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JD Hayworth Overwhelms John McCain in Maricopa County Straw Poll!

JD Hayworth Overwhelms John McCain in Maricopa County Straw Poll!

John McCainMultiple sources are reporting that JD Hayworth overwhelming beat Senator John McCain among the Republican faithful at the Maricopa County Republican Committee elections today.

The straw poll showed that the former congressman and conservative, JD Hayworth, beat Arizona’s senior senator 68% to 10.5%. The poll reflects the growing dissatisfaction by grassroots and elected precinct committeemen even in John McCain’s home county.JD Hayworth

This poll also mirrors the results of an earlier poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen in which JD Hayworth was within striking distance of John McCain 45 to 43 percent. (Rasmussen Reports, November 20, 2009)

Will this lead to an upcoming announcement by the biggest name amongst Arizona conservatives? We can only wait and see.


  1. You mean the straw poll that you had to pay Rob Haney $5 to participate in and if you didn’t want to give McCain-hater Rob Haney $5, you didn’t vote in it?

    This is amazing!!! Not!

  2. Jefferson Smith says

    Puh-leez… what a joke! Yeah, you had to pay the degenerate anti-McCain mob $5 for the opportunity to vote in this fraudulent “poll”. What’s really pathetic is that their hero Hayworth garnered only a 68 percent support score. Really, underwhelming.

    I hope J.D. is not just using these chumps who are paying off his corruption legal debt. I hope he runs. Let’s let McCain remove any doubt that Hayworth is the nasty loser who couldn’t hold the CD5 seat for the Republicans while enjoying a double-digit registration lead over Democrats. Let’s end his now-imagined political career once and for all.

  3. Talk it down. Tell yourself it isn’t so. I received a telephone call (as well as 2 other friends). We all told them we would vote for the “other” candidate and not McCain. I would be interested in who did this poll. My friends received a long call that was obviously a vicious poll by McCain allies. I received a 3 question poll that just wanted to know if I would vote for McCain or another candidate.

  4. Hmmm… Putting one’s money where their mouth is or could this poll be voting with one’s dollars?

    McCain is paying much more in terms of the ads he’s purchasing on Clear Channel and Salem radio affiliates across the State in the month of JANUARY. This is unheard of this early in the election cycle. (Usually political ads start up in July-August!) John McCain has no problem whatsoever with name ID. Could it be that his real problem is with reputation ID?

  5. The McCainiacs are crying again. They say conservatives won’t put their money where there mouth is. Well it looks like they are the ones that can’t walk the walk. You would have to be a complete fool not to get the FACT the base is fed up with the Johns.

    McCain will get stomped if JD gets in the race. That’s why his zombies scream so loud. They want to scare away any opposition to their god. The problem is the more they react, the more people jump on the anti McCain train.

  6. Hey Travis and Jefferson the $5 went to the Maricopa Co. Party to pay the rental fee for the meeting hall.

    Sour grapes will get you nowhere!

    Prepare for September’s successful RINO hunt when the bull gets bagged!

    The “John” will be flushed!

  7. Mole:

    McCainiacs are like their liberal Democrat ideological kinfolk. They believe in spending other people’s money!

  8. Where were McStain’s San Francisco democrat financiers? I am a JD supporter, so is my wife, and we did not spend the $10.

    Any money collected in this poll will be spent by the county committee to support Repubican candidates. No wonder McCain supporters did not want to participate.

    Just like the state Victory Plan, if they do not have absolute control over every facet of the operation, they do not want to play. Talk about a bunch of selfish, power hungry trolls!

    The sooner he decides to show his real colors by running as an independent instead of a Republican, the quicker we can get to the business of electing real Republicans.

  9. I wonder how long people will wait for Hayworth?

  10. Mustafarod says

    Hmmmm, this “paying to vote” concept is interesting. Don’t tell Obama or we’ll have a new “voter tax” that the poor will undoubtedly be exempt from paying.

  11. The McCainiacts seem to always get hysterical.

    Travis and Jeff, knock of the crazy screed.

  12. I have one thing to ask the McCainiacs in all of this…


    Oh yes, down at a Pinal County “town meeting” telling off someone in the crowd that he was a “liar” when confronting him on his record, before he rushed off to Sun City for another 2pm “town meeting” to commiserate with his old war cronies to try to lament his previous “military memoirs” and drudge up what little “sympathy” he has left for the remaining senile!

    McCain has been AWOL not only for this state, but for representing the GOP’s “conservative” platform for too long.

