JD Hayworth: The Challenger Heard Even in Boston

Matt Viser with The Boston Globe followed the Hayworth campaign around earlier this week. One of the final town hall visits took place at a RV park in South Tucson where the room was packed standing room only capacity. Preaching his political message to the crowd, Hayworth energized the crowd with his message of consistent conservatism differentiating himself from McCain’s progressive and unpredictable voting record.

Congressional candidate, Jonathan Paton, was also part of the program and made a strong appeal citing his recent military service to a room filled with veterans and families of servicemen currently serving. Two weeks earlier, Paton’s chief opponent, Jesse Kelly, publicly endorsed Hayworth during his initial Tucson announcement speech.

But as The Globe points out, “Many were there to hear J.D.” and Hayworth’s message resonated strongly to a community of retirees who have lost trust, grown weary or are outright angry with John McCain’s lip service.


  1. Oops, Paton forgot to mention that last part on his web site. Is he covering for someone? http://tr.im/QNIo

  2. So much for the Establishment twaddle about J.D. not having statewide name I.D.

  3. It’s always a flag when there is no link.

  4. Republican Lady says

    Go JD!! The battle between the RINO and the Tea Party Conservative is on!! The whole nation is paying attention to the race between the man who will be and the man who was! McCain should have retired while he was on top!

  5. You can’t think the time ive been googling for this. Through seven pages of Aol results without discovering anything at all. 1 search on Bing. There this is… Have to begin to use this more often

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