JD Hayworth needs $800k by midnight tonight for his fight to defeat John McCain

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June 16, 2010




Your Help is Needed to Win this Fight





Dear Fellow Conservative,

Yesterday, I held a press conference about Sen. John McCain’s extensive ties to Ponzi scheme artists who swindled money from innocent victims to fund McCain’s failed presidential campaign.  In total, my staff was able to identify well over a million dollars of money funneled into McCain’s campaign through campaign finance reform loopholes that all stemmed from illegal activity.  McCain’s official response: McCain couldn’t identify his TOP fundraiser out of a lineup – yet numerous pictures paint a different story.

During the press conference, I called on John McCain to donate the $1.1 million in dirty money he received to a charitable fund for victims of his criminal donor’s Ponzi scheme. McCain failed to respond, and the Arizona press corps failed to report on this game-changing issue.

What this proved to me is that McCain’s stronghold with the media is oppressive.  I have no way to combat McCain’s attacks on me, no way to expose McCain’s ties to illegal activities, no way to get my consistent conservative message through “free” media.  Simply put, if the Arizona media will not report on McCain’s ties to convicted criminals, they will not report on my message, my campaign, or any information about McCain’s record that is truthful.

That’s why I need your help today.  The only way to get my consistent conservative message out to the voters of Arizona is through paid advertisements.  My campaign has worked night and day to get as much “free” media as possible to no avail.

The truth is, I need you to donate TODAY to help me get my message out to voters of Arizona. Early voting in Arizona starts on July 29th which means I must get advertisements on the radio and television in early July to reach the hundreds of thousands of voters who vote early by mail.  To do that, I need to start buying timeslots TODAY – which means I need money to buy the ads TODAY.

I need your help in stopping the McCain media and money machine.  $25 buys a television advertisement in a rural market; $1000 buys a television advertisement in the Phoenix Metro market.  Please send $10, $25, $50, or more TODAY to help me get my message out to Arizona voters.

With gratitude,

J.D. Hayworth


Please send checks to:
J.D. Hayworth 2010, Inc.
P.O. Box 28604
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Paid for by JD HAYWORTH 2010, Inc.


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  1. Michael Holliday says

    Alright folks, JD stepped up with a press conference to state his case against McCain’s shady finance shenanigans.

    Time to up your game and commitment by forking over a couple of bucks for Arizona by donating to his campaign.

    Go here and transform yourself from a talker, to a doer by making a donation:


    If McCain can leave Arizona for Washington to get outside funding for his campaign, you can step up and show your support for JD’s homegrown campaign.

    Do it for the Gipper!

  2. Jane 001 says

    Will do. I can’t think of a better cause–saving Arizona!

  3. JD has less than 3 hours to get another $8,000 to reach his goal of $800,000 in his “Million Dollar Drive”.
    It doesn’t look like he will raise the money or defeat John McCain. Since he is unemployed, JD should do himself a favor and start looking for a job. He will need one after August 24th when he doesn’t have a campaign to support him.

  4. The Eeyore Tactic.

  5. “Do it for the Gipper!”

    The Gipper wanted you to vote for McCain!:


    Do it for the Gipper! LOL!

  6. That is quite possibly the most pathetic plea for money I have ever seen.

    The real message here:

    Everyone is bad, everyone is a liar, everyone is complicit in this great scheme to keep the horrible, horrible John McCain in office. Me and you babe…it’s all up to us. WE are all we have! Everyone else is blinded by his power, his heavy hand, the ignorance that has invaded the great majority of Arizona voters who will vote for McCain has to be attacked! Pleeease give me some money (no one else will). Please say you love me! Please tell me some more about how I can beat John McCain..I CAN, I KNOW I CAN! Give me your hard earned money…

    Do not pay attention to the polls, that falsely say I am falling like a rock. Do not pay attention to the entire Republican delegation that have endorsed McCain. Do not pay attention to the voters of my previous district who said…Thanks, but no thanks to any more of my representation.

    Listen to me…only to me. Me, JD Hayworth, I am the only one with the truth.

