JD or not JD? – That is the question

Clueless Grant Woods thinks he has the answer

(Reprinted from Common Sense)

For those of you who live in Rush Limbaugh’s Rio Linda, JD is former Congressman and current KFYI 550 AM conservative, radio talk-show host. Grant Woods is a washed up politician who formerly held the post of Arizona Attorney General.

JD HayworthYou can always tell when a politician is beginning to panic. A leading indicator is a poll that shows them losing ground or trailing another candidate. Not too long ago, Senator John McCain was shown to be out of touch with Arizona and another poll showed him in a statistical dead heat with JD Hayworth, in a bid for the Senate in the 2010 election. This is rather remarkable in-as-much as Hayworth is not even in the race. In fact, his position does not differ dramatically from that of Charlie the mailman who serves the postal route in our neighborhood. Charlie also has not declared his candidacy for the Senate seat, and we doubt he will. However, JD might, and this is why McCain is showing signs of discomfort.

Many seasoned politicians keep a bag of dirty tricks in their closets, that they haul out when the season starts. In a cowardly attempt to ensure they maintain the aura of “Mr. Clean,” they get someone else to do the dirty work for them. Grant Woods is apparently eager to fill that role. He recently filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission in Washington, alleging that Mr. Hayworth and his employer, Clear Channel, the owner of KFYI, are violating federal law through in-kind contributions, in a bid to launch JD’s campaign for the US Senate.

It is the nature of talk shows that callers will phone in and suggest that the host ought to run for this office or that. Some of JD’s fans have talked to him about running for governor; others have suggested taking back his seat from Congressman Harry Mitchell, and of course, some believe that JD would make a fine US senator. John McCain has alienated a substantial portion of his natural base by drifting leftward, and no issue separates candidate McCain and non-candidate Hayworth more than illegal immigration. McCain is virtually an icon for immigration reform, (wink-wink) which is just another way of saying: Let’s keep the floodgates open so non-citizens

can destroy our country (McAmnesty). Hayworth has been very critical of McCain and others on this, and wants sealed borders along with strong measures to encourage illegals to pack up and move to their natural homes. This division makes McCain and Hayworth natural political rivals, and sets the stage for a potential battle.

Will JD declare himself a candidate? At this point nobody knows, including Hayworth himself. Political life is not a bed of roses. It exposes anyone who decides to swim in those murky waters to the seedy underside of human behavior. Anything goes, families become fair game, and even non-candidates who are suspected of posing a potential threat become targets. Frequently it is the American people who suffer the most, when the vanguards of special interests prevail. Maybe this time we will get lucky. Keep your fingers crossed and support the candidate who supports us, the little guys. One thing is sure. Whatever feud simmered between Grant Woods and John McCain for almost two decades has been put aside in their mutual political panic concerning the popularity of JD Hayworth with the Republican Base in Arizona.

That’s a small miracle at this special time of year-and in its own strange way, makes Hayworth a uniter, not a divider!


  1. “FLUSH” the John!!

  2. alicia gegner says

    John McCain is a Democrat in GOP clothing. JD consistently was on the side of the people when he was in Congress. My vote goes to JD. I hope he runs.

  3. McCain is out of touch and opposed by most of the conservative base. I remember see that over %60 of Arizona voters think he is out of touch. We need JD’s common sense and energy to get our Party back on track. McCain is wrong for this state. He is the most divisive force in Arizona politics. JD is a uniter not a divider. I hope he runs and announces soon!

    Let’s take our Party and our Nation back.

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. I just don’t see JD Hayworth as the next US Senator from Arizona. While he may be one shade less enthusiastic about government spending than Harry Mitchell the fact that he could only persuade 46% of CD-5 voters of his integrity and philosophy in 2006 mean that he is not likely (in my opinion) to prevail in 2010.

  5. There were some internal issues in his campaign that stalled the momentum. Combined with the Dems dumping a ton of cash in at the last minute and you got problem. A lot of effort was spent to shore up Kyl’s race that could have gone to JD. Both seats were targets of the Dems, but JD’s was thought to be the safer of the two seats. Everyone was shocked, even Mitchel.

    This could be different. It’s a republican primary between an unpopular McCain and an extremely popular Hayworth. For Arizona’s sake, let’s hope he decides to run. My checkbook is standing by.

