Jeff Rogers on Daniel Patterson

Here’s the text from an email that made the rounds among Democrats. Pima County Democrat Chairman Jeff Rogers authored the email which addresses the domestic violence problem with State Representative Daniel Patterson. 

From: Jeffrey Rogers [​]
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2010 9:43 AM
To: -X-
Subject: Patterson

-X-, I would truly appreciate it if you would not engage in any negative statements about Daniel. We already have a “safe” Dem seat in play in LD 28 because of Ted Downing’s move. We can’t afford to have another “safe” seat in play. This is not a primary. We most hold the seats we already have – especially since we have a legitimate chanced to pick up a Senate seat in 26 & 30 and a house seat in 30.

So, even if you have strong opinions about this and a strong friendship with his soon to be ex-wife, please don’t stir this up any more than it already has been.

Thank you.


  1. catsclaw says

    So in other words even if he is a creep he’s OUR creep.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    If Scott had to go Daniel has to go – simple.

    Urge House Speaker Tobin to call a special session to consider demanding Patterson’s resignation.

    • Why didn’t you suggest a month into the Bundgaard mess that leadership needed to “call a special session” and “demand” Bundgaard’s resignation? No, that fiasco went on for nearly a year before a Dem stepped up and launched an Ethics probe, which led to Bundgaard slinking away, finally.

      And why now, are Reps saying “it’s too early” for a Patterson investigation? Headline on 2/28:

      “Arizona House GOP: Ethics hearing on Dem lawmaker Patterson would be premature”

      Which way is it?

      • Harris Shirley says

        Because everyone’s known about Patterson for a lot longer… his dope and his temper.

        Any man who visits violence on a child or woman should be someplace other than in the Statehouse. Patterson will step down once the Dems find a suitable replacement for him – or he’s arrested first.

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