DEAKIN LIE”. Jim Deakin is in this race allowing McMex to possible win another 6 years. Boiled in tar is too good for those two.

    Again we need to work harder, if the Deakin supporters do not realize what they are trying to elect by now, they never will.

  26. WOW…all of you Hayworth fans must be so proud of Suzanne and her ethnic and personal references.

    “McMex”…really? Racist much? Calling out his wife as a liar? Whoa! Do you really want to go there?

    Team Hayworth is in the full throws of desperation and attack mentality.

    You better be careful, Jim Deakin knew he had a fight ahead of him when he entered the race. A guy who accepts that challenge is probably not too likely to give in to such idiocy and blatant intent no matter how ugly your words get.

    It really tells a lot more about JD than it does Deakin. Birds of a feather…..

  27. Anyone keeping a tally on the death and dismemberment threats from the Hayworth crowd toward anyone not supporting JD?

    It would be interesting.

  28. .

    Ann/Travis, you behave like school yard juveniles on this site.

  29. Travis, is anyone keeping track of the “Endorse McCain if you want to keep your job” threats anywhere. I have heard from a reliable source that this happened to at least one state legislator. The job in question was the full time job that brings in real money – not the legislative seat.

  30. JPD, controlling harmful pollutants using cap and trade is actually a good program for reducing pollutants in the least costly way possible. What people object to when they typically talk about cap and trade, though, is controlling green house gasses like carbon dioxide and water vapor with this program. The bill you refer to has a cap and trade program for pollutants which can actually be a good thing. What McCain supports (or supported and will probably support after the election) is cap and trade regulation on carbon dioxide and water vapor which would be an economic disaster for our country and seriously erode our freedom.

  31. Jill Arizona says

    JPD, if you’re so into sharing links from “The Cholla Jumps”, I’ve got some for you:

    Rassmussen says McCain is vulnerable, only 47%, Jim Deakin is the spoiler

    “Will the real John McCain please stand up?”

    ” It’s time for McCain to retire…give up the keys it’s Hayworths turn to drive”

    Hayworth and McCain debate history in dueling press releases

    McCain/Hayworth brawl heats up.

    And lastly,

    “I have been and will be… a citizen legislator, a steward of the office”, JD Hayworth

  32. Hunter,

    Anyone who endorses a candidate based on a threat is unprincipled.

    Anyone who is not threatened, but tells people they were because they’re intimidated by loons supporting Hayworth is equally unprincipled.

    I got that from a reliable source, too. Common Sense. You’ve never met him.

    Now, THAT was juvenile, but I’m keepin’ it!

  33. Travis, someone who threatens another with the loss of their job unless getting an endorsement is unprincipled and viscious. A person who succumbs to the threat is merely weak and concerned more for their livlihood needed to support a family.

    I suppose you would consider someone who pays protection money to an extortionist unprincipled while having no moral judgment on the extortionist.

    If you think your writings reflect common sense, you must be the type of person who is much louder than he is smart.

  34. Walter B.. says

    Deakin is in the U.S. Senate race for only one reason – to reelect John McCain. With only an admitted 7% there can be no other reason he is still in at this late date.

    Jimmie Lee Deakin
    Paid for by Friends of Jon McStain

  35. Hunter:

    Travis picked up his ethical mores on a used car lot!

    He’s a perfect fit for a McCain staff!

    His mentor was probably Grant Woods

  36. SetUStraight says

    After seeing the Deakins (both Jim & Adonia)at recent appearances, the name they deserve is “Major Burns & Hot Lips” (of the M*A*S*H* series for the younger crowd).

    With DeakinMath, he expects to balance the federal budget?

    Notice how when Deakin is explaining how he came up with the 20%, JD has his head down looking at the floor. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts JD is trying to hide the grin on his face at hearing such idiocy.

    And check out Jim Deakin’s arrogant reply to a constituent who has the audacity to call him on the Deakin VooDoo Math:

    “You don’t get to respond!”

    Such Deakin arrogance makes it obvious that Jimmie has been learning lessons in arrogance from Senator John McJerk. That “sit down and shut up” comment could have come from McCain himself.

    But Deakin’s copying McCain behavior shouldn’t surprise anyone–isn’t it obvious to everyone who Deakin is really working for by staying in a race that he can’t possibly win?


  1. […] We have tried to be fair and encourage the TEA Party leaders to work together to support a candidate for the senate race.  After Jim Deakin’s comments, I cannot encourage anyone to join a group to support him.  He has lied and slandered too many times to ignore.  He and his followers tried to smear Annette McHugh and her TEA Party group because they endorsed J.D. Hayworth.  Deakin lied about the Rasmussen Poll and said that he had 20% of the TEA Party support.  Because he lied, Rasmussen did not even show him as a possible candidate in their last Poll.  Deakin said he did not know his home was in foreclosure.  Did he know he did not make his mortgage payments?  Was running for senate more important than taking care of his family?  Why?  http://sonoranalliance.com/2010/06/29/jimmie-lee-deakins-poll-math-doesnt-add-up […]

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