Jerry Brooks Announces for Maricopa GOP Chair

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 12, 2008

Jerry Brooks Announces Bid for Chairman: Promises an Effective, Inclusive Organization Focused on Winning Elections

(Chandler)  Jerry Brooks announced today his candidacy for Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

“I am running for Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee because I believe the Republican Party needs new direction,” said Brooks.  “I have been a Precinct Committeeman since 1978 and I have always worked effectively with all elements of the party.  I have served in elective office and I have managed and assisted many campaigns for other Republicans.  I know that it takes unity of effort to win.”

Brooks stressed the need for new leadership to achieve unity quoting Michael Reagan, “…it seems we find reasons not to get along and not to present a united front in the face of our opponents.”

“The Republican Party was once devoted to winning elections.  In two years, Arizonans will elect a Governor and other statewide offices.  Will we elect a Republican Governor?  Will we hold John McCain’s seat in the U.S. Senate?  I believe we can, but it will take new, effective and positive leadership to achieve our goals.”

“With your support, I will work for an open and inclusive Republican Party—one in which the grassroots base, young professionals and the business community all feel welcome.  I will do my best to bring all Republicans together and return to the days when the Republican Party enjoyed the confidence and respect of the people we are trying to serve.”

Brooks was elected Mayor of Chandler from 1984 to 1988 and was a member of the Chandler City Council from 1982 to 1984.  He served as Director of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns and was the Vice Chairman of the Maricopa Association of Governments.  Brooks retired from the United States Air Force as a Colonel.  His private sector career includes positions as Vice President of Talley Technical Services and Director of Government Relations for New Construction at Motorola.  Brooks managed John McCain’s 1982 campaign for Congress.  He is the Chairman of the Legislative District 21 Republican Committee.  Brooks and his wife, Sheila, reside in Chandler.


  1. Brooks proudly points out he managed McAmnesty’s very first campaign and has been an admirer ever since. The 2008 Republicans who ran as Democrat light, like McAmnesty, lost. We need a conservative platform Republican County Chair. Go Rob Haney!! It’s the Republican platform. We already agreed to it. It’s in force until 2012. Rob will uphold it. Brooks won’t. And McLoser certainly won’t.

  2. Bow out Brooks. You know you are not with the conservatives. Look at the great AZ legislative conservative victories this year. Platform Republicans win. Moderates lose. We don’t want the leadership style you will bring. Maricopa County Republicans want conservative leadership. McCain’s influence is over. His military service is something we all honor. His politics are Democrat light. McCain and Brooks are old bad news. The grassroots are for Haney and the Republican platform.

  3. nightcrawler says

    So Dale…

    If that is so why did Haney lose in LD11 and Husband not even get re-elected as a PC ?

  4. Nightcrawler:

    MONEY — that’s why.

    A sitting Senator can raise money….check the books…look for the name Lynch…….see the money, see where it came from.

    How many mailing did they make? Calls?

    How many of them had even ever been to a District meeting?

    Wake up — America depends on you.

  5. night,

    I know you like to take your liberal donkey position and raise a bunch of junk, but your question does have an answer.

    Five figure donations from McCain friends in San Francisco and across the nation including robo calls from the current governor of Mississippi (former RNC Chair Barbour) in a district that is home to the McCains and their former staffers the Gulletts, Lynches, Tullys, Gutiers etc plus the Kyls Baylesses, Hulls, May, Gerard, Grace, Symington, Driggs, Magruder, LaVecke, the Lobbyist Mafia, leaders of the Republicans for Napolitano, the WISH list founders, and others for starters – all for a District Chair post! What a joke.

    The wonder is not that Haney lost, but that it took them four years to win on a night when they cast illegal votes and twenty of his supporters failed to attend.

    Dale’s comment was to the overwhelming conservative victories across the county and the state this fall – Seel, Montenegro, Lesko, Ash, Hendrix, Pratt, Gowan, Antenori, Melvin, Pierce, Pearce etc.

  6. If McCain and his minions had worked as hard to defeat Obama as they did to defeat Haney, he might be the President-elect.

  7. Wooden Teeth says

    What about Thomas? He signed that letter supporting Symington over Haney in LD11, and he got reelected as well. By a lot. Is Thomas a moderate? Magruder had a fundraiser for him, no? And he supported Magruder in LD11, but policy wise they’re on opposite sides. Are these the only exceptions to your theory?

    If you have a theory that explains 80% of events (after the fact) that’s fine, but please don’t lead us to believe it explains the other 20% as well. And don’t ask us to credit Haney and Pullen for every conservative win.

  8. nightcrawler says

    I believe the MCRC election is for the heart and soul of the GOP in Arizona. This election is more important than that of the AZGOP. The fact of the matter is that the MCRC wields a lot of power over the operational activities most populated districts of our party. more so than the AZGOP. We need to get this right.

    From my “center-left” view of the party. The MCRC has been ruled by an conservative iron fist for years. There is simply not enough room to list all of the transgressions of the well intentioned but clearly power hungry and delusional EGC members. The latest meddling in the LD4 elections and certain LD6 primary endorsements are proof enough. Is Barnes the guy ? I am not sure. Haney will mean more of the same.

    There are two resolutions that need to be brought up at the County meeting to amend the bylaws…

    1) The MCRC and more specifically the EGC should not endorse one Republican candidate over another in a primary election.

    2) This “one district one vote” business needs to change. We need the LD votes in the EGC decision making process to reflect the number of PCs represented. Big frogs in small ponds have too much power.

  9. All Haney does is elect Democrats. His record in Republican-dominant LD11 is pitiful. All Haney wants to do is defeat Republicans.

    Go Brooks! Its time we had a chairman who wants to elect Republicans!!!

  10. AZGOP, Candidates win and lose legislative elections, not District Chairmen. Unfortunately, as Janelle said, LD11 district officers were forced by mccaniacs to spend way too much time and resources holding on to their own PC slots.

    Brooks, what is so unifying about McAmnesty making a concerted effort to take out Precinct Committmen in LD11? Doesn’t sound very unifying to me.

    Looking for Dem. light? Brooks is your man. Looking for conservative leadership? Vote Haney.

  11. Billy Barue says

    AZGOP makes a good point. I helped Hasselbrock in 2006 and he was a good candidate. The Dem who won is a wife beater, left the House in disgrace. A Dem write-in candidate won a seat against a good candidate named Altmann.

    All Haney did during two elections was walk-around with his “no McCain” button. That’s not leadership.

    Congrats to the border-nuts. Obama is Prez and LD11 has twice elected Democrats. Haney will be an even bigger disaster as county chairman.

  12. We need more Rob Haney. Not less. Funny how the “mavericks” cannot put the blame of McLame’s loss where it belongs–on McLame and his minions. I would call them supporters but, how do you possibly support a maverick. You can never know which way he is going! Except of course, Brooks–he always backs the maverick. Rob Haney backs the platform and knows the grassoots-up style of Party organization.

    Rob Haney is endorsed by Sen. Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the majority of east valley Republicans. He’s got my vote too!

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