Jesse Kelly Releases First CD-8 GOP Ad

We’re not even in the heat of the 2010 election cycle and Republican Jesse Kelly has already released his first introduction ad. This is a good sign of the momentum moving toward Republicans. Gabrielle Giffords should be back in the district so let her know how you feel about the federal government in general. But also let her know there’s a better alternative on the way and his name is Jesse Kelly.

Here is the press release issued by the campaign:

Contact: Jesse Kelly

Jesse Kelly starts TV ads.

TUCSON, AZ. The Kelly for Congress campaign (AZ-8) has started running its first commercial. The 30 second spot is primarily aimed at introducing Jesse and building name identification. The ad will run on cable channels within District 8 for up to 2 months. You can view the ad online at YouTube.

The Jesse Kelly campaign is starting these ads 12 months from the primary because they realize that name ID will be crucial to victory in the 2010 election.

For more information on the Jesse Kelly campaign please visit You can contact campaign manager Bret Summers at (520) 237-9056 or You can contact Jesse Kelly at



  1. Tucson Vice says


  2. This is a waste of money. Nobody goes on tv over 12 months before the campaign. Either Jesse is a billionaire and will self fund this campaign or his “consultant” is a crook. I am guessing the latter is instead of the former.

    Jesse, stop wasting money or you won’t have a chance to win, and get rid of the idiot who told you this was a good idea.

  3. Richard Huebschman says

    You’re both wrong. I think this guy could have real potential with genuine voter appeal. Showed me real class by upstaging Gabby at her cancelled townhall. Get in her face and strike while the iron is hot, while the liberals are on the ropes on issues like health reform and cap and tax. All he needs is more exposure and some polish and he will defeat the liberal Giffords.

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