Jim Ward, CD5, Establishment Insider. Huckster?


This weekend while driving around doing errands, I passed Jim Ward’s congressional campaign sign at Tatum and Shea on the SW corner.

As I was waiting at the light there was a big sticker on it that said “ANTI ESTABLISHMENT OUTSIDER”.

Then I picked up my mail on Saturday and lo and behold I received a personal letter from John Shadegg explaining his endorsement for his friend Jim Ward and how I should send money to Jim for his campaign.

Now, maybe I missed something, but do anti-establishment outsiders typically get endorsed by sitting congressmen?  Do anti-establishment outsiders get the benefit of the use of sitting congressmen’s mailing lists?

You cannot be two simultanously opposite things at the same time.

Either Jim Ward is an anti-establishment outsider.

Or Jim Ward is an establishment insider.

Whichever one he wants you to believe he is, whichever one you happen to believe he is, whichever one he, in fact is, is less relevant than the fact that he’s hucking, trying to be all things to all people at once and being none of them….

…except for a candidate being supported by establishment insiders who voted for all of the largest spending programs in history!

Jim Ward: huckster?



  1. Jack Hammer says

    Jim seems to have learned lessons at the feet of competitor, Susan Bitter Smith!

  2. “Jim seems to have learned lessons at the feet of competitor, Susan Bitter Smith!”
    Really? How so? I’m not seeing anti establishment stickers on Susan’s signs.

    Instead of just throwing out random nonsense, try to put some facts with it to support your claim. Bonus points if you can do it without including “RINO” “baby killer” (when will you people learn that this issue is far below keeping a roof over the average voter’s head, providing for their family, or keeping a job) “gutter-smith” or any of the other tired, mundane and disgusting phrases people like to tend to vomit up when you have no facts.

  3. Not Crazy Pam says

    I am supporting JIm Ward, for “Most Arrogant Candidate for Congress.”

    Really this guy is not pleasant.

  4. MadArizonan says

    Arrogant congressmen are not good congressmen.

  5. Jim Ward is going around saying he is the anti-establishment candidate, posting it next to an article in the Wall Street Journal that mentioned him – falsely implying that the Wall Street Journal called him the anti-establishment candidate. It didn’t. Ward is running with the McCain team, and he talks about “immersion” for illegal immigrants, guest worker program, path to citizenship, etc. He flew out here a year ago to meet with Randy Pullen about which Congressional District in Arizona he should move to in order to run! The ultimate carpetbagger from San Francisco. I’m not impressed.

  6. Arizona Ranger says


    Here is the REAL truth behind “Carpetbagger Jim Ward”. He was hired/transplanted/brought in by John McCain to defeat a real conservative candidate: Dave Schwiekert!!! That’s is correct: McCain is financing his move here, financing his campaign, and will no doubt be campaigning for Jim Ward. Jim is a real political wanna-be: bought and paid for by McCain! Yes, he is arrogant. Yes, he is BRAND NEW to the Valley and has no freakin idea of what we the people want or need in our representative! Yes, he is the puppet of John McCain. Need we say more?
    On the other hand, Dave Schweikert is extremely ethical, smart, politically experienced, a real conservative, and dedicated to sincerely “fixing” what is wrong with Congress!!!
    Dave has earned our support, our contributions, and our vote.
    I plan to vote for a man that I know has ethics, character, and the moral conviction to truly represent us: I vote for Schweikert!!
    And for Jim Ward-go back to California where you belong and take
    McCain with you!

  7. Arizona Ranger,

    While I have no love for Jim Ward and would never vote for him, your assumption that he is working for McCain can’t be proved. FACTS please. Barring that, there isn’t enough tin foil in the world to contain all the crazy in your post.

  8. Jeff Weninger says

    I support David.

  9. I dont doubt that Ward is a carpet bagger but lets see some proof tha McCain financed his move out here… Thats quite the charge Arizona Ranger..

    All I can say is at least we dont have to worry about baby killer susan winning the primary. David has this primary in the bag

  10. Steve Calabrese says

    I don’t know about McCain backing Ward, but I know Ward called Randy Pullen prior to moving out here and specifically asked which district he should move to if he wanted to buy, er, win a congressional seat.

    The last thing Arizona needs is another Doug Wead carpetbagger.

  11. Nancy, Steve Calabrese, Arizona Ranger, Randy Pullen, Mad Arizonan, Jack Hammer,etc. (Likely all the same person)
    are liars and unworthy to hold any office in any place.

    Nothing printed in this thread by these people is true. If you are reading this, and are not one of the lunatics, you should disregard all of this as the rantings of David Scweikert minions and should be regarded with all the weight of any lie.

    If Pullen met with Ward as the Party chairman and all these people (likely the same person, Randy Pullen or Rob Haney) and then disclosed any part of any discussion as stated above, he should be removed from leadership and ashamed of himself.

  12. Oberserve says

    Funny. I got the letter too. I also saw the stickers on the Ward sign.

    So obviously some of what is printed in the thread is true. And your statement above is logically false!


  13. Lewis Citrenbaum says

    MadArizonan, you accuse Jim Ward of arrogance, but it is you who is being arrogant.

