Jim Waring files for State Treasurer race as Exploratory Committee


Senator Jim Waring

This just in…

LD 7 Senator Jim Waring filed an exploratory committee to run as State Treasurer. It’s been reported that Senator Waring will only run for State Treasurer if Dean Martin doesn’t run for reelection.

Knowing the tenacity of Jim Waring, IF Dean does not run, Jim will work harder than anyone out there to become the next Treasurer for Arizona.  As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Waring has the background to be our State’s Treasurer.

What do you think?

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  1. Run Jim Run! says

    Great news! Sen. Waring would be a great Treasurer for Arizona. We need a strong, conservative candidate at this troubled time in our State’s history, and Jim is far and away the most qualified for the job. Run Jim, run!

  2. AZ Conservative says

    Chairman of Senate Finance Committee, former Vice Chairman of Appropriations, consistently voted against the runaway spending over his 7 years in the Senate. Sounds like a home run to me.

    Jim will easily draw a sharp contrast with unqualified political hack Andrei Cherney, who wrote Barack Obama’s policy book and is looking for an office to fill a void in his life.

  3. Waring will outwork everyone.

    He wins in a landslide.

  4. I think Waring would be a great treasurer — and is certainly the best GOP name to appear as potential candidates if Martin moves on — but, the reality is that the job is little more than anoffice manager. The treasurer has to follow state law on investments, and the actual job of investing is left to the financial people working in the office. Let’s not make it out like he or anyone else in that office can have much impact on how or where the state spends its money.

    The most important quality for the tresurer to have isn’t a philosophical viewpoint, but management skills.

  5. Jim Waring, former John McCain staffer was highly influenced by his boss. Waring is a conservative in the same sense John McCain and Jeff Flake are conservatives. Republican In Name pretty much exclusively.

    Thayer Verschoor is the only dependable conservative making noise about filling the Dean Martin void. Dean Martin’s voting record does not much resemble John McCain policy. Thayer Verschoor has got the street cred and would be a much better working partner should the current Treasurer vacate as expected and win the 9th Floor-as is also expected.

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Re posting #4: “… the actual job of investing is left to the financial people working in the office”

    And who’s the crew chief who hired them in the first place and supervises their work and manages them? Oh that’s right, its Dean.

    Re: posting #5: “… former John McCain staffer” enough said, next.

    Being mentored in Republicanism by John McCain is not an advantage on his job resume. Its enough for me to give him the thumbs down and suggest to my network they do likewise.

    We’ve had enough of the McCain philosophy in government.

  7. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Jim Waring is not a mini McCain; in fact, he’s not mini anything. He stands on his own merits; is a very sharp, conservative guy.

  8. RINO Watcher says

    How does Jim Waring explain his endorsement of Tony Bouie in the LD6 state House race in 2008? As you may recall, Bouie was a Democrat until 5 days before he filed his papers to run as a Republican in LD6.

  9. Actually, Veritas, the guy that does all the investing in the Treasurer’s office got promoted to that position during Petersen’s time, and has been there even longer than that. So Dean can’t take any credit there.

  10. Thanks RINO Watcher. I almost forgot Waring endorsed Tony Bouie against Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel.

    That Waring…what a Maverick!

  11. Bouie endorsement notwithstanding, Waring is not even close to being a RINO by any reasonable definition. He has been a dependable conservative on both tax and spending issues as well as immigration and pro-life/family issues. Add to that, he has consistently been the most prolific legislative campaigner this side of Harper, but with more tact and wit.

    Verschoor has been a solid conservative vote in all those same core areas, so perhaps they tie there. But even if they don’t, Waring has proven to be the better campaigner. Add to that Verschoor’s recent special session no-show, after which he abruptly changed his vote since he was flat wrong about most of his stated reasons for holding out. This will undoubtedly come up in a contested primary and look very bad to the average R primary voter. Besides, Verschoor has severely damaged his relationship with many of the other legislators whose endorsement he will need outside of Gilbert.

    If it ends up being a one-on-one race between them, it looks like Waring will be the odds-on favorite unless Verschoor can mand a lot of fences real quick.

  12. Jim Waring is a John McCain foot soldier and always has been. That’s why Waring endorsed Tony Bouie.

    Flat out–Verschoor is the conservative’s choice over former McCain staffer Waring.

  13. Pachyderm Coalition Rankings

    #2 Sen. Thayer Verschoor

    #11 Sen. Jim Waring right behind Barbara Leff!

    If Phx Phil’s point is Thayer Verschoor is the conservative’s choice then…’nuff said.

  14. Antifederalist says


    Your facts aren’t entirely correct. Petersen left the Treasurer’s office in shambles and only 1 investment manager remained. Petersen did not promote this guy. For a time, he was the only person managing $10B in state money. When Dean took office, he hired 2 more managers. Since Dean has taken office, he has earned the state $900 million from safe investments. So, one Petersen hold-over is NOT responsible for all the investing or the profits the office has made.


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