  7. Jacobite says


    What has John McCain done over 28yrs that any principled Conservative should want to return him to office?

    Frankly, he’s been part and parcel of a bi-partisan leadership clique which has arrogantly placed our nation in severe jeopardy at home and abroad.

    “Hubris” does not equate to intelligence and the crowd that got us into this mess should not be relied upon to get us out!

    At this point an enema must be applied to our bi-partisan leadership.

    And McCain along with Spector and Bennett will be flushed.

    The rest will be dealt with in 2012!

    Congrats J.D. on attaining your financial goal last night!

    Now wring the “wretch’s” neck!

  8. No McCain says

    McCain loves working with Kennedys of all generations! Here is a link from Gore’s girlfriend and environ-whacko Laurie David:


    Laurie David is devoted to stopping global warming. She founded the Stop Global Warming Virtual March at http://www.stopglobalwarming.org with Senator John McCain and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

  9. JD Hayworth has done all of the things he has now “accused” McCain of doing: Be part of the establishment, taken money from Washington, grown big government, added to the national debt and not represented his district.

    Hayworth has also claimed to be the “consistent conservative”. The problem is that this is a “promise” for the future, not a discription of his past.

    This is the reason no one is supporting Hayworth except a few people who hate McCain. Unfortunately, the hate has blinded those people to the very distinguished record of John McCain and the real deficits of JD Hayworth.

    Try to articulate a message that is “pro” Hayworth without using John McCain’s name and without using any “promises” for the future – only the actual facts of the past. If you did, you would not support JD Hayworth, if you claim all the things that are important to you really are.

  10. Ann:

    From what I gather J.D.’s campaign is going a lot better than yours!

    Especially with your support of Rick Romley and Don Stapely!

  11. Jack Hammer says


    But McCain has done them “bigger and better”!

    That’s why you’ve jumped on the bandwagon!

    Especially after being bounced by a Congressional candidate.

  12. Jack: Welcome to the lunatic bin. I’m not who you think I am. You don’t know me.

    I am a LONG TIME precinct committeeman. I am more grassroots than you and always have been. And I support John McCain based on his record, his service and his character – not because I hate someone else.

    Do you guys just sit around in a dark basement and decide who you think other posters are and then go on the attack? Doesn’t that seem weird to you?

  13. No. Not even with a full frontal lobotomy and a gun held to my head would I give one dime to Hayworth. Having had the “pleasure” of gathering signatures for his last failed attempt and getting an earful of die hard Republicans telling me that Hayworth had forgotten his constituents, and instead spent all of his time in DC lobbying for his share of pork, as well as being completely out of touch with the voters, it’s high time we send this buffoon a responding message that we will never accept his brand of politics!

  14. Jack Hammer says


    And if you support McCain because of his record, it’s time you changed your registration

    As to John’s character, you might touch bases with Messers Keating and Rothstein.

  15. Jack Hammer says


    My apologies!

    The above post was directed at Travis!

  16. Jack Hammer says

    LD 17

    Take a look at McCain’s record and then tell me how he’s been in touch with Ariz GOP voters!

    Pork: Look at T.A.R.P!

    Legistlation: McCain-Feingold, Cap n’ Trade support

    Illigegal immigration: Open Borders and McCain-Kennedy amnesty attempt!

    Social Issues: Embryonic Stem Cell Research advocate, lip service to pro life while behind the scenes seeking to kill social conservative judicial nominations (see Gang of Fourteen)

    Second Amendment Rights: Unsuccessful at drafting legislation to eliminate gun shows.

    Party leadership: Two attempts to cross the aisle to the Democratic Party; 2001 & 2004 & close working relationships with Arlen Spector and Charlie Crist!

    Character: Keating Five and the emerging (“I hardly knew the guy”) Rothstein payoffs!

    By backing this guy and bloviatinig about never accepting Hayworth’s brand of politics, you’ve outed yourself!

    After Aug 24th you’ll probably be heading up “Republicans for Glassman”

  17. Travis

    We know who you are.

