Jesse Kelly Withdraws from CD-2 Republican Primary Contest

Republican candidate Jesse Kelly released the following statement today regarding the Republican Primary in the new Congressional District 2:

“I would like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my wife Aubrey, and our supporters for their unwavering commitment to the values that make America great. Looking at the results from Tuesday, we have decided to withdraw from the race for Congress in AZ-02 and to seek other opportunities. I will forever be thankful to our generous supporters and volunteers.”

Sonoran Alliance would like to thank Jesse for stepping up to serve once again and for his hard-fought effort to win the CD-8 Special Election. We wish him the best in his pursuits and would hope that he continue to work in the conservative political movement.

Thank you Jesse and may God bless You and Yours.


  1. Aw man, so sad.

    I even found the perfect theme for Jesse’s next run for the seat:


  2. Another SA endorsed candidate bites

    the dust.

    Great job guys….LOL

  3. Here in Central Phoenix we apply the word: putz.

  4. By lord and savior, is Jesse Kelly referring to government contracts?

    Amen, brother!

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