Jim Sharpe: Stop protecting bar disciplinary judge O’Neil and release public documents

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jim Sharpe: Why is crooked Bar Disciplinary Judge O’Neil being protected? 

O’Neil let his friend practice law in prison after he killed a woman in a hit-and-run DUI, while he disbarred Andrew Thomas for political reasons 

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Above the law
ABOVE THE LAW: No judge or attorney will dare take O’Neil on, since he has the power to take their license to practice law away.

transcript from the Jim Sharpe show Friday afternoon on KFYI:

We learned that judges are above the law when it came to the Andrew Thomas deal, but it goes beyond that. It’s the job of William O’Neil, bar disciplinary judge, to determine whether lawyers keep or lose their license. He sits on a 3-member panel, which is made up of an attorney from the State Bar, and a public citizen. They took away Andrew Thomas’s license. They never looked at the allegations Thomas had brought against public officials, even though the grand juries found them valid. They claimed that Thomas just didn’t like the way the judges were ruling.

There’s been some interesting goings on over the past few years with Judge O’Neil. There is a former friend of O’Neil’s who is trying to get the information out there. The story is convoluted, which benefits the wrongdoers. The average person doesn’t pay attention and the wrongdoers keep going.

There’s an attorney named Christopher Perry who hit an elderly couple while driving drunk, killing the woman, and he fled the scene. He was indicted by a grand jury, and was sentenced to only a year and a half in prison. Perry’s name appears on about 1,600 documents as an attorney- all while he was behind bars! If you or I had done what he did, we’d probably be doing 7 years behind bars. He served only a little over a year. You’d think his law license would have been taken away. But it wasn’t. This goes back to Judge O’Neil. He issued an order of stay on the suspension. People have been asking to see these orders, but they’re not being produced.

Perry held the loan on O’Neil’s mother-in-law’s home. That house was sold in a short sale in 2010, and purchased by a business partner of O’Neil’s, who then turned around and transferred a 50% interest to the judge! You or I have a short sale, we move out of the house, we lose the house. Well O’Neil’s mother-in-law has continued living in the house the entire time!

I have a string of emails here, there is an attorney who had her license taken away by Judge O’Neil, who tried to ask for these documents, but she was told they’re not part of Perry’s file!

I have been contacted by someone from the State Bar. Why does this private organization get to decide who gets to keep their law license? They’re a bunch of liberals who don’t like people like Andrew Thomas. Whereas people who kill little old ladies get to continue practicing law! The Arizona Supreme Court can pass along the authority to manage attorneys’ law licenses to anyone they want. They need to oversee this and make sure the right thing is done. No lawyer wants to jump into this, because the judge they’re going after could take away their law license! That’s what happened to Andrew Thomas. If you try to go after anyone in power who has control over your law license, they will take you out.

I don’t know why the governor’s office isn’t all over this. It’s starting to become clear that they’re preventing folks from putting the documents all together to stop them from figuring it all out. Come on, produce the documents that have been requested. People are trying to protect a judge that should not be protected. Enough is enough is enough. These people are supposed to be unbiased and judging cases. Put some confidence back in the legal system.

Listen to the show here, it’s the first 10 minutes.

We recommend concerned people contact your legislators about this situation, because clearly the State Bar and Arizona Supreme Court aren’t going to do anything on their own.

House Speaker Andy Tobin atobin@azleg.gov 602-926-5172
Senate Majority leader Andy Biggs abiggs@azleg.gov 602-926-4371

Rep. John Allen has indicated he would like to help out in this area, so you may want to contact him too – allen@azleg.gov 602-926-4916

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