    Carlist…with all the crap that McSHame has left of this state (and country), we’ll need to flush TWICE to be sure he gets the message. AZ is through with him…for GOOD.

  13. Just don’t understand what the big deal is that people contributed $5 to participate in a ” straw poll.” I give Haney and his team credit for creative fund raising.

  14. Thane Eichenauer Says:

    I wonder how long people will wait for Hayworth?


    Perhaps this was the “endorsement” JD was waiting for?

    At any rate, he’d better make a move fast and declare himself as a Senatorial candidate. 2010 will be without a doubt a “anyone but McCain” election.

  15. Why is anyone even thinking twice about this straw poll? Marne Haney at a table selling “stuff” and taking money for votes and it is considered legit? The jokes being made about that were amusing! I’m thinking that should have been a part of the story….that this was a fundraising mechanism and not a valid, secret ballot worth serious consideration.

    As for covering the cost of the meeting, many folks made their donation to cover the cost when the hat was passed and forgot the silly straw poll.

  16. So, If I were conducting a straw poll, I would SELL as many ballots as possible. It’s a FUNDRAISER as most straw polls are! I would sell 1,000,000 ballots to McCamnesty supporters and 1,000,000 ballots to Haniacs.

    I’d sell as many ballots as the market would bear.

    And if I weren’t conducting it, I’d buy 5 or 10 ballots myself.

    It’s a fundraiser. It’s a strawpoll.

    All of you need to chill out.


  17. Jefferson Smith says

    It really is sad how everything, and I mean everything, is twisted to lionize Haney/JD/Arpaio/Thomas/Pearce and expose the dasterdly plots of the RINOmaster McAmnesty. Can the world be so simple? This “poll” is not reflective of anything remotely close to the reality among PCs, Republicans or the General Election electorate in Arizona.

  18. Ann:

    I love that condescending R.I.N.O. smugness regarding the party’s rank and file.

    But your liberal elitists and cheap labor addicts are going to get the surprise of your life in September.

    And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of political leeches!

  19. Well this just proves that JD really has no excuse left to not run. The seat is CLEARLY his for the taking, what could he possibly be waiting for? We’re all waiting to see you prove that you’ll run away with the race in a landslide. We’re all waiting on you. Tick tock, JD. Time’s a-wastin’.

    While we’re all waiting for JD to claim his undisputed prize, maybe some of his supporters could explain why he still hasn’t quit KFYI and announced for Senate yet. Anyone? Hello?

  20. Rosco P Coltrane says

    I’ll wager this whole crowd is all talk and no cattle.

    1st of all, I’ll bet you all voted for McCain to be President. Sure you cast your vote for the lesser of two evils, but you still voted for evil.

    Second, I got a feeling that Hayworth won’t announce anything. And all of you Hayworth-loving, McCain hating republicans are gonna be stuck with McCain on the ballot because nobody bothered to help any of the other candidates. Deakins and Simcox are fine candidates, WAY better than McCain, but you’ll all hold out for the prom queen and won’t know what hit you when you’re sitting at home instead of at the dance.

    And then you’ll vote for McCain again. Ha! You won’t consider a 3rd party candidate because that would be “wasting your vote.” Gotta prevent the democrat from getting in, even though John CFR Bailout POW-Blocking McAmnesty is just as bad. Ha! They’ve got you programmed good.

    Now I know there’s few of you who will not vote for evil and I thank you. Wouldn’t it be something if instead of The Lesser of Two Evils we could vote for The Best of the Best?


  21. Sorry for you neo-cons, but the new pcs are going to clean you out of Arizona politics. You are the rats that have ruined the party, so now we are going to have to take control.

    Go back to the Democrats and kneel before them, because you aren’t welcome here. Yes, that means McCain, Brewer, and the rest of you — bug out!

    Congratulations to Haney and Pearce for once again establishing conservative values in the Republican party. RIP neo-cons and illegal aliens!

  22. My post had NOTHING to do with John McCain or JD Hayworth.

    How was pointing out that the straw poll didn’t have any real meaning because it was a fundraiser considered being “nasty” on my part, when that is exactly the point made over and over by others?

    I simply made the extra point that the money will go to McCain hater, Rob Haney. I’m not being mean, he doesn’t hide it, I’m just stating a fact.

    You can’t have it both ways: You can’t use something as a fundraiser and then pretend it has any real meaning. It’s one or the other and never both.

