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Jesse Kelly on Drudge

Jesse Kelly on Drudge

Look who’s buying advertising on Drudge Report. And I’m not talking about the wierd lady on Britain’s Got Talent. This is the latest screenshot.

In case you can’t read the ad at the top of Drudge Report, it’s an ad for Jesse Kelly’s campaign committee. Jesse is running for Congress in Arizona’s congressional district 8 against the astronaut’s wife, Gabrielle Giffords.

This race is going to get very serious.


  1. I am hearing from my friends down Tucson way he is getting a lot of people excited about 2010. Giffords is the original Obama, empty rhetoric.

  2. Yep, that’s what we need. Another Bush-lite. Shoot first and ask questions later. If the best visual Jesse can come up with is standing with an oozie – we don’t need you in Washington.

  3. DM, I would hardly call a U.S. Marine who fought in combat Bush-lite. In fact, having seen war first hand, Kelly is probably the opposite of Bush.

    The weapon in questions looks more like the standard M-16 rifle than an “oozie”.

    Gila Courier has a gentler version of the ad if men with guns scares you.

  4. If Jesse Kelly is Bush-lite does that make Giffords Obama-lite?

  5. If he is the GOP nominee he will lose by the same or greater margin as Tim Bee.

  6. I wonder where he stands on the confirmation of Sotomayor. I’d love him to release a press release on that. Does he stand with Tom Tancredo?

  7. Basil St. John says

    May I pose a question? If Giffords were seriously vulnerable, wouldn’t Paton or Antenori or Ash be considering a run against her? And if she becomes vulnerable, won’t someone like that step in and edge Jesse out of the way?

  8. History is on Jesse’s side. The party in the White House always loses seats in the midterm elections. Also, as long as Jesse is not afraid to take the challenge to Giffords and meet with the base unlike Bee, he can and will win. I don’t see someone else knocking him off front runner status. He is already endorsed by Congressmen Trent Franks, Duncan D. Hunter, Frank Wolf, former Presidential candidate and Congressman Duncan L. Hunter and others. He also just went and met with the NRA and NRCC in Washington, D.C. Seems like he is off to a strong start.

  9. I heard the Antenori’s and Paton’s of the world are not running due to redistricting in 2012. If Jesse Kelly keeps this up they might not have a chance. Also, it is about time that a man look and act like a man. 🙂

  10. civics book says

    hey klute,
    why would Jesse Kelly put out a press release on Sotomayor? in case you cant remember back to high school civics, the US Senate is responsible for SCOTUS confirmations, not the House.

  11. Momentum is on Kelly’s side.

    We are closing in on a mid-term election that will likely be “politically deadly” to Democrats give the direction the Obama Administration is taking the country. There are A LOT of Independents who are going through “voter remorse” because what they voted for and what they got are dramatically different.

    Giffords could very well be collateral damage although she is not a Pelosi clone with the same ratings as the more liberal members of the Democratic Party.

    The key to Kelly’s success is money. If he can raise the money needed to scare off a credible primary opponent and bank that cash for the General, he is in the running to beat Gabby. Thus far, he is off to a pretty good start and is talking to all the right people.

    There is another contrast to Bee and that is all based on image. Tim was a very nice guy but let’s face it, he did not come off as a man’s man and that has a strong appeal to men and women in the district.

  12. I wish more Republicans would choose to advertise their support for lawful self defense. This is the first one I’ve ever seen (perhaps I need to look around more).

  13. Antifederalist says

    I’ll make a prediction: nationally, Republicans have done little to divorce themselves from their free-spending dyas in the majority. Simply being “not Obama” is NOT going to help them. So, unless Kelly drives hard right, he’ll lose the election because conservatives are not going to be excited enough to bother to vote or donate money or time.

  14. Supporter of Pullen says

    I would support Ron Gould or a Conservative like him, weather they live in the district or not.

    If we could combine Jesse’s service to our country and having been a life-long Republican like Ron Gould, we would have a winner.

    I wonder if there is a Republican out there that never got mad and left the party, is a US military veteran, and has high name recognition in politics?

  15. Iris Lynch says

    I understand where Sarah is coming from. However, I wouldn’t make it so personal. The previous two Republican candidates were convinced by their ‘handlers’ that they needed to move to the center, that immigration was a ‘single’ issue (that effects just about everything in modern life!) and they needed to seek the votes of those who would never vote for them and shun the policies (carefully) of those who WOULD vote for them. The truth in life is that every species, every age, every color, every profession and every economic class will ALWAYS feel more comfortable with ‘their own kind’ and no amount of legislation will ever change that. We will always trust friends more than strangers…and we will NEVER be friends with everyone. Read these blogs for heaven’s sake!

    Go to any group home, any luncheon on any campus, any association of some trade or profession and see the ‘natural’ coming together of LIKES. Yes, we celebrate a cat feeding a puppy, but that is because it is not usual. It is insanity to pretend that reality is not real, folks.

    Maybe Kelly is actually going to stand up for a segment of our society who have long been without representation because too many of us are pretending to support those who would never support us, given a choice. So says Sotomayor.

  16. civics book,

    Which is why I said “where he stands” not “how he’d vote” – it’s a political gut check. Maybe that kind of stuff is above his paygrade.

  17. Basil St. John says

    Yeah, it was shameful the way that Randy Graf moved toward the center and abandoned his principles! No wonder he lost once he embraced all those moderate views.

  18. Busch lite is a beer, not a political ideology.

    Now Jesse Kelly, on the other hand, is the kind of real conservative we need in Washington.

  19. I will don’t personally support Jesse, and I consider myself a staunch conservative. Before anyone responds to this by calling me anti-military, my husband is an active-duty Marine Staff Sergeant with 11 years in so far, and has a BA in Business.

    With all of the banter about Obama having little political experience (and I agree with that estimate) despite his service in the Senate, I would have to say that Jesse has even less experience, and what we need now during these trying economic times is experience.

    Now is not the time, in my opinion, for a politician to learn “on the fly” or to take time to get accustomed to our government’s methods of operation.

    Also, his wife having a degree is not an accomplishment on his part. Why didn’t he do more between 2004, when he got out, and now?

  20. There are several candidates running in district 8 against Giffords in the next election. I met one who has lifetime military experience as an AirForce fighter pilot with a lot of combat experience, and a degree in political science. His name is Brian Miller and would be a serious congressional candidate to run against Giffords. Jesse Kelly can’t win against Giffords, he spent 4 years in the military, tried but quit college, worked for his parents business and now this. And he isn’t even 30! We need someone who is able to really compete with Giffords and the Dems!

  21. Sharron Gill says

    I have to agree with ‘tucsonian’. Brian Miller has it all over Jesse except for height. Miller has so much going for him, it is a shame for him to have to fight in a primary race. This guy has it all!

  22. I think Brian Miller is the better choice … Jesse just seemed to me like a phoney!

  23. The only choice here is the only True Conservative, Brian Miller for Congress 2010!


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