  18. Saddlemaker says

    1. Second amendment–endorsed by the NRA
    2. pro life?—-endorsed by AZ right to life.
    3. Not a physical conservative?–endorsed by Steve Forbes.
    4. Character—–endorsed by Jon Kyle,Mitt Romney, Sarah Palen and tested in ways you and I couldn’t even imagine.

    JD is polling even or slightly behind that vanity of all vanity’s “Democrat Rodney Glassman”. That alone should cause you to pause and reevaluate your party loyalty’s.

  19. Stephen Kohut says


    The last published poll on the AZ Senate general election was Rasmussen on May 19. Both named Republican candidates (Hayworth & McCain) poll well above Glassman. You can have your own opinion but not your own facts.


    While I personally could care less about enodrsements I’ve already gotten my “explanation” letter from the NRA on the McCain endorsement. The NRA backs the incumbant, such as McCain who has a C+ rating, over a primary challenger, such as Hayworth who has an A rating, if the incumbants rating is not unacceptable. It’s the bird in the hand thing. The more conservative GOA backed Hayworth.

    As a PC I give no consideration to who endorses a candidate when I make my decision on who I endorse and GOTV for. Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone has one but some people seem to have spares.

  20. Saddlemaker says

    Mr. Kohut,
    You are wrong Sir.
    Clear Politics polled Glassman slightly ahead of JD.
    As a life member of the NRA I haven’t seen any letter written on the endorsement. Please tell me where I can see this “explanation letter”.

    I hope you as a PC get out the vote for all Republicans. That is what PC’s are suppose to do. It is up to the candidate to convince the voter to vote for him or her. A lot of folks are losing track of that concept.

  21. Motivated Voter says

    I’m old enough to remember Jack Abramoff and JD’s last go-round on our dime.

    Thanks, but I’ll pass.

  22. Jack Hammer says

    Motivated Voter:

    I’m old enough to remember Charlie Keating and McCain’s first go round on our dime!

    Now we’re sitting back and observing l’affaire Rothstein developing!

    I suggest you remove the log from your eye before complaining about the mote in another’s!

  23. Stephen Kohut says


    Provide the link as I did. That is the latest poll from Real Clear Politics on the AZ general race.


    You have newer? Prove it.

    Regarding the NRA, I’ve been a member for almost 40 years. They sent emails to those who complained about the McCain endorsement. Send a complaint and they’ll send you an email explanation.

    As a Pinal GOP PC it is my choice on who I endorse, whp I recomment to voters in my precinct and who I GOTV for in the primary. Welcome to grassroots politics.

  24. I know Travis, too. Travis is…..Batman!

  25. Been saying it for how long now – 4 months.

    McCain is done – period.

    Hayworth can win the Primary but it’s looking like maybe he can’t but if he does he will loose the general as he has too much baggage.

    DEAKIN has my vote.

  26. Has Deaken cracked 2% yet?

    Don’t see the state trending left or Democratic in 2010

  27. Rebecca A. says

    Jack Hammer, you know as well as I do that your laundry list of pathetic bashes on McCain are off base. As for TARP, it was hardly anything in comparison to JD’s pork. TARP has already been paid back. As for the Embryonic issues and the pro life issues, you know you are wrong- (I sure hope you are a man b/c any woman in her right mind would say we should be able to abort if we were raped!) I am as strong of a Christian Republican woman as they come, but there is NO way on earth God would want me to carry a baby created by a rapist! As for Keating, you must be kidding me? I am sure you have not forgotten our favorite thief, Jack Abramoff. There is a huge difference between these two. As for JD and John, yep, they are both flawed. WIth that being said, the least flawed of the two…the most intelligent of the two..the more experienced of the two…. MCCAIN wins!

  28. Jane 001 says

    As for TARP, it was hardly anything in comparison to JD’s pork. TARP has already been paid back.

    On which planet did all this happen?

  29. Jack Hammer says

    Rebecca C

    Whether T.A.R.P. was paid back or not the accompanying pork was distributed.

    It not only was packed but after the House turned it down the first time, Bush reloaded it to almost double the original amount. The House then passed it and McCain not only jumped on it but twisted arms as the Presidential candidate in the Senate to ensure passage.