    While John Shadegg is a sitting congressman, he represents the antithesis of the type of policies that currently define the Washington establishment. Never wavering from his conservative values, Shadegg has fought for lower taxes and against wasteful spending. By implying that Congressmen Shadegg is an “establishment insider”, without any evidence whatever, you assume the ignorance of your readers.

    John Shadegg is anti establishment, and he endorsed a like minded individual in Jim Ward.

    I’m sure any candidate would welcome John Shadegg’s endorsement.

  14. LD 17

    It should be apparent where Ward learned his tactics!

    He’s studied Susan’s campaigns!

    Ward is putting on a front for immigration law enforcement while seeking funds and support from the Chamber and the Mary Manross crowd in establishment Scottsdale. The first political contacts he made were with the James Gang, of the Nathan Sproul school of conservatism. Hardly Tea Party material.

    Susan for her part hid behind Joe Arpaio two years ago while she and hubby “maxed Out” on Phil Gordon.

    She then “upped the ante” this year by heading up the Don Stapely Defense Fund.

    Thank God Joe “wised up”!

    One should ask Susan who she and hubby support for Attorney General and County Attorney?

    Perhaps, L.D.17, we should apply those questions to you!

    Are you game?


  15. “Susan for her part hid behind Joe Arpaio two years ago while she and hubby “maxed Out” on Phil Gordon.”

    Hide behind Arpaio? Really. How so? Because he endorsed her? How is that hiding.

    ‘Maxing Out’ on Phil Gordon? Give me some specifics on that…in writing.

    Give me concrete facts supported by actual events and I’ll be glad to play your game.

    “Thank God Joe “wised up”!”

    Really? He hasn’t endorsed anyone in CD5. Quite frankly, with all of the lawsuits and claims pending against him, no one really wants his endorsement.

  16. LD17,

    You really want that baby killer as our rep? She will never get the GOPs endorsement. She has been reduced to using all her signs from last time because she has been unable to raise any money. She just puts a different year taped on.

    At least Ward could self fund… And Schwiekert will have the club for growth behind him…

    Lets be really susan baby killer guttersmith is a joke

  17. Hannah T. says


    Am I the only person here that LIKES Jim Ward? I don’t know where you guys are getting your information, but uh… he’s a freaking conservative. Check out his column on the Iran issue. I can imagine John Bolton saying any of these things. If we can get a guy like that in Congress, the world has changed for the better in my lifetime.


    – HT

  18. Steve Calabrese says

    Travis: You’re kidding, right? Had you been here longer than five minutes, you would know who the real people are. Maybe you’re a San Francisco transplant like Ward. I’ve been here 32 years, which is about 31 years longer than Ward.

    First time I’ve ever been compared to Randy Pullen. Thanks. That’s flattering. Although I voted for Lisa James against Randy Pullen, and generally disagree with many of his decisions, I must say that the man is a civil gentleman of intelligence and honesty. The man sure knows how to run a meeting fairly as well.

    As to the suggestion that he is somehow “unfit” to hold office, well, he is the Chairman of the ARIZONA Republican Party. His first loyalty is to ARIZONA, and if he chooses to disclose that some Pelosi-type San Francisco huckster like Ward has contacted him looking to exploit our state in his personal quest for power, then that is not only his right but his duty.

    Hanah: Respectfully, yes, you are the only person who respects Jim Ward around here. I understand your comments; Ward certainly SOUNDS like a conservative; unfortunately, we know that he’s spared no expense in carefully following private polling in order to find out what Republican primary voters want to hear. Ward shopped for a district, and then he hired consultants to tell him what the people in that district want to hear. He truly is a bit too conservative to win in his San Francisco hometown; that, and the fact that he has a horrible reputation as a businessman in the Bay Area (his own employees organized a petition to get rid of him) makes running in his home area an impossibility, so he came to Arizona.

    As for the Shadegg endorsement, that’s just personal. John has his good points, but he’s never quite forgiven David Schweikert for attacking the TARP bailouts. John doesn’t like people who have Schweikert’s extensive financial background pointing out that TARP is the biggest financial boondoggle in American history; I suspect that had Shadegg not voted for TARP his endorsement would have been different.

  19. Steve – Will all due respect, are you making the case that John Shadegg endorsed Jim Ward because he’s trying to get back at David? Give the Congressman a little more credit than that. I am confident Congressman Shadegg wouldn’t put his name to a candidate if he didn’t truly believe they were the right candidate, with the right ideas and ability to defeat Harry Mitchell.

    Schweikert CAN NOT win. He LOST the district in 2008 when McCain solidly won. The voters don’t have confidence, nor do they want, David Schweikert.

  20. Oberserve says

    Umm… McCain lost his own voting PRECINCT that he LIVES and VOTES in in the 2008 presidential election. LOL

    I don’t think McCain winning anything is a great standard to compare any candidate to.

  21. Steve Calabrese says


    Last time around Mitchell got a last-minute bailout from the DNC. That’s not happening this time. And this time around, people who wouldn’t even speak to David are giving money to his campaign. He’s going to win.

  22. Steve,

    Why is the DCCC not going to help Mitchell this time? He is one of their top races they are looking to keep. The DCCC also have double the money of the NRCC. The NRCC is trying to play offense in all the places that the DCCC is going to have to play defense with half the money, so I actually think there is a good chance Schweikert gets nothing just like last time…

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