    Further more, to prove the mean posters on this blog are know-nothing robots: I happen to really like JD Hayworth. He likes me, too. I don’t appreciate some of the things he’s said or done over the years, but he did some extraordinarily generous things for my family years ago, and I will never forget it. In addition, I have probably done more work for and worked more closely with JD than any of the bizzare people on this blog.

  23. Speaking of the “passing of the hat” fundraiser. How is this responsible fundraising? Donations of over $25 need specific accounting, but how can the County Party honestly account for this slush fund donation?

    How do we know where the money will be spent, and where and from whom it was collected, when solicited in this manner?

    The County meeting was so poorly run. There were hours long lines, non-existent rules or one-sided rules for debate and no sense of decorum. How can we then trust that the County will account for all the money that was collected?

    The problem with Haney taking all the credit for all the good things that happen is that he needs to take responsibility for this poorly run meeting, too.

  24. Folks i have the feeling an I told you so will be coming from me soon. I talked to JD at the county meeting and he sure sounds like somebody who is going to run for office (thank God). Somebody who talks about grassroots structure and turnout isn’t just a talk show host.

    I think you all need to hold on tight for a few more weeks…

  25. Travis:

    If you want to check out political financial mismanagement, you should look no further than your own Legislative District!

    If memory serves, right you’re on its leadership roster!

    Take the log out of your own eye, pal!

  26. Carlist: There is no corruption in my district. I am not in any leadership. I am a grassroots person only. You don’t know who I am. If you think you know, name me. Go ahead. You don’t know.

  27. I was encouraged by one moment at yesterday’s MCRC meeting, and that was when all those who have served our country stood to be recognized. It was somber and uplifting at the same time because they are still serving through their willingness to be Precinct Committeemen. May our party be worthy of their service.

  28. By the way, this is why people don’t put their names on blog posts. Because of threats and lying accusations like the one above from Carlist. Is the moderator comfortable with the threats and lying accusations that Oberserve and Carlist are putting out?

    Interestingly, this is how too many in the County leadership treat anyone who even slightly disagrees with them. Keep talkin’. It’s revealing. Every post reveals more of how you really are and how you treat people.

  29. Carlist- looks like you nailed the right bottom dwelling Travis. He needs to keep his liberal but over in LD8 and out of mainstream discussion. We would toss his out in our district. Why does he keep post here if he doesn’t like the way SA is run.

  30. Carol: As always, good point, well put and well placed…

  31. Comment and observation about yesterday’s meeting:

    I did not vote in the straw poll. It’s no secret that I’ve been one of McCain’s biggest critics. I had good reason to vote but did not do so. I wonder how many other people did not vote.

    JD Hayworth was at the meeting and was well received by everyone. He had a line of people waiting to shake his hand and talk with him.

    The only other elected official I saw who rivaled the demand placed on JD Hayworth was Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Finally, from my bully pulpit: Focus on the GOP principles and not the personalities. I’d like to believe that this will keep anyone out of trouble with the warring personalities.

  32. Hamilcarbarca says

    Yeah for JD !As for Travis’s comments, what can we expect from this ne’er-do-well who will stop a nothing just to try and fail, to be relevant?

  33. It’s easy to see why so many voters are registering as independent. After reading blogs like this, who can blame them?

  34. I suggest that this blog be left to its own devises – Republicans killing off Republicans. Those that do not want to play in this game, start another.

  35. Great idea Esnuck. If only we could get the “republicans” that don’t support the platform to do the same. You know, like McCain.

  36. Travis:

    My apologies!

    I stand corrected!

    I’ve been informed that your are not part of your District’s leadership team, but serve as its “Gofer”!

  37. This straw poll was a one sided joke. Most of the questions beyond the candidates on the poll were absurdly slanted thinly vieled attacks on Senators McCain and Kyl.

    Using this type of straw poll to attempt to embarass McCain is an old tactic of Haney:


  38. Mr. J.

    John McCain has been admirably able to embarass himself without anyone’s help!

  39. I understand the admonition to keep it about principles and leave this blog to it’s own devices, but really this blog and the nastly name callers and irrational hate shown here is what is hurting the Arizona Party.

    Even a good natured poke is met with total evisceration.

    I don’t think there are any huge differences in what we believe. I say this because the attacks on me here mirror the attacks on McCain and others. These folks have to lie about who I am and what I believe and then distort what I say in order to demonize me. They don’t know who I am or what I believe, but they pretend they do and then they set up a straw man and beat away at it. When I experience that and I see what they say about McCain, it makes me understand that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Then they defend folks who really are doing things poorly and completely dismiss any criticism of their own.

