JD Hayworth Makes Strong Showing at The White House


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Scottsdale, Arizona – The Republican Professionals’ March networking event with featured guest speaker JD Hayworth hosted more than 250 professionals at the Scottsdale bar and lounge: The White House.  The crowded venue allowed prominent professionals, politicians, and like-minded conservatives the opportunity to exchange political views, business cards, as well as cheers for more than two hours. 

The highlight of the March event was a key-note presentation from US Senatorial candidate JD Hayworth.  Mr. Hayworth captured the large crowd’s attention with his impressive speech and made the rounds to greet every guest with a handshake.  A town hall situation was a pleasant surprise to the attendees when Mr. Hayworth began to field questions towards the end of the evening.

The Republican Professionals host networking events every month and actively seek to involve more Arizona conservatives at each event.  You can visit www.phxrp.com in the coming days to get the latest news and events for Republican Professionals of Phoenix, or find information about the next free networking event in April.

The purpose of Republican Professionals is to increase the participation of Republicans in the political process, further the goals of the Republican Party, and bring Republicans together so that they may network, volunteer, organize and communicate with fellow professionals.