  6. Six more years for John McCain to wreck havoc in the Republican Party would put a stake through its heart. Just look what he has accomplished in the last eight years from Campaign Finance Reform to Amnesty to endorsement of Al Gore’s Global Warming to endorsement of Cap and Trade to closing Gitmo and trying terrorists in US Courts etc.
    And if you are not keeping up with flap- jack John, know that he was for these issues before he was against them. It all depends on how the political winds are blowing. He has no principle that guides him. This means that we cannot count on him to take the conservative Republican position except maybe when he is running for reelection. Johnny, we do so well know ye.

  7. Foghorn Leghorn couldn’t even win his own district. The last thing we need is for him to lose a statewide race.
    One thing we do need is for the Dems to have county chairmen like Mr. Haney so they could self desturct too.

  8. Even if Joe isn’t smart enough to understand the dynamic of the race, McCain is. That warm feeling he gets when he thinks about JD getting in the race is evidenced on the front of his pants.

    There are two things McCain that best define McCain. McAmnesty and McCain-Feingold. A third could be his support of his good friend Kennedy. With a guy like him, the dems don’t need to run a candidate.

    Mr. Haney won his election by a landslide because he recognized this problem and actually took action. He won despite the large effort McCain and his henchmen put in to stop Haney.

  9. JD had better run for Senate.
    McCain is out of touch with Arizonans. When JD was in congress he always took care of us.

  10. Political animal says

    Ihave known JD for 15 years, and I have visited with him several times since He and I went knocking on doors in 1994. He truly is a man of the people. When he was on the Appropriation Committee in the House of Representatives, he fought courageously to keep Congress from robbing us blind with their constant profligacy. He also wsnts to protect our borders, and is fighting to this day to stop illegal entry in our state; he is adamantly opposed to any kind of amnesty that McCain favors. His integrity should not be qyuestionned. People who constantly bring his ties to the Ahbramof case, conveniently “forget” to say that JD was completely exonerated from any wrong doing. He is wholeheartedly my candidate of choice.

  11. Arizona Ranger says

    If there is any current or potential politician who is TRULY is in touch with what we the people think, need, and want–it is JD HAYWORTH!
    Sorry folks, John McCain is closer to being a hard core Democrat rather than the conservative that he attempts to cloak himself with, i.e., using the term Republican. JD is a man who supports the rule of law, of being fiscally responsible, and who is accessible to his constituents. Ever try to contact McCain? Forget about waisting your time. YOU don’t qualify!
    Besides his ethical qualities, his knowledge of politics, and his known ability to win elections, JD brings something we desparately need in the Senate–NEW BLOOD! It is time we said thank you to McCain and allow him to joint the speaker circuit as an emeritus politician. He is not the type of liberty oriented, responsible, and ethical man that constitutes JD Hayworth. It’s time for the last roll call for McCain. He should know enough to go out a winner, rather than be embarrased by losing.

    JD gets my support, my contributions in time and money, and my hope that we can put a real Republican back in the Senate!

  12. I don’t know hardly anyone who supports McCain anymore, he has been such a disappointment to Republicans in terms of his voting record. One liberal vote after another. He voted for one of the bailouts last year, his pattern of voting against Republicans in order to be a “maverick” hasn’t changed. We’ve learned what he is like and it is time to have someone who really represents GOP values like JD.

  13. Joe doesn’t know anyone who supports McCain anymore? Let me introduce myself; I’m Lily and I live in AZ. I still support McCain – especially as he continues to wreaks havoc in DC fighting Obama and Obamacare, while most conservatives just cry and complain but do nothing productive. I wish all had just walked out on this farce and refused to be part of it. But they didn’t. So no, I don’t support all McCain does, and if someone better than McCain comes along, I’ll be happy to vote for him.

    But that sure isn’t JD. I will never forget how JD and so many other “true conservative” opened their own war on an American hero and helped Obama take our White House. JD used his position to wallow in his own self-pity and bitterness and let us suffer the consequences. JD’s constant, unrelenting, vicious, full frontal attacks on a man who went to war for this country, and paid a horrendous price for his service, are far more despicable than anything McCain has or hasn’t done.

  14. MaskedTruthman says

    Lily, you need to remember that the hero who returned to us from brutal captivity in Vietnam is the same guy that finished next to last in his class at Annapolis. Courage is not the same as intelligence. God love him but get him away from the levers of government!

  15. I am on the ballot against John. http://www.jimdeakin.com JD calls me “the real JD”. I am supported by members of ResistNet, TEA Parties, and other grass roots organizations. I am a certified 912 candidate http://www.912candidates.org and endorsed by the good egg club https://www.thegoodeggclub.com/. I’ve also signed the 10th Amendment Center Pledge http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/

    I am the real candidate that can and will defeat John.

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