Jim Ward Calls on Harry Mitchell to Reverse His Yes Vote on Health Care Reform

Jim Ward

For Immediate Release: Saturday, March 20, 2010

(PHOENIX, AZ) March 20, 2010 – Jim Ward, Republican candidate for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, released the following statement today:

“Congressman Harry Mitchell is making a colossal mistake if he follows through with his stated plans to support the Democrat-led government takeover of our health care system. This misguided legislation will saddle our economy with enormous costs and trigger an unwarranted expansion of government into the private lives of our citizens.

“I have spoken to countless voters throughout Congressional District 5 since announcing my candidacy and they are clear in their firm opposition to this bill. I held a public, health care town hall meeting and delivered messages from attendees to Congressman Mitchell letting him know his constituents simply do not want the government making their health care decisions. I call on them to urge Congressman Mitchell to reverse his planned, party-line vote and instead support the wishes of the people he represents. Send him an unequivocal message that Arizonans will not accept this so-called reform and will hold him accountable for his vote.”

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