JD Hayworth Rocks the House in LD 21

Here’s a brief video clip of JD Hayworth’s closing remarks at the Legislative District 21 Republican meeting last night. This was the second of two standing ovations he received when he spoke to the party faithful.

This ought to send a shiver through the McCain camp as they watch one appearance after another generate such great response.

After JD had spoke, Mayor Boyd Dunn attempted to salvage any credibility John McCain had left with these precinct committeemen.


  1. JD needs money and support.
    He needs DeMint convinced he is viable.

    This is what others are saying about him,
    http://itsaboutfreedom.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=politics .

    JD needs national support.
    Those comments at RedState need to be proved
    inaccurate. Do you post at RS?

  2. Yeah, J.D. REALLY ‘Rocked the House…’ Wa, waaaaaa……………..

    Did anyone see Senator McCain at the GOP State Meeting in January? Now, THAT was an applause.

  3. 20/30 is right. The applause accompanied by the chants of JD JD JD real rattled McAmnesty. He left with his tail between his legs. JD stayed and talked to everyone.

  4. Hey Mole, keep telling that story and it will become just like JD’s stellar record…an urban legend without foundation.

    The back corner of LD 11 Haneyites tried to get something going and it was all but drowned out by the entire auditorium’s applause and standing ovation by many.

    The funniest event and most telling…when JD, in the back of the auditorium, leaned over and told some shmuck…”Yell NO AMNESTY” while Sen. Kyl was speaking and the guy did! That made for some funny conversations in the lobby and courtyard.

    Then he wouldn’t shut up! Angering many at the absolute rudeness and lack of respect for all who attended on that day.

    Who could imagine that there is something of importance that does not involve JD?

    But then, since when has JD cared about anything other than self-promotion?

  5. JD is well liked and McCain hated by the grassroots for good reasons. McCain has always been about McCain. He drops by every six years to lie to us. It took the anger of the entire country to stop his infamous McAmnesty bill and we will not forget.

    McCain is the republican Kennedy. Most of the legislation McCain is known for was done jointly with Kennedy or some other Dumbocrat. You McCainiacs can rant all you want with your stupid comments, but we want McCain gone.

  6. West Valley GOP says

    I was pleased to be sitting with JD during the speeches and he was great to talk to. Sadly Ann, you are a liar. JD never told anyone to yell anything, and if just telling bald-faced lies is the tactic that you and the other McCain supporters will be using, you will cost your candidate support from reasonable people who have not made up their minds yet.

  7. Ann,
    You are showing yourself to be less than truthful.
    I was at the meeting. No one told me to chant. It was spontaneous. McCain received a lukewarm response. Maybe you were just yelling so loud, all you heard was yourself.

  8. Stephen Kohut says

    Ann must have had headphones on listening to McRINO talking points. I was at the state meeting. When McCain was introduced to speak he got chants of “JD”, boos, some applause and some polite clapping. This is a very mixed and poor reception for a senior senator running for reelection. Translation, McCain is in trouble.

    It gets even better. McCain is the guest speaker at the Pima GOP Lincoln’s Day Dinner whose theme is to honor PC’s. Seems like the PC’s are not happy with the choice of guest speaker to honor them and there will be a protest by the PC’s against McCain. John is certainly endearing himself to the grassroots of the party. I wonder how many signatures he’ll get that night.

  9. West Valley GOP,

    You may continue to believe you saw everything that day, that you and you alone are the owner of all that is truthful and therefore empowered to label all others as liars. I will defend my statement, it was witnessed by more than just me.

    Believe it or not, the choice is yours.

  10. I am not a Republican. I am no fan of John McCain. Even so I think if you support JD Hayworth, Chris Simcox or Jim Deakin then you should point out what your favorite candidate supports and what you unfavorite candidate doesn’t and leave it at that.


  11. You tea-baggers ought to be a bit more discerning in choices of candidates you back, unless you truly are racist hate mongers. Ann is right, hayworth did tell the guy to shout it out, he will do anything to get publicity against McCain. Problem for you folks is the guy is a flat out racist! He hangs with and receives accolades from JT Ready of the American Socialist party(AKA the American Nazi Party) really ideal examples of tolerance that lot! And it’s not just latinos those black shirted skin heads spout their hatred for. Any Jews supporting Mr. Hayworth?

  12. Walt Stephenson says

    Senator McCain is not the key note speaker at the Pima County Lincoln dinner, Senator Kyl is. Senator McCain was the keynote speaker at an event that was sponsored by Pima County Republican Party which raised over $5000 for the “Wounded Warrior Project”. The “Wounded Warrior Project” will have representation at the dinner so I hope no one will embarrass them or the veterans that will attend.

  13. Were any of you guys there last night? Didn’t think so.

    If you weren’t: you can see all the people who DIDN’T stand up if you look closely, and it was AT LEAST half the room.

    You pro-JD tea party people need to be more cautious. You guys get that same look on your face as the sheep who are being led to the slaughter house and don’t even realize it. But yeah, you’re right. Let’s get rid of a Senior Senator and replace him with a guy who couldn’t win a district that Republicans dominate by 18%. Freaking brilliant.

    PS to all of you who keep talking about the grassroots: You and your little circle of crazies do not encompass the GOP grassroots as a whole, so stop talking like you do. Take your high-school equivalency certificate and use it to see if JD will give you a job. I here he’s hiring.

