Jeff Flake With An Earmark Minute

Gotta love YouTube! Here is Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake on the floor of the House speaking out against the congressional addiction to earmarks.


  1. As the only Democrat currently running against Rep. Flake, I have no quarrel with his campaign against earmarks (he’s right about his jokes and puns being lame).

  2. I have heard that the roar of the thunder about earmarks from Flake is missing the lightning of actually eliminating them. Does anyone have any information on how much his campaign – he seems to have done nothing else since elected – has saved the taxpayers.

    I have been told that when everything is said and done, Cong. Flake qualifies for much more is said than done.

  3. gop4ever2008 says

    Congressman Flake is the ONLY congressman to have successfully passed an amendment cutting earmarks from the Democrat spending bills so far this year, according to the Club for Growth. For the record, though, Arizona Congressmen Flake, Franks and Shadegg were all among the 16 of 435 US Reps to earn perfect anti-pork ratings from the Club this year. Still, to be the only one to successfully get an amendment to pass when Pelosi & Company are determined to waste as much of OUR taxpayer money as possible is pretty impressive. Imagine what Mr. Flake could do if we won back the Speaker’s gavel from Pelosi and put it back in the hands of a Republican!!!

  4. Many of the earmarks he’s fought against were from Republican members.

  5. gop4ever2008

    Since you won’t answer the question about how much, I went to your source – Club for Growth. The answer is $129,000 TOTAL – he could save the taxpayers more by cutting only ONE of his budgeted staff of eighteen. His office is working against over seventy percent of his constituents anyway.

    More importantly, how much Arizona taxpayer money is he willing to waste in order to keep his open border policies. We are already spending more than two BILLION dollars just in the state budget – not even counting federal dollars – for illegals.

    His earmark savings represent less than .00001 percent that his support for policies create in budget increases for his illegal/open border policies embodied in the McCain Kennedy Flake Gutierrez comprehensive immigration bills — or reduce the classroom size in our schools — or reduce the crime wave?

    In fact the cost to the taxpayers for staff to reaearch, prepare, print, schedule, place on the agenda, take action and fail his earmark amendments is exponentially greater than all the savings realized.

    THANKS, Jeff for raising the cost of government!

  6. kralmajales says

    Hmmm is Russell Pearce still challenging Flake?

  7. Pearce is “exploring” at this time. It doesn’t look like he’s made any decisions yet.

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