    It shouldn’t be about personalities, but if we are honest, the problem is about warring personalities. It is increasingly clear that the real danger to the Republican Party in Arizona at the state and county level is warring personalities.

    Finally, it might not matter much if these were rank and file people acting this way, but these people have fought their way into leadership and it’s tearing the whole party down.

  40. I don’t care which Travis you are, if you don’t support the platform, you shouldn’t pretend to represent the Party. In McCain’s case, he doesn’t even pretend.

    Yes, it’s a “Big Tent.” We welcome you into the tent, but it’s not anarchy. We have rules and a public identity if you want to represent us. That is what the platform does. It helps avoid the schizophrenia.

    In an attempt to be all things to all people, the party lost its identity. We are now getting it back. I doesn’t matter if you like our current leadership, they are getting the Party back on track. The voters have spoken! If you don’t like where that track is going, get out. We are starting to stand for something again and people are coming back.

    It should be obvious the base does not support McCain and he doesn’t support us. He wants to recreate the Party in his own image. The internal fighting will continue until we are rid if him. It’s our party or platform and our country. Cutting out the cancer will and has weakened us in the short run, but it will make us stronger in the long run.

    JD understands and represents the heart and soul of the Republican Party. That’s why he enjoys the overwhelming support of the base.

  41. Blue Meanie says

    Travis – “Fought their way” into leadership? They were elected by the rank and file and in the case of Maricopa County, by a large margin. The conservative slate also won by a large margin. Once again in case you missed it, BY THE RANK AND FILE.

    If you are not the bottom dweller from LD 8, you are just as out of touch.

  42. I’m going to stay in the Party. Thank you for welcoming me and then telling me to leave in the same post. I would point out that neither one is your job.

    I am just as conservative or more so than anyone in the Republican Party. I have decided to support John McCain (which was never my main point in any post) and where I disagree with him, I will let him know – directly and with decorum. Many fine conservatives have made the decision to support John McCain. If you cannot acknowledge that, it means you are irrational and unreasonable.

    I would also point out that Senator John McCain is just as duly elected as any party leader in Arizona. If you demand respect for those you support, why don’t you extend the same to others?

    Finally, you’re correct that you are wrong about who I am. There, see, at least we agree on something!

  43. Travis:

    Your posts reflect the same self serving b.s. that a certain L.D.8 errand boy exhibits!

    I.E. Talk in general platitudes about principles but avoid defining them, and then combine this with self-serving and congratulating claptrap about grass roots participation after genuflecting and kissing the rings of the country club elitists and doing their bidding.

    This guy ALWAYS winds up supporting the R.I.N.O. or liberal leaning non partisan election candidates because he believes they have the cash and social pull to advance him!

    Frankly this cat comes across as “Joe Izusu” and your printed rhetoric seems to match his oral techniques!

    The only grass which grows after your seeding, is the “crab variety”

  44. Oh “Travis” btw:

    As to the “nasty” comments you pretend to abhore since their directed at those whom you support, (who like John McCain over his long, lusterless career have never ceased to denigrate party conservatives in “earthy” terms)
    represent honest, candid disgust at an inept, condescending Congressional office holding clique.

    And if you as “psuedo Travis” or the real one can’t stand the political heat get out of it’s arena, or kitchen and seek an honest living!

  45. My Humble opinion says

    Your choice people is quite simply politics as usual with a different face the lazy way with a big name or do you really want to fight socialism? Do your own research or see what Jim Deakin has found! Votes matter more then words on a radio.

  46. My Humble opinion says

    Everybody misses the point of the movement behind the TEA PARTIES and Grassroots NO MORE POLITICIANS! Plain and simple. Focus on what brought us to todays woes. 1999 VOTE that JD and MCCAIN voted yes on.
    S. 900 Title: AKA the Mortgage Act :An Act to enhance competition in the financial services industry by providing a prudential framework for the affiliation of banks, securities firms, and other financial service providers, and for other purposes.

  47. Has anyone heard McCain’s latest ad? Totally going after J.D. What is he scared of? He knows that if J.D. were to run, he would lose. Why else would he go after him so early and especially before he has announced his candidacy?

  48. McCain is the Arizona GOP version of Martha Coakley!

    And his August comeuppance will serve as a warning to the rest of the cynical hacks who infest officeholder staffs!

  49. AZ Truth Squad says

    228 Votes? Seriously? Out of 1600 PCs in attendance? What is the margin of error on this poll 75%?

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