  14. Stephen Kohut says

    Tea-bagger? Crazies? Oh, I am so cut to the quick. I’ll just be bummed for days. I seemed to have stirred the poor, pitiful RINO’s up and they are lashing out so hard at us frightened Teapublicans. Woe is me! I’m cowering as I type.

    Let me try to cheer the the RINO’s up. McCain’s petition at the 1/16 Pinal GOP mandatory meeting got two, yes count them two, signatures. A sure sign of support from the Pinal party grassroots. At the 1/16 Maricopa GOP Mandatory Meeting the 5 member conservative slate for “member-at-large” won by a 4 to 1 margin. MCRC is definately a pro-RINO haven.

    Numberwise that folks is over half the PC base. Pray tell where is McRINO’s grassroot support?

    And as far as a high school equivalency certificate “goppc1”, last time I looked I held multiple degrees, 13 patents and actually read to boot. Yep, did that whole Dick and Jane see spot run thing.

  15. Stephen Kohut says

    Oh, forgot something Walt. As far as the Pima Lincoln Dinner guest speaker deal, here is the announcement from the AZGOP website. John & Jon are both yacking. What was that about McRINO not talking?

    6:15 PM – 8:15 PM Feb 19, 2010
    Please join us for the Pima Lincoln Day Dinner
    Location:The Manning House
    450 West Paseo Redondo
    Tucson, AZ
    Price:$40 each and there will be a silent auction.
    Guest Speakers: Senator Jon Kyl and Senator John McCain.
    Contact: sec@pimagop.org with any questions.

  16. Here is something McCain and his minions forget. Tea baggers = VOTES actually, lots of votes.

    Do you McCainiacs really believe he isn’t in trouble?

  17. Roger,
    They KNOW he is in trouble. That is why they are crying and whining.

  18. hotflashholly says

    just wait til hayworth boozes it up and has a melt down..many of us have seen it before and will no doubt see it again.

  19. Dear McCain supporters:

    Why not list the merits of keeping John McCain as Senator? Over the last year especially, its been more than difficult identifying how he has benefited Republicans or the conservative base. However, instead of enumerating a single benefit, you restrict yourself to insulting anyone and everyone who supports JD and circulating outright lies. You aren’t helping your candidate. Rather, you validate what most have experienced or heard about John McCain–that he comes with a foul-natured, vindictive team of supporters. Arizona cannot afford John McCain in the Senate or you by his side. We cannot afford anyone so contrary–disdainful–of the opinions and lives of everyday Arizonans. We cannot afford anyone who merely uses the property of the State to gain prominence and nothing else. McCain has been jockeying for position in D.C. long enough. He’s been burning daylight, and we want him out of there.

  20. Ann,

    Your statement “The back corner of LD 11 Haneyites tried to get something going and it was all but drowned out by the entire auditorium’s applause and standing ovation by many.” is not quite true.

    I was in the back and watched across the room and there were many throughout the room who were chanting JD. And I only saw a little cluster of people in the center of the room who stood and clapped for McCain. But the roar of the crowd for JD was much louder than the applause of that little group.

  21. Doesn’t it just sound odd that “McCain is the guest speaker at the Pima GOP Lincoln’s Day Dinner whose theme is to honor PC’s” but yet the PC’s have to pay $40 per person to be honored. If they really wanted to “honor” the PC’s the $40 per PC would come out of his $5 million war chest.

  22. A few things…

    Lincoln Day Dinners/Luncheons serve two purposes; they are local fundraising events and an opportunity for the local party organization to honor their own. This is a nationwide Republican tradition. Elected officials historically speak at these events, thanking the party faithful and honor their service and hard work.

    I urge anyone who dares say the McCain supporters are name calling nimrods to read back thru the archives. I will not refute there have been a few dishonorable statements made but by and large the shrill, coarse, and direct insults have been hurled toward McCain supporters not by them.

    It is entirely possible that depending on where you were sitting, and what you were looking for, the perception of an event will be different. If you are in the middle of a cheering group, you might just believe your little corner of the room is all that exists. As to the AZGOP meeting; knowing the reaction of the crowd would be the subject of great interest I made it a point to be in a strategic location where I could get a full view and observe the entire room. Scattered throughout the crowd where a few JD fans who did chant along with the LD 11 lead (and of course Mr. Tuttle’s crew). But, by and large, the majority of attendees were applauding, attentive, and respectful to Sen. McCain.

    Of course, you can always just call me a liar… Isn’t that what people do when they cannot support any other option…Attack the messenger?

  23. Stephen Kohut says

    I was in the front row balcony at the state mandatory meeting with a birds eye view of the room and in a clear position to judge the vocal volume of the competing factions. Ann must have been at a differnt meeting than the one I was at. McCain was about as welcome as three day old fish.

  24. McCain needs to retire – he’s terrible on illegal immigration and he is still hanging around with his buddy Juan Hernandez. Arizona cannot become the next CA. J. D. Hayworth will do something about illegal immigration and say NO to AMNESTY. McCain is too much of a hot head.

  25. Go ahead you RINO’s, re-elect McCain and it won’t be long before he decides that he needs to drag the party along for another one of his “reach across the aisle” efforts. Every time he does this, (and he loves to), the party winds up drawing back a bloody stump and the Damocrats get another foot in the door of liberty. Wake up people, JD is solution to the McStain.

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