    Oh btw. I forgot to mention in my prior post that ‘The John’ voted against the Bush tax cuts in the early 2000’s!

    As to embryonic stem cell research, the whole pro-life movement is opposed to it for a simple reason. Embryonic cells contain life. Actually, there’s no need to utilize embryonic cells as adult stem cells or those removed from umbilical cords will easily suffice.

    But the “pro-death” crowd craves political not moral, victories and McCain can be depended upon to accomodate them on matters that really matter.

    God would punish the rapist not the baby!
    It has a soul!

    As to Abramoff and Keating. J.D. was cleared, McCain was not! He DID NOT return Charlie’s political donations!

    Let’s see what he does about those of Scott Rothstein who is now a government guest for fifty years!

  30. Precocious says


    I know Travis too!

    He is Junion

  31. Time for the real Conservatives to step up… Go JD!

  32. McCain is campaigning as a conservative but if elected he will return to his left leaning legislating. Consider his position on illegal immigration, the closing of “Gitmo,” his own version of “Cap and Trade,” his campaign proposal to buy all the bad mortgages and his endorsement of the “Bail out.” Yes, he was a prisoner of war and as a fellow citizen I am very appreciative of the sacrifices he made for our country. However, because he was held captive and tortured by our enemies, does not mean we forfeit our common sense and overlook his record of poor judgment. Yes, he was right about the surge, but he is wrong about Gitmo and as a result, we will be trying and housing terrorists on our own soil. I’m not a military expert but I am savvy enough to realize this puts our civilian population at greater risk. And how about securing our borders? What has McCain done to stop the illegal invasion into our country? Not one thing! Well, besides offering a program where violators of our immigration laws can pursue a path to citizenship. Instead of honoring the “rule of law,” and the sovereignty of our nation, he joins in collusion with big business to secure cheap labor at the expense of the average American. Now with his Senatorial seat at risk, he claims to have seen the light and is now willing to finally do something about the invasion of our state by illegal aliens. Remember, McCain, a former candidate for the Presidency and a senior member of the Senate did nothing on a federal level to protect the citizens of his home state. This is unacceptable and only a complete uninformed idiot would vote to retain this man in office. How many more times does he have to play the citizens of Arizona for a fool before we vote him out? Everyone knows this is McCain’s last hoorah before he retires. Once in office we have zero leverage over him and he will go the way of the left leaning “maverick.” At least, if we elect J.D. Hayworth we can hold him accountable and throw him out if he fails to deliver on his campaign promises. Seriously, I don’t know how any self respecting Republican or Independent can cast a vote for McCain. Look at the nasty smear campaign he is running against Hayworth. Every day I have to delete his campaign’s caustic messages off my home answering machine. Why won’t McCain debate Hayworth? As a citizen, I would like to see these two candidates square off and debate the issues. Is McCain afraid the voters of Arizona will discover he is not competent to represent them? I’m tired of his supporters coming up with excuses for why he won’t debate Hayworth. First it was McCain would only debate certified candidates. Now that J.D. is certified McCain is too busy working for the citizens of Arizona to debate. Come on give me a break. He’s simply running scared. We need to get some serious opposition in Congress to oppose Obama or our nation is sunk. I’m not willing to take another chance on McCain. He has let us down too many times in the past. J.D. Hayworth has some serious skin in the game. He can’t afford to let us down. Therefore, it just makes good sense to vote for him over McCain.

  33. “Everyone knows this is McCain’s last hoorah before he retires. Once in office we have zero leverage over him and he will go the way of the left leaning “maverick.””

    Says who? Vote McCain in 2016!

  34. R.I.P. to the hayworthless campaign you have wasted enough of our time.

  35. “Been saying it for how long now – 4 months.

    McCain is done – period.

    Hayworth can win the Primary but it’s looking like maybe he can’t but if he does he will loose the general as he has too much baggage.”

    Hayworth has a snowballs chance you know where in beating John McCain and the general will be won by our Senator once again.

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