Jim Waring to Announce for CD-3

Senator Jim Waring will make an official announcement at 1 PM today regarding his entry into the Congressional District 3 race. Waring, who is currently running for State Treasurer, is expected to announce withdrawing from the Treasurer’s race leaving the primary a little less crowded. (State Senator Barbara Leff and former State Representative Ted Carpenter are also seeking the Treasurer’s seat. Senator Thayer Verschoor has yet to form an official committee for State Treasurer.)

Still likely to announce for CD-3,  is State Senator Pamela Gorman. State Representative Sam Crump has already announced his intention to seek the seat being vacated by John Shadegg.

On the Democratic side, Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon, is seriously considering a bid for the seat.


  1. Crump would be a big improvement!

  2. Will Jim Waring continue to follow in Shadegg’s footsteps this year by endorsing Tony Bouie for State Legislature in the Republican Primary?

    In 2008, both Shadegg and Waring endorsed Bouie, the (at the time) 5 day Republican, who was running against Sam Crump and Carl Seel, both reliable conservatives.

    Both Waring and Shadegg had no primary opposition in 2008, so they could show their true colors without worrying about losing their primary races.

  3. Your post is unclear — are Leff and Carpenter running for Treasurer or CD3?

  4. kralmajales says

    Another open seat!!!! Yikes for you all. You will have to put up real money to fight to keep this one. You will…but you will divert money and attention from trying to unseat Mitchell. Sorry folks running against Mitchell…you wont be able to get any real backing of you party on this one.

  5. Waring, as Shadegg, will be a minion of McCain and the AZ CofC.

    Like Jeff Flake, he has probably never met an illegal who he wouldn’t hire or a coyote he wouldn’t support!

  6. Update: Thayer Verschoor is officially in the race! (He had me worried but the Secretary of State’s website shows him in the race now.)

  7. kralmajales,

    No worry about Mitchell. We have a “mean offensive line” working on Mitchell. He’ll be gone by next January.

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